Shows / Events KLYAM Has Attended/Recommends/Plans To Attend/Books/Promotes/Hosts. 

March 29 – KLYAM DJs [9 PM to Late] @ State Park
March 31 – Johnnie & The Foodmasters, Gimmick, Merry Merry, Con Tex @ American Legion, Jamaica Plain

April 1 – Buck Gooter, Miracle Blood, Minibeast, Dwelley- O’Brien’s Pub
April 8 – The Swettes Caswette Release @ Lilypad
April 25 – Punk Rock Aerobics w/ KLYAM DJ! [6:30 PM to 7:30] – Faces (Malden)
April 25 – Noah Britton, The Calendars, Tiny the Bear, G. Gordon Gritty @ O’Briens Pub

Past Shows & Reviews:

March 26 – MA Queer Punk Fest featuring Rusty Mullet, Film & Gender, Tiefling, Demonica, THRESHOLD, Opposable, Andro Queen, Nurse Joy, K.O. Queen, Qu33r Bait – Cambridge Community Center; Andy California, Nurse Joy, Daughter of the Vine, Estradiol – State Park
March 24 – Feep, Dearest Hearts, Bradford Barker’s Meat Project – Pasta Planet
March 11 – Minibeast, Daughter of the Vine, Adult Learners @ Faces (Malden)
February 11 – Johnnie & The Foodmasters – Cantina La Mexicana (Somerville)
January 30 – Kremlin Bats, The Furniture, Bradford Barker – Charlie’s Kitchen
January 28 – Shiny Beasts, Andy California, Daughter of the Vine, Lupo Citta – Midway Cafe
January 27 – Halo Bite, Thighs, G. Gordon Gritty, KO Queen – Cambridge Community Center


December 18 – KLYAM HOLIDAY PARTY – Nice Guys, Adult Learners, The Swettes, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, KLYAM DJ – State Park
December 4 – Mairead Band, Bradford Barker, Dew Myron, Gavin Caine @ Somerville House
November 12 – RAMA LAMA DING DONG! Germ House, Children of the Flaming Wheel, Father Hotep, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, KLYAM DJ Doo Wop – O’Brien’s Pub
November 9 – Black Lips, Bloodshot Bill – Brighton Music Hall
November 5 – Pandemix (EP Release Show), Loretta, Ancient Filth, Battery March – O’Brien’s Pub
October 28 – Ramones (Jim Leonard), System of a Down (Nice Guys), Joni Mitchell, Blake Biles, “The 70s” Halloween Cover Show – The Loft
October 25 – A Denizen Party! GG (G. Gordon Grity performing the hits of Gee Tee), Bradford Barker & His Unwavering Beacon of Righteousness, Mairead Band, Blues Dreambox – Lilypad
October 22 – 4752 FEST in New Bedford @ Various Venues
October 20 – Mark Lang (with various performers including G. Gordon Gritty) – Lilypad
October 15 – KLYAM Autumnal Noise Spectacular @ Lou-Ann David Park (Somerville) w/ Chris Strunk, Donna Parker, Orangepeelmystic, and Weekend Obesity
October 13 – Snooper, Silicon Prairie, Waste Man @ Lilypad
October 7 – Invisible Rays, Adult Learners, Partner Look – Lilypad
September 29 – Bradford Barker & Unwavering Beacon of Righteousness, Mairead, Alasksas, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – The Jungle
September 28 – Pavement, Guerilla Toss – Boch Center
September 22-25 – Goner Fest 19 – Railgarten (Memphis, TN)
September 17 – KLYAM Summer Series – SOMERVILLE UNDERGROUND POP ARTS AND PERFORMANCE SHOWCASE (SUPAPS) @ Lincoln Park (Somerville) w/ Lupo Citta, Picniclunch, Bridge of Flowers, and Johnnie and the Foodmasters; Nice Guys (3 piece acoustic set), World’s Worst, Black Beach – Lilypad
September 11 – The King Khan & BBQ Show, Miranda and the Beat – Brighton Music Hall
September 7 – KLYAM Presents: Leopardo, Noah Britton (Party and Fun), G. Gordon Gritty – O’Brien’s Pub
August 27 – KLYAM Summer Series @ Morse Kelly Courtyard (Somerville) w/ Mickey Bliss, Kremlin Bats, Strega Strega, Estradiol
August 23 – KLYAM DJ @ STATE PARK!
August 16 – G. Gordon Gritty, The Alaskas, Pontius Pilates, Hocha Christ Devil, Houndsteet – Last Last Furry Frat! – Furry Frat
August 13 – Bugs and Rats, Bleeders – Lilypad
August 6 – Loretta, Dlist Star, Wanted – Banshee Den
July 25 – The Calendars, Bad History Month, TRAGWAG, Alexander – The Silhouette
July 23 – Johnnie & The Foodmasters – Club Bohemia (Winthrop)
July 17 – Peace Talks, PCP & the Knives, Red Herring, Eye Witness – Banshee Den
July 1 – La Neve, Mercet, Ronnie – Lilypad
June 27KLYAM Presents: Rong, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Pledge Pins – Charlie’s Kitchen
June 18 – KLYAM Spring/Summer Program w/ The Glue, Inspector 34, Healers Co., Dew Myron @ Kenney Park, Davis Square, Somerville (1 PM – 5 PM)
June 12 – Atlantic Thrills, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scoprion – State Park
June 1KLYAM DJ @ State Park (9 PM – LATE)
May 29 – Children of the Flaming Wheel, Groan Man – State Park
May 16 – ,Johnnie and the Foodmasters, The Alaskas, Guppy – O’Brien’s Pub
May 14 – KLYAM Blesses The Bay Outdoor Showcase ft. Electric Street Queens, Alex Walton (solo), Death Snail, and G. Gordon Gritty – Blessing of the Bay Boathouse Park, Somerville; Nice Guys, Black Beach, Sundrifter – Somerville Porchfest
May 7 – SPLLIT, Baby; Baby, Dirty Babies Club, Kremlin Bats – O’Brien’s Pub
April 24 – The Mummies, Thee Fabulous Itchies @ Alchemy (Providence)
April 18 – Nervous Guys, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, At Stan’s Bris, Dew Myron – Furry Frat
April 16 – Kathy Snax, Betty Moody, Talk Chalk – Lilypad
April 12 – KLYAM DJ @ State Park
April 2 – Landowner, Rong – Lilypad
April 1 – Nice Guys 10th Yr Anniversary, Black Beach, Kremlin Bats – Furry Frat
March 28 – Kitty Fuckers, G. Gordon Gritty, The Blues Dream Box – O’Briens Pub
March 21 – Nice Guys, Death Snail, Betty Moody – Charlie’s Kitchen
March 18 – The Calendars, Alex Walton Band, G. Gordon Gritty, Will McCall – Furry Frat
March 15 – Animal Collective, L’Rain – Paradise
February 22 – The Spits, Dark Thoughts – Brighton Music Hall
February 2 – Bad History Month (full band), The Furniture, Betty Moody – State Park


December 17KLYAM Presents… Hungover For The Holidaze Party featuring Colleen Green, Children of the Flaming Wheel, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Kremlin Bats w/ KLYAM Spinning Vinyl! – Club Bohemia
November 13 – Rama Lama Ding Dong ft. Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Kathy Snax, The Swettes, Silver Synthetic, and Unnatural Axe – O’Brien’s Pub
October 29 – Children of the Flaming Wheel, Garden Party, Justin Lally – Lilypad
October 23 – 4752 Fest – New Bedford
October 13 – Episodic Memory, Weekend Obesity – Zuzu
October 12 – Idles, Gustaf – House of Blues
October 5 – Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Tysk Tysk Task, What Famine – The Jungle
September 23 to 26 – Gonerfest 18 – Memphis, TN
September 18 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Somerville Underground Pop Arts & Performance Showcase: Picniclunch, Margaret Garett, Thighs, Sidebody, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Lincoln Park (Somerville)
September 10 & 11 – Boston Fuzzstival – Charles River Speedway
September 10 – Dirty Babies Club – Furry Frat
September 4 – Hallelujah the Hills, Children of the Flaming Wheel, Yobro – Midway Cafe
August 14 – Last Trixies Show Ever: Dirty Babies Club, Colby Nathan, Brittle Brian, Nice Guys, The Chives, Healers Co., Dusty From 1,000 Years – Trixie’s Palace
August 1 – Kids Like You & Me & ratsnest Present: G. Gordon Gritty, Con Tex – Looney Tunes
July 22 – PCP & the Knives, DJ KB Sweets – O’Brien’s Pub


March 8 – Adam Green, Heart Bones – Great Scott
February 26 – Black Lips, Warish – The Sinclair
February 22 – Benefit for Horizons for Homeless Children: M.O.T.O., Electric Street Queens, Battery March, Loretta, Sewer Buddies – Midway Cafe
February 20 – Mean Jeans // METALLEG // Sticker Shock // Germ House – Hong Kong
February 15 – Noah Britton w/Annie Blech Old Table Hello Nurse & Brittle Brian – Dorchester Art Project
February 14 – Loretta, Crimps, Mystery Pill – Trixie’s Palace
February 1 – BERNIE MAN III – Deep Thoughts
January 29 – Steep Leans, Bloodweiser, Today Junior, Something sneaky – Great Scott
January 17 – DOG, Children of the Flaming Wheel, G. Gordon Gritty – Deep Thoughts
January 15 – Urin, Final Gasp, Cartridge – Last House (FKA The Farm)
January 4 – Nice Guys, MINIBEAST, Freaking, Service – Great Scott


December 23 – the Aux, Love Strangers, the Glue& Whip Appeal, Spenser C Gralla – Charlie’s Kitchen
December 20 – KLYAM XMAS FREAKOUT/HOLIDAY HANGOVER PARTY W/ Johnnie & The Foodmasters, The Swettes, American Whip Appeal & The Glue, and Children of the Flaming Wheel  – Dorchester Art Project
December 14 – Thighs, Rusty Mullet, Blitch, The Mainframes – Shipwreck Cove
December  7 – NO WOLFPACK, FLOWERMASK DJ – Apohadion Theater (Portland, Maine)
December 4 – Lightning Bolt, Baby,Baby, Brookline Teen Band – The Sinclair
November 23 – Tunnel of Love Reunion show with Nice Guys, Song Birds, Feminine Aggression, The Swettes – Cambridge Elks Lodge
November 16 – KLYAM Presents: M.O.T.O, Electric Street Queens, Sticker Shock, Johnnie & The Foodmasters – Club Bohemia
November 15 – Kal Marks,Exhalents, Rong Aneurysm – Hong Kong
November 2 – Nervous Guys, The Glue, Giant Sadness – Cold Spring Hollow
November 1 – Halloweeen at the Lilypad: ROY ORBISON (littlefoot & friends),PORTISHEAD (gia green & friends), NOW Y2K (members of kremlin bats & new aura), GUN CLUB (members of the swettes and the mothballs) – Lilypad
October 23 – The Hussy , Crimps, Horsehands – Front Street Coffee House
October 21 – KLYAM Presents: The Hussy, Funeral Cone, G. Gordon Gritty, Kind Buds  – Somerville Greek American Social Construction Club
October 20 – Vivian Girls – ONCE Ballroom
October 19 – 4752 Festival – New Bedford – Baylies Band, Life Partners, Bunnies, Carl Simmons, Hill Haints, Johnnie & The Foodmasters, Scarecity, Lazertuth, Leap the dips, Moist Boy, Heavy Gaze, Talvez, Picniclunch – Solstice Skateboarding, Destination Soups, Paradise McFee Gallery, Alison Wells Gallery, Circa, No Problemo
October 17 – Nice Guys (LP Release Show), Landowner, The Swettes – O’Brien’s Pub
October 12 – Flesh Narc, Vireo, Thighs, Moonish Brute – Ted House
October 11 – Sister Suzie (UK) Jittery Jack & Amy Griffin, SCMF!- O’Brien’s Pub;
Edge Petal Burn / Side Action (CHI) / Final Gasp / Crawler – Trixie’s Palace
October 2 – Whitney, Hand Habits – Royale
September 26-29 – Gonerfest 16 – Memphis, Tennessee
September 20 – Priors, Black Beach, Far Corners, Andy California – Midway Cafe
September 7 – KLYAM Presents: Mickey Bliss, Gull Boy, The Mystery – Club Bohemia
September 5 – The Vibrators, Sticker Shock,Duck and Cover, Battery March – O’Brien’s Pub
August 31 – KLYAM Presents: Mavis The Dog, American Whip Appeal, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, F – Dorchester Art Project
August 30 – Patty Melt (EP Release Show), Splitting Image, Love Strangers – Lilypad; The Memories, Brother Toaster – Atwood’s
August 17 – KLYAM Presents: A Mouth’s A Mouth Noisefest Part 7: G. Gordon Gritty, Healers Co., DJ Tomorrow’s Achievements, Con Tex & Lindie, Corsefuckers, >>>>>>>>>>> – Trixie’s Palace
August 16 – NICE GUYS / DOG (NY)  – Deep Thoughts; Camp Blood – Institute of Contemporary Art
August 14 – Deke Dickerson, Bloodshot Bill, Jittery Jack, DJ Easy Ed – ONCE Lounge
August 10 – Electric Street Queens – Album Release! w/ CreaturoS / Btdoags – Lilypad
August 9 – Hambone Skinny, MOTO, Hi-End, Baluchitherium – Club Bohemia
August 3 – Healers, American Whip Appeal, CalFish&FrankieConsent, Tongue Splitter – Trixie’s Palace
August 1 – KLYAM Presents: Andy California, The Swettes, Johnnie and the Foodmasters  – Hong Kong
July 27 – Rock N Roll BBQ // BLACK LODGE Estate SALE
July 17 – Gull Boy, Dave Allison, Diamonds, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Sally O’Briens
Rama Lama Ding Dong 2019:
July 13 – Unnatural Axe, Nice Guys, Atlantic Thrills, Andy California, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Cambridge Elks Lodge
July 12 – Thighs, Kremlin Bats, G. Gordon Gritty, Semi Sounds – Dorchester Art Project
July 11 – Juan Wauters, Boston Cream, American Whip Appeal, The Glue – Lilypad
July 5 – The Cavemen / TVO / Johnnie and the Foodmasters – O’Brien’s Pub
July 4 – Oyster World / Banana / Queen Crony / Kind Buds – Ted House
June 29 – KLYAM Presents: Booji Boys, Idiot Genes, Sticker Shock, Johnnie & The Foodmasters – Ted House
June 28 – Kal Marks, Sea Moss, Blue Ray, MAKS – Trixie’s Palace
June 21 – Arthur, Lane, The Glue, Change of Plans – Brookline Teen Center
June 15 – Belmont Witch, Justin(e), The Rabblers – L’ess’pace, Paris, France
June 14 – Boston Fuzzstival 2019 – ONCE Ballroom
June 8 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Mickey Bliss with Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Life Partners, Love Strangers Duo (LSD) – Club Bohemia
June 7 – Rebecca Kerwick/The American Whip Appeal/The Glue/Shock Pussy – The Farm
June 4 – Bodega w/ Gustaf, Boston Cream – Great Scott
May 31 – Blue Ray/Dew Myron/Kremlin Bats/Damien Scalise – Trixie’s Palace
May 26 – Tongue Splitter/LIKES/Pleasure Systems/Up the Flowers/Healers co – O’Brien’s Pub
May 23 – Blue Ray ~ Not For You, Birthday Ass – Dorchester Art Project
May 17 – Andy California, The Swettes, Margaret Garrett – Jeanie Johnston
May 11 – Black Beach, Banana, Cult Fiction, Nice Guys – O’Brien’s Pub; Raavi & The HP / Brother Moses (AR) / VHS SLUT 1997 / Night Moth – Ted House; Somerville Porchfest 2019
May 9 – Rogozo, Recital, LANE, Sean Daniel Daniels – Dorchester Art Project
April 27 – The Gories, The Oblivians, Derv Gordon, Baby Shakes – Music Hall of Williamsburg (Brooklyn, NY)
April 25 – Kids Like You & Me and BUFU Present: Request Freebird (record release), Sean Daniel Daniels (fka Bad History Month), G. Gordon Gritty – Deep Thoughts
April 22 – Black Lips, Fucked Up, Wooing – Brighton Music Hall
April 20 – Golden Pelicans, Nice Guys,Sticker Shock, Thighs – Greek American Social Construction Club
April 16 – The Glue, Celebutant, Muddy Wires, Home Despot – Midway Cafe
April 13 – The Swettes, Cult Fiction, Broadband,Bloom – Black Lodge
April 10 – Tommy and the Commies, Les Lullies, The Monsieurs – Midway Cafe
April 6 – The Cavemen / Patty Melt / Andy California / Nice Guys – Black Lodge;
April 4 – Bad Sports with Far Corners, Nice Guys – O’Brien’s Pub
March 30 – RUSSIAN TSARLAG / EVICSHEN / Dan Talbot / Baby;Baby / CorpseFkrz – Deep Thoughts
March 28 – Order 66, What Famine, The Bad Reminders (formerly Flatlager,Circus Battalion, Alan Richardson – Hong Kong Harvard Shows
March 23 – Future Punx, Joey Pizza Slice, Kremlin Bats – Deep Thoughts
March 22 – Mr. Airplane Man ‘Moanin’ in its entirety – Atwood’s
March 21 – Hood Rats, Andy California, Sticker Shock, Mongorellis – O’Brien’s Pub
March 16 – Kids Like You & Me presents A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part VI featuring Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Evicshen, Birthday Ass, Thighs, Pain Chain, Eric Baylies, Healers, KLYAM Haus Band – Trixie’s Palace
March 15 – Blue Ray, Banana, TRNGS, Kamikaze,Palm Tree – The Farm
March 9 – Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Andy California – Atwood’s
March 5 – Kids Like You & Me present: The Cowboys, Nice Guys, Boston Cream – Deep Thoughts
February 22 – New Aura, Brother Toaster, Kremlin Bats, June Bloom – Dorchester Art Project
February 18 – Toothbrush, Blue Ray, Birthday Ass, Tongue Splitter – Great Scott
February 16 – Kids Like You & Me presents: Mr. Airplane Man, Sticker Shock, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Club Bohemia
February 8 – Sweetharts Rodeo: Pleaser and friends as Loretta Lynn, Milk as Hank Williams Sr., Littlefoot and friends as Patsy Cline, Kathy Snax and Ryan Major as Gram and Emmylou, Theo Hartlett as Johnny Cash – Lilypad
February 7 – Love Strangers, Chrome Bouquet – Atwood’s
February 2 – Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Boston Cream – Atwood’s
January 18 – Gimme Five, Totaled, Courters, Love Strangers Duo – Jeanie Johnston
January 4 – Jazz Massagers, Hung Trucker, Brian O’Connell Fellowship – Deep Thoughts

December 31 – Guerilla Toss, Mdou Moctar, Mr. Airplane Man, Creative Healing – ONCE
December 21 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Love Strangers, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, American Whip Appeal, The Glue – Dorchester Art Project
December 15 – Nice Guys, G. Gordon Gritty, Kremlin Bats, Idiot Genes, – The Farm
December 14 – Red Invasion (reunion), Funeral Cone, Brix and Mortar, Evert – O’Brien’s Pub
December 6 – Rong, Edge Petal Burn, Space Camp, Oroboro – Trixie’s Palace
December 1 – Lady Pills, Blue Ray, Earthquake Party, Ozlo – O’Brien’s Pub
November 24 – Jeffrey Lewis & Los Bolts, Request Freebird, Bad History Month – Deep Thoughts
November 23 – NUPAPS 7 featuring American Whip Appeal, The Glue, Blue Ray, Bashful Slasher, and more
November 16 – Kal Marks, Nice Guys, Maneka, Rong – Great Scott
November 14 – Ts foss, B.J. Snowden, Glue (solo) – Potato Emporium
November 13 – Ts foss, Pete Cassidy, Ezra Cohen, somekidwholiveshere – The Greenhouse (Salem)
November 10 – Hassle Fest 10 with The Gories, Germ House, Andy California, The Laces – Brighton Music Hall
November 5 – Shannon and the Clams, Dirty Fences, The Monsieurs – The Sinclair
October 28 – Halloween with Guerilla Toss, Bugs and Rats, Gauche – ONCE
October 27 – Jacques Le Coque, Devo (Nice Guys and Jim Leonard), CCR (Dust),Chic/Daft Punk (Winter Hill SuperGroup), S the Supplicant – Trixie’s Palace
October 20 – Nice Guys, Datenight, Crimps, Werewolf Jones – Black Lodge
October 19 – The Urinals, Germ House, Sticker Shock, Crimps – O’Brien’s Pub
October 18 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Dumb Vision, Boston Cream, Request Freebird, G. Gordon Gritty – Lilypad
October 13 – Bong Wish, Mountin Movers, Ash & Herb – Deep Thoughts
October 12 – The Lentils, Rene Chambers, PDG, Jarvaland – Trixie’s Palace
October 7 – Andy California, Jesus and the Groupies, Con Tex – Jeanie Johnston
October 6 – A is for Awesome 1 featuring Andy California, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Harvey Garbage and the Flowers, Detroit Rebellion, Tall Teenagers, Song Birds – The Parlour (Providence)
October 5 – Send Medicine, Littlefoot, Mike McCullagh, Audrey Ryan – The Loft
October 4 – King Khan & The Shrines, Gabriella Cohen, Salem Wolves – Sonia
September 27-29: Goner Fest 15! – Hi-Tone, Murphy’s, Memphis Made Brewery, Cooper Young Gazeebo, Lamplighter Lounge, Bar DKDC (Memphis,TN)
September 26 – Deaf Wish, Sick Thoughts, Trampoline Team, Klazo – Poor Boys (New Orleans,LA)
September 21 – En Attendant Ana, Ethers, Strange Passage, halfsour – O’Brien’s Pub
September 13 – MC50: MC5 50th Anniversary, Detroit Cobras – Paradise
September 7 – Buff Jesus (album release), New Aura, Squash, Blues Dreambox, The Laces – Dorchester Art Project
September 4 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Proud Parents, Love Strangers, Electric Street Queens – Lilypad
September 1 – (New) England Patriots, Video Nasties, Thighs, Gizzards – Dorchester Art Project
August 25 – Mr. Airplane Man, Love Strangers – Atwood’s
August 11 – Jarvaland, Bad History Month, Dust From 1,000 Years, Helicopter, Scuba Divers – ER
August 3 – Nice Guys, Blue Ray, Evichen, Dog – Trixie’s Palaace
August 2 – Fat Creeps, Boston Cream – Deep Thoughts
July 28 – G. Gordon Gritty, Request Freebird, Citrusphere, Dew Myron – Trixie’s Palace
July 22 – Nice Guys, Blue Ray, Daniel Rico – State Park
July 19 – G. Gordon Gritty, Michael Jordan Touchdown Pass, Tough Guy, Con Tex and the Bat Trees, Zack solo – Club Stain
July 14 – Kids Like You & Me Present A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part V: G Gordon Gritty, Scum, Con Tex, Luoto, Blue Ray, Jarva Land, Bashful Slasher, Tom Ashton, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – The ER
July 13 – Kids Like You & Me Presents American Whip Appeal (“Live in NY” KLYAM Records tape release), Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Bashful Slasher, The Glue – The Farm
July 7 – Blue Ray, Scum, Other Joliah, Dust From 1,000 Years – Trixie’s Palace
July 3 – Nice Guys, Banana, Blue Ray, Pleaser – O’Brien’s Pub
June 30 – Blue Ray, Bat House, mtvhl n1, porco – The ER
June 25 – Travispalooza: Splitting Image, halfsour, Pleaser – Automatic
June 23 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: RAMA LAMA DING DONG! featuring The Monsieurs, Nice Guys, Rene Chambers (Jim Leonard – “A Brief History of Slime re-release”), Love Strangers, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, James Coarse reading – Cambridge Elks Lodge
June 21 – Animah, Romantic Thriller, Jazz Massagers – Potato Emporium
June 17 – Request Freebird, Pyramid Thieves, Old Table, G. Gordon Gritty – Potato Emporium
June 16 – New England Underground 3 (Night 2) featuring G. Gordon Gritty, Andy California, Nice Guys, Life Partners, Thighs, Gerty Farish, $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$, Picniclunch, and more – Art Farm
June 15 – Littlefoot, Birdgangs, The Knees, Moon Room – O’Brien’s Pub
June 12 – Peach Kelli Pop, Creaturos, Honeycutt, Thrust Club – Cambridge Elks Lodge
June 3 – The Automatic Flea Market featuring Spenser Gralla, Future Teens, Young Familiar
June 2 – Blue Ray, Big Mess, Banana, Bucket – The Farm; Splitting Image, Temporary Eyesore, Hothead, Cotton Candy – The ER
May 30 – Fire Heads, The Mad Doctors, The Lipstick Boys, Demon Seeds – Koto
May 28 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Fire Heads, Nice Guys, Andy California, G. Gordon Gritty – The Jeanie Johnston
May 26 – Blue Ray (tape release), Request Freebird, Perennial, Scum – Trixie’s Palace
May 24 – Boston Cream – House Show
May 18 – Love Strangers (LP Release), Mini Dresses, Rob Noyes – Lilypad; Evicshen, Sibling, Lasuje, TRNGS – Teacher’s Lounge
May 12 – Jarvaland, PDG, Salty Greyhound, Splitting Image, John Cushing Band – Trixie’s Palace
May 11 – Brehon and V8’s – Terry O’Reilly’s
May 5 – Kal Marks, Black Beach, Rong, Pleaser – O’Brien’s Pub
May 4 – Mavis the Dog, Bug Fight, Die or Be Killed, Someone Else’s Blood – The Farm
May 1 – No Age, Behavior, Jazz Massagers – ONCE Ballroon
April 28 – The Glue and more – Newton City Hall
April 20 – Guerilla Toss – Deep Thoughts; New Aura, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Perry & the Midnites – The Jeanie Johnston
April 14 – Kids Like You & Me and Dann Lawrence Present: Bashful Slasher, Request Freebird, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, The Glue, Someone Else’ Blood – The Farm
April 6 – Creative Healing, Samuel Boat, Stephe Cooper, Owsley’s Owls – Deep Thoughts
April 4 – Black Angels, Black Lips – Royale
March 31 – Evil Sword, Cleo Miao, Request Freeird, Lightning Pill – Dorchester Art Project
March 24 – TRIM, Kim Boekbinder, Miss Geo, Brandi Blaze, Violet Nox, Ruby Luna – Lilypad
March 16 – Weekened Greg, Fat Shuggy, Blue Ray, Blimp Blimp – The ER
March 10 – Burger Revolution RI featuring Johnnie and the Foodmasters, The Monsieurs, Atlantic Thrills, Harvey Garbage, Strange Fuzz, Super Natural II, Cherry Pit, Clever Girls, Night Nurses – News Cafe
March 9 – Brittle Brian, SCUM, Dust From 1000 Years, Big French – Trixie’s Palace
March 2 – Blue Ray, Wydyde, Crag Mask, Banana – The Farm
February 16 – Andy California, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!, Love Strangers, Mothballs – Lilypad
February 9 – Nice Guys (tour kick off), Love Strangers,Julep, Pleaser – Black Lodge
February 3 – Nice Guys, KTB, Gobby, Scum – Deep Thoughts
January 30 – Mr. Airplane Man, Pure Horsehair – Atwood’s
January 19 – Nice Guys, JOSS, Lea, Cal Fish, Blue Ray – Trixie’s Palace
January 6 – Rye Pines, Littlefoot, Nice Guys, Spelling – The Farm
January 5 – Kal Marks, (NE) Patriots, Don Gero, TRIM – Trixie’s Palace

December 31 – Johnnie and the Foodmasters, American Whip Appeal, New Aura, Phlegm, Scum – The Farm
December 30 – Harvey Garbage, Tiki Twins, Squash, New Aura, The Blues Dreambox – O’Brien’s Pub
December 29 – Love Strangers, Mr. Airplane Man, Land of Enchantment – The Loft
December 22 – Johnnie and the Foodmasters Holiday Party with American Whip Appeal and an impromptu performance from Request Freebird – Lindie’s Place
December 18 – Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle XMAS FREAKOUT! featuring Earthquake Party, Boston Cream, G. Gordon Gritt – ZuZu
December 16 – Bent Shapes (final show), Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Ian Doer – Great Scott
December 15 – Dust From 1,000 Years, Cannibal Boom, Jarvaland, Request Freebird – The Farm
December 9 – Littlefoot, The Water Cycle, Soft Fangs, Baby! – The Burrow
December 1 – The Monsieurs (Record Release Show), Nice Guys, Earthquake Party – Great Scott
November 24 – Newton Underground Pop Art and Performance Showcase VI – Newton City Hall
November 18 – Guerilla Toss, Ryan Power (LP Release Show), The Electrician – Cambridge Elks Lodge; Littlefoot (EP Release Show), Nova One, Ian Doer – Lilypad
November 17 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Andy California, Bashful Slasher, G. Gordon Gritty, The Glue – The Farm
November 14 – Birthing Hips (tape release/last show), Blau Blau, Dove Lady, Andrea Pensado – Great Scott
November 11 – Hassle Fest 9 – ONCE
November 4 – A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part IV: Johnnie and the Foodmasters, James Coarse reading from “American Light Beer,” Poacher, Chill City Icon, G. Gordon Gritty, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – The ratsnest
November 3 – Rogozo, Woodhulll, Jarvaland, Billy Baldwin – Jeanie Johnston
November 1 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Guantanamo Baywatch, Creaturos, Nice Guys, Andy California – Deep Thoughts
October 28 – The Shangri-las (Littlefoot), Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers (Steep Leans & Friends), Pulp Fiction (Johnnie and the Foodmasters), Eminem (James Coarse) – The Farm
October 27 – Devo (Nice Guys), Joy Division and New Order (Dazey and te Scouts), Bratmobile (Dump Him and Cam Girls), Black Flag (Cult Fiction and Nick Owen) –
Black Lodge
October 20 – Andy California and Mr. Airplane Man Record Release w/ Johnnie and the Foodmasters and Sticker Shock – The Jeanie Johnston
October 12-14: Turkeyfest 8 – Mickey’s Tavern, Crystal Corner Bar (Madison, WI)
October 7 – Boston Hassle and Kids Like You & Me Present: Crocodiles, Saint Pe (of Black Lips), Boston Cream, Second Becky – First Parish Cambridge
October 6 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Johnnie and the Foodmasters (2nd Anniversary), _highlightreel, Picniclunch, Dylan and the Ded Beets – Club Bohemia
October 4 – Black Lips, Kesha – House of Blues
September 28-30 – Gonerfest – Hi-Tone, Murphy’s, Memphis Made Brewery, Bar DKDC, Cooper Young Gazeebo (Memphis, TN)
September 10 – NOTS, Peach Ring, Cult Fiction – Lilypad
September 9 – (New England) Patriots, Miami Dolphins, TRIM – Teacher’s Lounge
August 26 – Steep Leans, Laser Background, Sun Young, We Can All Be Sorry – Deep Thoughts; Forgotten Jam, Zebu, Jarva Land, Scream Castle, Gnards – Black Lodge
August 21 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Earthquake Party, Love Strangers, American Whip Appeal – ZuZu
August 13 – Casual Burn, Andy California, Love Strangers, American Whip Appeal – Deep Thoughts
August 11 – The Cavemen, Horse Girl, Nick Owen, Karman Voh – Black Lodge
August 4 – Birthing Hips (tour kick off), Blacker Face, Nice Guys – Black Lodge
July 29 – Electric Street Queens’ Record Release Party with Creaturos, Beware the Danger of a Ghost Scorpion, Dandy Sherman – Lilypad
July 28 – Littlefoot, Antibodies, The Mothballs, Ryan Major – The Jeanie Johnston
July 24 – Pucker Up, Haag, SCUM, Jim Leonard Band – Deep Thoughts
July 22 – KTB, Ehnahre, Diabolical Fiend, Myocastor Coypus – Deep Thoughts
July 15 – Institute, Dame, Nice Guys, Ursula – Democracy Center; Lydia Lunch Retrovirus, Doomsday Student, (New England) Patriots, Peach Ring – Cambridge Elks Lodge
July 14 – Littlefoot, Blau Blau, All Talk, Soft Fangs – Middle East Upstairs
July 8 – Haag, Don Gero, Rust Promoter, Nice Guys – Black Lodge; Salty Greyhound, Looms, Dust From 1,000 Years, Tony Bullets The Spice Palace
July 1 – Ava Luna, Birthing Hips, The Craters – Great Scott
June 30 – BJ Snowden, Life Partners, Dyke Mite – The Jeanie Johnston
June 25 – Jesus Vio, Nice Guys, Wendy Eisenberg, Banana – Club Bohemia
June 24 – Littlefoot, Banana, Sleeping In, Nick Owen – Track Shack
June 17 – Rye Pines, Earthquake Party, Steep Leans, Crooked Ventures – Trixie’s Palace
June 16 – Kids Like You & Me’s Rama Lama Ding Dong featuring The Monsieurs, Creaturos, Littlefoot, Germ House, Jim Leonard, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Middle East Upstairs
June 15 – Nice Guys/Black Beach 7″ Release Show with The Cavemen and Ovlov – Great Scott
June 2 – The Orwells, The Walters – The Sinclair
May 29 – The Cavemen, Hot Tramps, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Cult Fiction – ZuZu
May 27 – LuxDeluxe, Earthquake Party – Middle East Upstairs
May 22 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Peach Ring, Proud Parents, G. Gordon Gritty – ZuZu
May 19 – Black Beach, Cool Ghouls, Beach Toys, Littlefoot – Black Lodge
May 13 – Somerville Porchfest featuring Disembowelment Choir, Beginners, Con Tex, Id M Theft Able, Chill City Icon; Nice Guys, Meat Dreams, Banana, Nick Owen – Black Lodge
May 8 – Black Lips, Surfbort- Brighton Music Hall
May 6 – Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Skimask, Haag, JOSS – The ER
April 29 – Nice Guys, Beautiful Woman, Nick Owen, Cult Fiction – Pussy Cabana
April 28 – Steep Leans, Rick Rude, The Dead Trains, Idle Pilot, Drug Dogs – Great Scott
April 22 – The Coathangers at Pop-Up Record Shop – Brighton Music Hall
April 21 – Pucker Up, Custom Drummer, -1, Period Bomb, Creative Healing – Deep Thoughts
April 8 – Nice Guys, Neolibz, Mack Enemy, Haag – Deep Thoughts
April 7 – Mannequin Pussy, The Cavemen, Dazey and the Scouts – Lilypad
April 1 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: A Mouth Is a Mouth Noise Fest Part III featuring Fat Shuggy, Sam Rog, April & the Foolmasters, Picniclunch, Tom Ashton, vbit 32, >>>>>>>>>>> – Trixie’s Palace
March 27 – Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle Present: Birthing Hips, -1, Body Meat, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – ZuZu
March 24 – The Memories (featuring Colleen Green), Jim Leonard, The Emotional, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser – Middle East Upstairs
March 17 – Jacuzzi Boys, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Bong Wish – Lilypad
March 11 – Birthing Hips, TRIM, Sour Spirit, Zach Rowdan and Chris Cretella – Shed Cellar
February 25 – Request Freebird, Dougie Poole, Noa Mori, Jazz Massagers – Potatio Emporium; Peach Ring, Yucky Duster, Sweet Baby Jesus, Cove Sauce – Pussy Cabana
February 20 – Streight Angular (EP Release show), Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Viennagram,Jarva Land, Cute Uterus, The Dead Air, Deathhand, Surprise Party, Brian Gordon – P.A.’s Lounge
February 18 – Request Freebird, Math the band the band, Old Table, Ben Hersey – Middle East Upstairs; Electric Street Queens, Germ House, Blinders, Audrey Ryan – The Loft
February 16 – Super Wimpy Fest – Cambridge Elks Lodge
February 4 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Johnnie and the Foodmasters (return show!!!), Thee Cavemyn, Jim Leonard, Peach Ring – Club Bohemia
January 28 – Nice Guys, Black Beach, The Peters, NOX – Ted’s Place
January 27 – Peach Ring, Blau Blau, Sun Young, Anna Altman – The ER
January 21 – Creaturos, Mini Dresses, Haybaby, Jack – Black Box Theater (Emerson)
January 18 – Birthing Hips, Brittle Brian, Fern Mayo, Human People, Kal Marks(solo) – Middle East Upstairs
January 13 – Big Mess, Rick Rude, Kiss Concert, Peach Ring – O’Brien’s Pub
January 9 – Nice Guys, Datenight, Jo Jo & The Angry Girls, Jim Leonard – Middle East Upstairs
January 6 – Steep Leans, Lance Bangs, Carinae, Salty Greyhound, Sports Coach – The ER
December 12 – Kids Like You & Me Presents Electric Street Queens, Andy California, Tiki Twins – ZuZu
December 10 – Kal Marks (didn’t play :( ) Littlefoot, Cende (didn’t play :( ), Pope – Black Lodge; Heather Mack, Andre Altrez, Pharess, Tashawn Taylor – Trixie’s Palace
December 9 – Guerilla Toss, Nice Guys, Wydyde, Steep Leans – Pozen Center, Mass Art
December 3 – Nice Guys, Ricecrackers, Mint Green, Nick Owen, Gatsby – Make Out Point
November 28 – Creaturos, Thee Cavemyn, Nice Guys – ZuZu
November 27 – Birthing Hips (tape release), Stephanie Germaine, Olivia WB, Hot Dirt – Black Lodge
November 25 – Newton Underground Pop Art & Performance Showcase V
November 23 – The King Khan & BBQ Show, The Gartrells – Brighton Music Hall
November 20 – Nobunny, The Cowboys, The Monsieurs, Black Beach – Middle East Upstairs
November 14 – Illegally Blind, Kids Like You & Me, and Rad Castles Present: Straight Arrows, Sprit Ghost, Ryan Major & The Love Strangers, Chasms – ZuZu
November 12 – Kids Like You & Me Presents The Channels, TRIM, Request Freebird – Lilypad
November 5 – The Orwells, The Symposium – Middle East Upstairs
November 4 – Nice Guys, Black Beach, Mad Doctors, Rye Pines – Black Lodge
October 31 – Creaturos (The Stooges), Electric Street Queens (“The Motorways” – Motorhead/The Runaways), Beach Toys (The Velvet Underground), “The Shaggs” – ZuZu
October 29 – Beware of the Black Lodge: Raygun Against the Machine, “The Cramps,” Thee Cavemen (James Chance and the Contortions) – Black Lodge
October 28 – Nice Guys – Trixie’s Palace
October 20 – Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Earthquake Party, Dyr Faser, Sun Young – Middle East Upstairs
October 13 – NOTS, The World, Funeral Cone, Birthing Hips – ZuZu
October 8 – Kids Like You & Me Presents A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part II featuring Id M Theft Able, G. Gordon Gritty, Asher Tuil, Mike Mountain, The Craters, Disembowelment Choir, Negative One, Orgins – Black Lodge
Septemebr 29-October 2 – Goner Fest XIII – Hi Tone, Murphy’s, Memphis Made Brewery, Bar DKDC (Memphis, TN)
September 27 – Buzzcocks – Royale
September 23 – Chook Race, Germ House, The Furniture, Muscle Before Paradise – The Space
September 12 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Nice Guys, Sauna Youth, Earth Heart, G. Gordon Gritty – ZuZu
September 10 – The Channels, Earring, Department of Everything, Queen With a Megaphone, Joss – Ames
September 6 – Adam Green, Puppy Problems – ONCE Ballroom
September 3 – Starlab Fest VII; The B-52s, Sara Blacker – Boarding House Park
September 2 – Fat Creeps, Alaina Stamatis – Lilypad
August 26 – Nice Guys, Drug Dogs (last show), Idiot Genes, A.D.U.L.T, Tim – Black Lodge
August 19 – Fuzzstival – Middle East Downstairs
August 15 – X – Brighton Music Hall
August 7 – Gino and the Goons, Heaters, Nice Guys, Andy California – O’Brien’s Pub
August 6 – Gravel, Fake Surfers, The Cavemen, Cosmc – Black Lodge
August 5 – Dog, Pucker Up, Channels, Gay Cum Daddies – Deep Thoughts
July 28 – What Cheer? Brigade (in Ringer Park, Allston), Lovesick, Hairspray Queen, Gay Sin – Grandma’s House
July 23 – KLYAM’s 7th Anniversary Show featuring (New England) Patriots, IAN Sweet, Giving Up, Birthing Hips – Lilypad
July 16 – Nice Guys, Ursula, Cavemen, Heartbreaker, Birthing Hips – Black Lodge
July 15 – Black Beach, Drug Dogs, Birth Defects, Bested, Goatpunch – Track Shack
July 10 – Birthing Hips, Palberta, Tiffany’s House, Blood Club – The Bannana Hammock
July 8 – Hallelujah the Hills “Vinyl Full Length + EP7” w/ The Barbazons, Thalia Zedek, Black Beach – The Sinclair
July 2 – Trim, Pool, Grutch, Alto!, Off Land – Industry Lab; Puzzle Mansion, Midriffs, Tomato Dodgers, Bourgeois, Wydyde, Lady Pills – Theives Grotto
July 1 – Wendy Alembic, Alexander, Fat Shuggy, Will Henrikson – No Berry; International Noise Conference with Trim and many others – Visible Hand/Hassle Space
June 27 – The Cavemen, Nice Guys, Sun Young, Personality Girls – ZuZu; Fat Shuggy, The Forgotten Jam, Skyjelly – Middle East Corner
June 24 – Guerilla Toss, Pile, Jaw Gems, Homebody – Middle East Upstairs
June 23 – Guerilla Toss, Palberta, Zebu!, Listening Woman – Middle East Upstairs
June 21 – Free Pizza, Nice Guys, The Monsieurs – Middle East Upstairs
June 18 – Out of the Blue’s “Into the Black”: A Fundraiser: G. Gordon Gritty, Fat Shuggy, Colby Nathan (from NE Pats), Dust From 1,000 Years, Bong Wish, Trim, Kal Marks (solo), Los Greys, Jarva Land, The Divided Self (members of Secret Lover), Skyjelly, Patchouli Mist, Earth Heart, Puzzle Mansion – Out of the Blue Too
June 17 – Nice Guys (as Crust Hunks), Love Cop, Beach Toys, Funeral Gold – Black Lodge
June 13 – King Khan & The Shrines, Giorgio Murderer – The Sinclair
June 11 – Kids Like You & Me and Couch Present A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest: The Cavemen, Puzzle Mansion, Meat Dreams, Fenner, Wendy Alembic, Gangbang Gordon, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> – Black Lodge
June 8 – The Numerators, Atlantic Thrills, The Mardi Kings, Wydyde – O’Brien’s Pub
June 4 – Ursula, Blood Club (tape release), Birthing Hips – Grandma’s House
May 31 – Spray Paint, Germ House, Trim, The Cavemen, Cyerbully – Make Out Point
May 28 – Squash, Eliza and the Organix, Rabbithole, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – unchARTed
May 27 – Big Buck Hunter, Birthing Hips, Steam Traktor, Book Reef – Grandma’s House
May 21 – Porchfest/Hassle Party – The Temple
May 20 – Dinoczar (album release show), The Barbazons, Gravel, Creaturos, Black Beach – Davey Jones’ Locker
May 14 – – Illegally Blind and Kids Like You & Me Present: Peach Kelli Pop, Secret Lover, Gravel, Electric Street Queens – Middle East Upstairs; Grass Stains in Davis Square
May 12 – B.J. Snowden, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – The Plough ‘n’ Stars
May 7 – Birthing Hips, Tiffany’s House, Way Out, CosMc – Grandma’s House
April 30 – Guerilla Toss, Ursula, The Barbazons, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Electric Street Queens – Middle East Upstairs
April 29 – The Monsieurs, The Prefab Messiahs, Nice Guys, Scully, Black Beach, CosMc (First show!), Future Spa – Middle East Upstairs
April 28 – Funeral Cone, Second Becky, Andy California, G.Gordon Gritty – Club Bohemia
April 23 – Wicked Mess – PILE, Phemale (CT), New England Patriots, Nagual (OH), Bugs and Rats, Video Nasties (ME), GOSH! (Chicago), TRIM, Bong Wish, Atlas Lab, Underwear (CT), Request Freebird, Glass Mannequins, Pleasure Gap (NH) + more – Cambridge Elks Lodge
April 22 – Boston Hassle & Kids Like You & Me Present – OBN III’s, The Monsieurs, Devil Music, Far Corners – Out of the Blue Too
April 16 – Record Hospital Fest Night 2 – The Harvard Advocate
April 15 – Nice Guys (tour kick off), Pucker Up, Gravel, Stumpf – Black Lodge;
April 9 – Mardi Kings, Keytar Bear, Howardian, special guest – Out of the Blue Too
April 8 – Two Piece Fest Night 2 featuring Pucker Up, Philadelphia Collins, Naked Naps, Mother Tongue, Deathdealer, Mail Thief, Shark Rock, Peach Fuzz, Fall Risk, New Mom, The Furniture, GlovePilot – Track Shack
April 1 and 2 – Out of the Blue Fools Fest: The Barbazons, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Midriffs,Puzzle Mansion, Magic Shoppe, IAN, The Channels, Sound of Ceres,Pick a Piper, Earthquake Party, Steep Leans,Vanishing DMC, Flaming Dragons of Middle Earth, Sam Gas Can, Procedure Club, Neolibz, Arkm Foam, Horse Jumper of Love, Rosie and the Rosies, Frank Hurricane, Secret Lover, Mardi Kings, Horsehands, Jarva Land, Birthing Hips, Sun Young,Every Kim Parcell, Sunshine, Bat House, Só Sol, Dyr Faser, The Forgotten Jam, The 7th House, Audrey Harrer, John Cushing Trio, Patchouli Mist, Candy Miami, Fat Shuggy – Out of the Blue Too
March 30 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Cumstain, Pookie & The Poodlez, The Mardi Kings, Idiot Genes – Out of the Blue Too
March 26 – Nice Guys, GEPH, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Vitamin sun – The Ratsnest
March 25 – Dog, Dust From 1,000 Years w/ Bad History Month, Pucker Up, Cat Throw Up, Dial Up – Black Lodge
March 18 – The Televibes, Beach Toys, Midriffs, Sun Voyager – Middle East Upstairs
March 12 – Super Sonic Surf Explosion: Future Spa, The Mad Doctors, The Buzzards, Nebulas – Firehouse 13 (Providence)
March 11 – Old Wave, Patchouli Mist, Chill Sesh and Friends, Sweet Comedian – Deep Thoughts
March 7 – Nice Guys, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Rye Pines – ZuZu
March 4 – Black Beach (“Shallow Creatures” LP Release Show), Dent, Steep Leans, The Mardi Kings – Middle East Upstairs
March 1 – Ty Segall & The Muggers, CFM, Midriffs – Royale
February 26 – Puzzle Mansion (DSMS Release), Midriffs, Spirit Ghost, Brunettes, Vocs, Yelloyouth – The Ratsnest
February 23 – Future Spa, The Shallow End Divers, Drug Dogs, Dinoczar, Rye Pines – Middle East Upstairs
February 21 – Juan Wauters, Tall Juan, Andy Sadoway, BEEEF – O’Brien’s Pub
February 19 – The Monsieurs, The Barbazons, Nice Guys, Pouty – Middle East Upstairs
February 13 – Hands and Knees, Lady Pills, Mardi Kings, Big Buck Hunter – Black Lodge
February 6 – Sleeper Radio Presents: Sleeper Sampler: Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Dinoczar,Burglary Years, Wydyde, Black Hatch, Poor Posture – PA’s Lounge; Request Freebird, Tiffany’s House, Moonish Brute, Tender Cruncher – Margaritaville
January 30 – Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Cavemen,Birthing Hips, Steam Traktor, Candy Miami – Black Lodge
January 29 – Drug Dogs, Dear Blanca, Secret Guest, A.D.U.L.T – Top Hat Factory
January 28 – Nice Guys (“WSM” Release Show), Creaturos, Kal Marks, Gravel – Middle East Upstairs
January 22 – Future Spa, Cherry Mellow, ABC, Primate House – Top Hat Factory
January 19 – Black Beach, Midriffs, Earthquake Party, Lady Pills – Great Scott
January 15 – Halfsour (Album Release Show!), The Barbazons, Kindling, Fucko – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
January 14 – David Bowie Tribute Night: Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Sun Young, Band Without Hands, Dead Elect, Jarva Land, A. Campbell Payne, Spirit Level, JoJo, Burlesque Poetress, Sophia Belle and Valentin Prince, Sam Apotheker, hosted by Jenny French – Out of the Blue
December 31 – The Barbazons, Hallelujah the Hills, Milk – Great Scott
December 19 – Saralee, Dark Rodeo, Pucker Up, Puzzle Mansion, Slendermen – Milhaus
December 14 – Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle Present: Gravel, The Nude Party, Adam PC, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – ZuZu
December 11 – Cavemen, Pucker Up, Fat Shuggy, White Power Dies Today – Grandma’s House
December 10 – G. Gordon Gritty, Alice Highland – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
December 5 – Mardi Kings, Acid Dad, Slowshine, Puzzle Mansion- Theives Grotto
December 1 – Nice Guys, Black Beach, The Televibes, Midriffs – NU afterHours
November 28 – NUPAPS IV (Newton Underground Pop Art & Performance Showcase): Main Line featuring Zeke,BFP,Cubes Dance Co., Fader Family Band, Max Alper Music,Penelope Coyote, R. Walsh, What about Klaus
November 21 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: The Lonely Machines,Future Spa, Squash, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Wilder Zangcraft
November 20 – Kids Like You & Me and Bob Records Present: Future Spa (“Girl” CD EP Release Show!), The Double Buscemis, The Rococo Bang, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Out of the Blue Too Gallery
November 14 – Providence Garage Fest: Black Beach, Future Spa, Midriffs, Party Pigs, Eric & Nothing, Neutrinos, The Nebulas, Gavage, THE WORRIED, Malyssa and the Sugar Cones, ST JAMES AND THE APOSTLES – AS220 (Providence, RI)
November 13 – Illegally Blind and Kids Like You & Me Present: Nobunny, The Monsieurs, Nice Guys, Gymshorts – Middle East Upstairs; The King Khan & BBQ Show, Milk Lines – Middle East Downstairs
November 7 – Boston Hassle Fest Night 3 – Brighton Music Hall (2-1:30AM) featuring Dan Melchior, Flipper, Guerrilla Toss, Obnox, Ono, Palberta, Pvre Matrix, Serengeti, Terrence Dixon, The Channels, The Lesser Knowns; The Barbazons, Earthquake Party, Jim Leonard, The Double Buscemis – Theives Grotto
November 5 – Boston Hassle Fest Night 1 – Cambridge Elks Lodge (6-11PM) & Out of the Blue Too (11-1AM) featuring Black Beach, Downtown Boys, Free Pizza, Home Blitz, JOSS, Listening Woman, (New) England Patriots, PC Worship, Urochromes, World Cup, Whip Appeal
November 2 – The Orwells, Nice Guys – The Sinclair
October 30 – Blood Club, Sour Spirit, Dog, The Cavemen – The Harvard Advocate
October 29 – Illegally Blind Halloween Party: Vundabar, Creaturos,The Televibes, Mini Dresses, Wakes – Middle East Upstairs
October 23 – NOTS, (New England) Patriots, Ursula, Germ House – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
October 20 – Kids Like You & Me Present: G. Gordon Gritty, Style, Whip Appeal, Mike Mountain – Midway Cafe
October 19 – Guerilla Toss, Buck Gooter, Ursula, Phemale – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
October 13 – The Channels, Protomartyr, Growning Pains – Middle East Upstairs
October 5 – Wavves, Twin Peaks, Steep Leans – Paradise
October 3 – Kids Like You & Me Present: The Shallow End Divers, Drug Dogs, Johnnie and the Foodmasters (first club show!), KLYAM DJ Set – Cantab Lounge/ Club Bohemia
September 23-28: Gonerfest 12 featuring Nobunny, Ty Rex, Quintron, Blind Shake, Hank Wood & The Hammerheads, Ar-Kaics, First!, Buck Biloxi and the Fucks, Sweet Knives, The Make Over, Obnox, Wet Ones, Lord High Panther, Giorgio Murderer, Ultimate Painting, Shadow in the Cracks, Salad Boys, Black Abba, Sonny Vincent, Timmy’s Organism, Nots, Cuntza, Musk, Manhunt, Pookie and the Poodles, Kit Convict & Thee Terrible Two, Nowhere Squares, Jack Oblivian, Pampers, Gary Wrong Group Aquarian Blood, Pink Tiles, Sheiks, Ex Cult and more! – Hi-Tone, Bucaneer, and Murphy’s
September 23 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Wet Nurse, halfsour, Digital Prisoners of War – ZuZu
September 19 – Nice Guys (tour return), Feral Jenny (last show), Et Al, The Cavemen – Grandma’s House; Grass Stains featuring Andy California, Mini Dresses, Candy Miami, Anjimile, Shepherdess, Creature From Dell Pond, Picniclunch- Davis Square Park
September 11 – Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Black Beach,Zebu – Out of the Blue Too
September 6 – Black Beach, The Sea Life, Den-Mate, 7th House, Young Rapids – Milhaus
September 4 – (New England) Patriots, Ursula (tape release!), Dog, The Cavemen, YRRAP YRRAP, Tomato Face – Black Lodge
August 29 – Atlantic Thrills (tour return show), The Monsieurs, Neutrinos, Eric and the Nothing – Aurora (Providence, RI)
August 28 – Kids Like You & Me Presents Só Sol, Bum Candy (first show!), Field of Sheep (first club show!), G. Gordon Gritty – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
August 27 – La Luz, Scully, Littlefoot, Wakes – Middle East Upstairs
August 22 – Starlab Fest featuring Beach Toys, Tweens, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, The Novel Ideas, Luau, American Echoes – 10 Poplar St. Union Square, Somerville
August 21 – Nice Guys (tour kick off), Creaturos, The Double Buscemis, The Marty Kings – Grandma’s House
August 17 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Electric Street Queens, The Shallow End Divers – ZuZu
August 15 – Dick Dale – Middle East Downstairs; Dead Elect – Murdock
August 14 – Nice Guys, Midriffs, Dinoczar, Andy California, Puzzle Mansion – Theives Grotto
August 6-8 – Boston Fuzzstival featuring The Barbazons, Nice Guys, The Monsieurs, Atlantic Thrills, The Migs, Quilt, The New Highway Hymnal, ADVAETA, Fleabite, Secret Lover, Feral Jenny, Bloodshot Bill, Doug Tuttle, Vundabar, Earthquake Party, Black Beach, Magic Shoppe, Boom Said Thunder, Bong Wish, Ghost Box Ochestra, The TeleVibes, The Mystery Lights, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Gymshorts, DrugRug, Creaturos, Littlefoot, Herbcraft, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Blinders, Wakes, Mini Dresses, Midriffs, Soft Eyes – Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs
August 1 – Kids Like You & Me and BUFU Present: Nice Guys (Free Pizza split tape release), (New England) Patriots, Power Masters, Jim Leonard, G. Gordon Gritty – Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery
July 24 – Dinoczar, Idiot Genes, The Forgotten Jam, Rosie and the Rosies – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
July 18 – Littlefoot, Ravi Shavi, Roz & The Rice Cakes, JJAAZZ, Grave Ideas – Theives Grotto
July 17 – Scorched Ear 2 – Cambridge Elks Lodge [REVIEW]
July 14 – Heaters, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scoprion, Wakes, Future Spa – Middle East Upstairs
July 11 – Ursula, Sour Spirit, Funeral Cone, Trophy Knife (solo), Pucker Up – Grandma’s House, Wakes, Sports Coach – Theives Grotto
July 10 – Mr. Airplane Man, The Monsieurs, Party Pigs – Cuisine En Locale
July 4 – 1st Annual Lower Allston Rock ‘n’ Roll Speedtrials featuring Nice Guys, Miami Doritos, Dinoczar, Black Beach, Charlie, Drug Dogs, Grave Ideas, Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Axe Horders
July 1 – Kids Like You & Me 6th Anniversary Party featuring The Barbazons, Nice Guys, Atlantic Thrills, G. Gordon Gritty – Middle East Upstairs
June 26 – Kids Like You & Me Presents Earthquake Party, Whip Appeal, Andy California, Jim Leonard – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
June 20 – Nice Guys, Drug Dogs, Hellrazor, Spook the Herd, Trespassor – Theives Grotto
June 17 – David Liebe Hart, Gymshorts, The Marty Kings, Black Beach – Middle East Upstairs
June 13 – Paul Weller – Paradise
June 8 – Kids Like You & Me Present: Nice Guys, The Hussy, G. Gordon Gritty – ZuZu
June 6 – The Barbazons – Cambridge River Fest; Frankie Cosmos, Porches, Harmoos, Claire Cottrill- Cambridge Elks Lodge; Hassle Night: Whip Appeal, The Craters, Beth Israel – Lilypad
May 29 – Kids Like You & Me and BUFU Records Present: G. Gordon Gritty “Still Not a Musician” Tape Release Show w/ Tall Juan, Underwater Bear Ballet, The Shallow End Divers – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
May 24 – The Televibes (EP Release Show), Holy Wave, Soft Eyes, Fedavees – Middle East Upstairs
May 22-24 – Boston Calling featuring The Pixies, Beck, and some others – City Hall Plaza
May 16 – Miami Doritos, Sleep Crimes, Feral Jenny, Cherry Boyz – Out of the Blue Too Gallery
May 9 – The Electric Street Queens, What Cheer Brigade, (New England) Patriots, Ursula, Thighmaster – Hen House
May 6 – Natural Child, Faux Ferocious, Gymshorts, Marty Kings – T.T. The Bears
May 2 – BUFU Records Rok Stok: Ian, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Tall Juan, Jim Leonard Littlefoot, The Lentils, Flower Girl, Gracie, Gymshorts, Midriffs – Cambridge Elks Lodge
April 27 – Mac DeMarco, Tall Juan, Mackenzie Keefe – NU afterHOURS
April 24 – The Barbazons (KLYAM Records ‘Avec Plaisir’ LP Release Show!), Doug Tuttle, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!, Atlantic Thrills – Middle East Upstairs
April 19 – Peach Kelli Pop, Littlefoot,  Bong Wish, Feral Jenny, Fleabite – T.T. The Bears. Matinee show.
April 18 – Creaturos, Black Beach, Midriffs, Sun Voyager – The Womb; Warmfuzzies Fest: Jim Leonard (tape release), Gracie, Al Marantz & The Piffs (EP Release), Con Tex, Ian, Pat Keen, Andy Miami Ensemble, Nicolas Kribini Project – Smokey Bear Cave
April 17 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Nice Guys, Jacques Le Coque, Black Beach, Gangbang Gordon – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
April 10 – The New Highway Hymnal (Reverb Room release show), Vundabar, The Televibes, Andy California – Middle East Upstairs; Moontower, U14A, The Freeways, Crime Watch – Out of the Blue Too Art Gallery
April 4 – Gangbang Gordon, Whip Appeal, Kris Fortin – Traphaus
April 3 – Nice Guys, Miami Doritos, Ursula, Zebu! – Grandma’s House
March 30 – Kids Like You & Me and Rad Castle Present: The Barbazons, Miami Doritos, Gangbang Gordon – ZuZu
March 21 – The Prefab Messiahs NH EP Release show w/ Soft Eyes, Pleasure Gap, S.S Cretins – Modern Gypsy (Manchester, NH)
March 19 – Kids Like You & Me and Illegally Blind Present: The Prefab Messiahs’ KLYAM Records/Burger Records EP Release Show with The Barbazons, Fedavees, Secret Lover – Middle East Upstairs
March 13 – Nice Guys, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Jellyfish Brothers, Rosie & The Rosies – Lilypad
March 10 – The TeleVibes(SXSW Tour Kick Off), Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth, Midriffs – Middle East Upstairs; Atlantic Thrills, Creaturos, Black Beach, Cool Ghouls – T.T. The Bears
March 7 – Boston Hassle and Kids Like You & Me Present: Nice Guys, Nancy, Gymshorts, Robot Death Kites, Muscle Plant – Boylston JP Church
February 27 – Littlefoot, Vundabar, Wakes, Dinoczar, Strang Mangers – Theives Grotto
February 21 – Ariel Pink, Jack Name – Paradise
February 12 – Nice Guys (‘Chips in the Moonlight’ EP Release Show), The Monsieurs, Slow Jerks, Black Beach – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
February 7 – Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser (tape release), Gracie, Feral Jenny, Puzzle Mansion – Theives Grotto
January 30 – Gymshorts, Ra Ra Riot – Theives Grotto
January 24 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: The Monsieurs, Atlantic Thrills, Feral Jenny, ACLU Benefit – Lilypad
January 16 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: The TeleVibes,Future Spa, CHARLIE, Ben Tan – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
January 10 – Skimask, Moth Eggs, Lair, Jesus Jim, Sneaks – Deep Thoughts
January 6 – Tijuana Panthers, Garden – Great Scott
December 31 – The TeleVibes, Idiot Genes, Zip-Tie Handcuffs, Ladybones – Charlie’s Kitchen; Miami Doritos, Littlefoot, Dark Rodeo, Nathan Ventura, Black Noise
December 26 – Gangbang Gordon, Aqua Hamster, Live Nude Girls, Van Walton – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
December 20 – Bloodshot Bill, Jittery Jack – Atwoods
December 19 – Kal Marks (solo), Wakes – Theives Grotto [REVIEW]
December 13 – Nice Guys, The Televibes, Vundabar, Midriffs – The Overlook; Lastfest: Ian, Trashbaby, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts, URSULA, Feral Jenny, Blood Club, Ellen-Siberian Tiger, Couples Counseling, Dent, Speedy Ortiz, Trophy Knife – Lasthaus [REVIEW]
December 6 – Miami Doritos, Hands & Knees, The TeleVibes – Lilypad [REVIEW]
December 5 – The Monsieurs (Record Release!), Nice Guys, Free Pizza – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia [REVIEW]
November 29 – ACLU Benefit, Bong Wish, Goat Of Arms, Willy Mason – Lilypad [REVIEW]
November 28 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Miami Doritos, Gangbang Gordon, Ben Tan – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia [REVIEW]
November 22 – Nice Guys, Big Buck Hunter & Sun Young (Tour Return Show!), ACLU Benefit, Rosie & The Rosies – Whitehaus [REVIEW]
November 21 – Theives Grotto Three Year Anniversary: Nice Guys, Free Pizza, Dinoczar, Lady Bones – Thieves Grotto [REVIEW]
November 14 – Ty Segall, Guantanamo Baywatch, The Numerators, Rips – Death By Audio (Brooklyn, NY); Soft Cat, Vio/Mire, Anne Malin, Trashbaby, Horse Jumpers Of Love – Lasthaus
November 7-9 – Hassle Fest 6 – Cuisine En Locale
November 4 – Nice Guys, Zip-Tie Handcuffs (Release Show), Midriffs – Middlesex Lounge
October 31 – Ursula, Beach Toys, Little Spoon, Hatsune Miku, World Cup – Lasthaus
October 30 – The Memories, Gracie Jackson, The Lentils, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser – Lilypad
October 29 -The Burger Caravan Of Stars: The Coathangers, together PANGEA, Cherry Glazerr, AJ Davila & Terror Amor – Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]
October 28 – Meatbodies, Purling Hiss, Krill – Great Scott [REVIEW]
October 24 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Big Buck Hunter, Ravi Shavi, Phaze, Gangbang Gordon – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia
October 21 – Saralee, Slutever, Girlpool, Miami Doritos, Ursula – Black Lodge
October 18 – Guerilla Toss, Buck Gooter, Neptune, Oneida – Midway Cafe
October 17 – Halloween 3: Free Pizza (as Minor Threat) Zebu! (as Rock Horror Picture Show), Secret Lover (as Donna Summer), Littlefoot (as Twin Peaks OST)- Lilypad; JEFF The Brotherhood, Diarrhea Planet, The Monsieurs – The Sinclair [REVIEW]
October 14 – White Fence, King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard, Juan Wauters, Creaturos – Great Scott
October 10 – Nice Guys, Bugs and Rats, Ursula, Show Me The Body – Last Haus
October 9 – The Orwells, Skaters – Brighton Music Hall
October 8 – Tyvek, Cloud Nothings – The Sinclair [REVIEW]
October 7 – Free Pizza, Ben Katzman’s Degreaser, Ne-hi, Supermagical – Whitehaus
October 6 – Bass Drum Of Death, The People’s Temple, Black Beach – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
October 1 – Ausmuteants, Phantom Rides, Longings – Whitehaus [REVIEW]
September 28 – Black Lips, The King Khan & BBQ Show, The Kominas – Paradise
September 27 – Black Lips, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Coke Weed – Port City Music Hall
September 22 – Nice Guys, Apache Dropout, Doug Tuttle, Phaze, Rag Face – Middlesex Lounge
September 19 – Ty Segall, La Luz, Boytoy – Great Scott [REVIEW]
September 18 – Illegally Blind Presents (in association with Kids Like You & Me, BUFU Records, Boston Hassle, and FAST APPLE): Boston En Masse Night 1: Nice Guys, Miami Doritos, The Monsieurs, Boogie Boy Metal Moth, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser – Church
September 14 – The Growlers, The Garden – Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]
September 13 – BUFU Records End Of Summer w/ Free Pizza, The Lentils, Ian, Littlefoot, Gangbang Gordon – Democracy Center
September 10 – Illegally Blind & Kids Like You & Me Present: Creaturos, The Electric Street Queens (Tape Release!), Nice Guys, Headband – Church
September 5-6 – New England Underground Music Festival:Black Pus, Soft Eyes, (New England) Patriots, The Lentils, Florida=Death, Gracie Jackson, and more @ Cuisine En Locale [REVIEW]
August 29 – Free Pizza, Gymshorts, Fletcher C Johnson, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts – Lilypad
August 24 – Kids Like You & Me, Boston Hassle, BUFU Present: Cumstain, Gangbang Gordon (Tape Release), Free Pizza, White Pages – JP Drive In [REVIEW]
August 23 – Fagettes, Gracie Jackson, Earring, Cncrcstl, Katrina Stonehart – Whitehaus
August 20 – Bent Shapes, Littlefoot, Ian, Wakes – T.T. The Bears
August 16 – Nice Guys (LAPD Tape Release), The Televibes, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, Beach Toys, Creaturos (3 piece), Chandos – Black Lodge
August 14 – Boogarins, Atlantic Thrills, The Televibes, Gymshorts – Church
August 12 – Twin Peaks, The Lemons, Miami Doritos – Great Scott
August 8 – Illegally Blind 1 Year Anniversary Party: Black Beach, Beach Toys, Cult Fluorescent, The Furniture, Joe Turner & The Seven Levels – Church
August 2 – Boston Fuzzstival: Fat Creeps, Atlantic Thrills, Fagettes, Gymshorts, The New Highway Hymnal, The TeleVibes, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, Creaturos, The Magic Shoppe, Ghost Box Orchestra, Doug Tuttle, 28 Degrees Taurus, Abadabad, Dinoczar, Black Beach – Middle East Upstairs and Downstairs [REVIEW]
July 28 – Fat Creeps (Record Release), The Lentils, Bugs and Rats – Middlesex Lounge
July 24 – Nice Guys, Hands & Knees (Tape Release), Al Marantz & The Piffs, Skinny Bones – Whitehaus
July 19 – Starlabfest: Nice Guys, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, Future Spa, and more!
July 17 – Frankie Cosmos, Free Pizza, Krill, Warehouse – Great Scott
July 12 – Saralee, Ian, Cool Memories, Ryan Power, Cloud Becomes Your Hand – Cambridge Elks Lodge
July 11 – Robot Death Kites, Charlie, Narrator, Amadels, Underwater Bear Ballet – Neverland [REVIEW]
July 7 – Bozmo, The Fagettes, Beach Toys – ZuZu
June 30 – Phaze, Soft Eyes, Shame Thugs, John Flannelly – Charlie’s Kitchen [REVIEW]
June 27 – Fat Creeps, Littlefoot, Snow Wite, NU Depth – Lilypad
June 21 – Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts, Littlefoot, See Through Dresses, Ian – JP Drive In
June 19 – Fat Creeps, Fagettes, Gymshorts, White Mystery – Middle East Upstairs
June 14 – ACLU Benefit, Littlefoot, Ian, Jane Layne, Celestial Shore, Krill – Neverland
June 10 – King Khan & The Shrines, Red Mass, The Connection – The Sinclair
June 7 – Jimmy Whispers, Luxardo, Miami Solorito, Rosie and the Roses, Santiago – Neverland
June 2 – Designer (7″ Release), Gymshorts, Nice Guys, Speed Trials – Great Scott
May 31 – Fat Creeps, Miami Doritos, The Memories, Street Gnar, The Lemons – Whitehaus [REVIEW]
May 23 – Acidosis, Free Pizza, Animal Lover, Designer, Palberta – JP Drive In [REVIEW]
May 17 – Fat Creeps, Miami Doritos, Crosss, Loose Tooth – Whitehaus/Deep Thoughts [REVIEW]
May 12 – Gymshorts, Grenades in the Archives, The Little Richards, Wet Dress – Opus [REVIEW]
May 10 – Liars, Jana Hunter – Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]
May 6 – Gymshorts, Free Pizza, Con Tex, Babes, Secret Lover – Midway Cafe [REVIEW]
May 3 – Rock & Roll BBQ Part II: Atlantic Thrills, Ar-Kaics, Gymshorts (Providence, RI) [REVIEW]
April 25/26 – BUFU Fest featuring Juan Wauters, Fat Creeps, Nice Guys, Free Pizza, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts, Skimask, Bugs and Rats, Gangbgang Gordon, Gymshorts, Guerilla Toss, Funeral Cone, ACLU Benefit, Acidosis, Frank Hurricane, Littlefoot, In Heat, and more! – Cambridge Elks Lodge [REVIEW]
April 20 – White Fang, Denney and the Jets, Earthquake Party!, Nice Guys, Free Pizza – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
April 19 – Black Lips, Natural Child – Paradise [REVIEW]
April 16 – Gymshorts, Couches, Sneeze, Durt Dog the Band – Wilder Zangcraft [REVIEW]
April 12 – Gymshorts, Roz and the Rice Cakes (Record Release), Hex Map, Battle House- Fabrik [REVIEW]
April 5 – Dot Wiggin Band, In Heat – Lilypad [REVIEW]
March 30 – Tacocat, Dylan Ewen/Teenage Springsteen, Miami Doritos, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts – The Womb [REVIEW]
March 28 – Lady Pilot (Tape Release),Vaporubs, Gangbang Gordon – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]
March 22 – Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!, Sun Lions, Soft Pyramids, Whiskey Warpath – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
March 17 – Nice Guys and Miami Doritos Tour Return Show w/ Kal Marks, Buttercup – Charlie’s Kitchen [REVIEW]
March 4 – The Orwells, Twin Peaks – Great Scott [REVIEW]
March 1 – Saralee, Free Pizza, Flag Day, Sean Nicholas Savage – Whitehaus [REVIEW]
February 28 – Nice Guys and Miami Doritos Tour Kick Off w/ Malportado Kids, Grave Ideas – Theives Grotto [REVIEW]; Atlantic Thrills, White Pages – Video Underground [REVIEW]
February 26 – Fat Creeps, Bleeding Rainbow, Bent Shapes – Whitehaus [REVIEW]
February 15 – Pangea, Mozes and The First Borns, Zip Tie Handcuffs – Great Scott [REVIEW]
February 14 – The Fagettes, Nice Guys, The Dazies, Hallelujah the Hills – Lilypad [REVIEW]
February 8 – Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts, Indian Twin, Life Size Maps – Craft House [REVIEW]
February 6 – Arctic Monkeys, Deerhunter, The Orwells – Agganis Arena [REVIEW]
February 4 – Nobunny, The Hussy, The Fagettes, Banditas, Gangbang Gordon – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
February 3 – Bass Drum of Death, Thunderbloods, Vundabar – Great Scott [REVIEW]
February 1 – Atlantic Thrills Album Release Show w/ Ravi Shavi, Gymshorts, Littlefoot – Dusk (RI) [REVIEW]
January 31 – Potty Mouth, Kal Marks, Malatese, DB Cooper – Craft House [REVIEW]
January 22 – The Televibes (Tape Release), Atlantic Thrills, Vundabar, Kid/Astro – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
January 18 – Nice Guys, Idiot Genes, Vundabar, Community Service – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]
January 10 – Gangbang Gordon – McGann’s Irish Pub
January 3 – The Fagettes, Earthquake Party!, Mean Creek – Great Scott

December 31 – Fat Creeps & Friendz, Electric Zeus – Lilypad; Kal Marks, Two Inch Astronaut, Grass Is Green, Krill – Pizzeria Regina’s
December 28 – The Real Kids, Nervous Eaters, The Connection, Blinders, St. Ripper – Middle East Downstairs
December 23 – Colleen Green, Cassie Ramone – ZuZu
December 20 – Yankee Power – Precinct
December 13 – Headband, Slowdim – Lilypad
December 9 – Nice Guys, Gymshorts, Televibes – ZuZu
December 6 – Happy Jawbone Family Band, Dylan Ewen & The Southern Gospel Gangbusters, Hot – JP Drive In
November 26 – The Beets, Dylan Ewen & The Sulk Scouts, Ronnie Nordac – Whitehaus [REVIEW]
November 23 – Ben Tan, Alex Marantz, Só Sol, Yankee Power, Jason Zavala – Smokey Bear Cave [REVIEW]
November 20 – Shannon & The Clams, Fagettes, Atlantic Thrills – Great Scott [REVIEW]
November 8 and 9 – Boston Hassle Fest 5 Featuring: Lightning Bolt, The Beets, Fat Creeps, Guerilla Toss, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat, Spacin’, Kal Marks, Zebu!, and many many more! – Cambridge Elks Lodge [REVIEW]
November 2 – Fat Creeps, Thick Shakes, Fume Hood – Lilypad; Hassle Night: JUICEBOXXX, Secret Lover, Extreme Animals – Lilypad [REVIEW]
October 29 – King Khan & The Shrines, Hellshovel, The Monsieurs – Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]
October 26 – Guerilla Toss, Giving Up, Saralee, Bad History Month – JP Drive In [REVIEW]
October 23 – FIDLAR, The Orwells, Nice Guys – The Sinclair [REVIEW]
October 19 – Guerilla Toss, Fat Crepps, Nice Guys, Designer – Elks Lodge [REVIEW]
October 17 – Atlantic Thrills, Sonic Avenues, Thee Legendary Rockin’ Prophets, The Little Richards – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]
October 14 – FUZZ, CCR Headcleaner, Creaturos – Great Scott [REVIEW]
October 11 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Miami Doritos, Free Pizza, Gangbang Gordon, Ben Tan – Radio Down [REVIEW]
October 9 – Hanni El Khatib, Bass Drum of Death, The New Highway Hymnal, Future Spa – Middle East Downstairs [REVIEW]
October 8 – Freak Flag Presents: Colleen Green, White Fang, The Memories, Smarty, Ronnie Nordac – Bathaus [REVIEW]
October 4 – Free Pizza, Secret Lover, Mannequin Pussy, Lust-Cats of the Gutters – JP Drive In [REVIEW]
October 1 – Wavves, King Tuff, Jacuzzi Boys – The Sinclair [REVIEW]
September 28 – Guerilla Toss, In Heat, Advaeta, Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons, Noisy Boys – JP Drive In [REVIEW]
September 24 – Fat Creeps, Dirty Fences, Strict Agnostics – Roggies [REVIEW]
September 16 – Deerhunter, Marnie Stern, Mas  Ysa – Royale
September 15 – Boston Underground Summit 6 featuring Dylan Ewen, Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons, Storm or Howl, Funeral Cone, Sleep Crimes, Immigrants, Fume Hood, Trashawk, Skinny Bones – Cambridge Elks Lodge
September 13 – Fagettes, Screaming Females, Waxahatchee, Tenament – Middle East Downstairs
September 6 – Gangbang Gordon, Ben Tan, Happy Box, Aaron Patrick – P.A.’s Lounge
August 31 – Lamplight Lovers, Só Sol, Electric Ears – P.A.’s Lounge
August 30 – Ty Segall, Chris Cohen, David Novick, ARP – Bowery Ballroom (NYC) [REVIEW]
August 25 – BYOB Fest Featuring Atlantic Thrills, Party Pigs, Idiot Genes, Future Carnivores and more – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]
August 24 – Atlantic Thrills, Vundabar, Ghost of Electricity, Televibes – Wilder Zangcraft [REVIEW]
August 23 – Hunx and His Punx, Hunters, Fagettes – Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]
August 16 – Dylan Ewen, Miami Doritos, Zebu!, Fat Dweebz – JP Drive In [REVIEW]
August 10 – Boston Fuzzstival – The New Highway Hymnal, Fagettes, Nice Guys, Creaturos, The Televibes, and More – Middle East Downstairs [REVIEW]
August 1 – Ronnie Nordac, Durt Dog the Band, Gangbang Gordon -Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia [REVIEW]
July 31 – Fagettes, The Migs, Earthquake Party!, Sun Lions – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
July 28 – Paul Weller, Matthew Ryan – Royale [REVIEW]
July 26 – Fat Creeps, Miami Doritos, Secret Lover, Snow White – JP basement [REVIEW]
July 23 – Ex-Cult, OBN IIIs, Nice Guys, The Tampoffs – Great Scott [REVIEW]
July 13 – Ravi Shavi, The New Highway Hymnal, Atlantic Thrills – BBQ (Providence, RI) [REVIEW]
July 12 – The New Highway Hymnal (Tour Kick Off), Atlantic Thrills, Creaturos, First Creature – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]
July 5 – Beware The Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion, Jacques Le Coque, The Zookeepers, Polaroidz – O’Briens Pub [REVIEW]
July 2 – Fat Creeps, Nice Guys, Bleeding Rainbow – Great Scott [REVIEW]
June 17 – Mikal Cronin, Shannon and The Clams, Roomrunner, The Migs – Great Scott [REVIEW]
June 8 – Fat Creeps, Headband, Nice Guys – Discovery Zone [REVIEW]
May 24 – Steep Leans, Silkies, Ronnie Nordac – P.A.’s Lounge
May 16 – The New Highway Hymnal, Creaturos Fagettes, Big Mess – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
May 11 – Yankee Power – Rosebud [REVIEW]
May 6 – Palma Violets, The Orwells – Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]
May 3 – The New Highway Hymnal, Empty Phrases, The Lonely Machines, Spooky Future – The Tip [REVIEW]
April 25 – Colleen Green, Fat Creeps, Fedavees, Ronnie Nordac – Radio Up [REVIEW]
April 20 – The New Highway Hymnal, Empty Phrases, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth, The Real Tom Hanks, Sam Sawyer – Wilder Zangcraft [REVIEW]
April 12 – Nice Guys, Teenanger, The Soupcans, Thigh Masters – Discovery Zone [REVIEW]
April 10- The King Khan & BBQ Show, Bloodshot Bill, Aykroyd – The Sinclair [REVIEW]
April 5 – Guerilla Toss, Fat Creeps, ZEBU, Omnivore, Don Gero – Discovery Zone [REVIEW]
March 27- Peach Kelli Pop, Fagettes, Scamps, Great Valley – Radio Up [REVIEW]
March 15- Nice Guys, Fat Creeps, Guilty Party, Steep Leans – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]
March 8- Burger Records Showcase: Fat Creeps, Atlantic Thrills, Gangbang Gordon, The Divders, Thee Itchies- Firehouse 13 [REVIEW]
March 7- Animal Collective, Dan Deacon- House of Blues [REVIEW]
February 27- The Orwells, Nice Guys- TT The Bears [REVIEW]
February 23- Atlantic Thrills, The New Highway Hymnal, Polaroids, The Real Tom Hanks – Wilder Zangcraft [REVIEW]
February 22- Fat Creeps, The Fagettes, Dream Warrior, The Electric Street Queens – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]
February 21- Fat Creeps, The BF’s- Salem Cinema [REVIEW]
February 16- Fat Creeps, The BF’s, Space Bums, Fedavees – Massasoit Elks Lodge [REVIEW]
January 26- Ravi Shavi Album Release Show, Atlantic Thrills, Rice Cakes, Napoleon – Firehouse 13 [REVIEW]
January 24 – Fat Creeps, MiniBoone, Bunny’s A Swine, Pile – O’Briens Pub [REVIEW]
January 12 – Bent Shapes, Earthquake Party, Fagettes, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion! – Great Scott [REVIEW]
January 6- Big Mess, Kal Marks, SUNS, Tawny Peaks, Frankie Teardrop (Ohio), Heavy Pedals- Wilder Zangcraft [REVIEW]

December 31 – The New Highway Hymnal, Color Channel, Fat Creeps, Yale, Massachusetts – Great Scott [REVIEW]
December 29 – Your 33 Black Angels, Moontowers, Space Bums, Yankee Power – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
December 18 – Dirty Virgins, ABADABAD, Krill, Slimers – Great Scott [REVIEW]
December 8 – Mark Sultan, Future Spa, Headband, Squall – Starlab [REVIEW]
December 3 – Atlantic Thrills, Ravi Shavi, Yale MA – Great Scott [REVIEW]
November 24- The Migs, Nice Guys, Slimers, Cult Fluorescent, Chillcity Icon- Wilder Zangcraft [REVIEW]
November 17- Fat Creeps, 28 Degrees Taurus, Electric Street Queens, Secret Lover – P.A.’s Lounge [REVIEW]
November 10 – Atlantic Thrills, Nude Beach, Ravi Shavi – Firehouse 13 [REVIEW]
November 9- Big Mess, Pissbath, Slurred Speech, Haldol, Regret, the Informer/Districts (Split 12″ Release Show)- Wilder Zangcraft [REVIEW]
November 4 – Grass Widow, Fat Creeps, Creaturos- Great Scott [REVIEW]
October 25 – Sic Alps, Bent Shapes, Fat Creeps, Migs – Radio [REVIEW]
October 13 – Fat Creeps, The Fagettes, Fedavees, Earthquake Party – The Rosebud [REVIEW]
October 6- The New Highway Hymnal, Creaturos, Leamers, The Migs, Nice Guys- Big Stink (Allston) [REVIEW]
September 22- Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, K-Holes- The Well (Brooklyn. NY) [REVIEW]
September 21 – Nobunny, Bad Sports, Xray Eyeballs, Liquor Store- Living Bread Deli (Brooklyn, NY) [REVIEW]
September 14- Fat Creeps, Radio Control, Wet Nurse, Vacation, Ex Planets – Starlab [REVIEW]
September 13- VPAC Presents: Fat History Month, Big Mess, Masingo- UML Fox Common [REVIEW]
September 10- Colleen Green, Plateaus, Empty Phrases- UnchARTed [REVIEW]
September 9 – Colleen Green, Bent Shapes (formerly Girlfriends), Plateaus, Bugs and Rats – Middle East Upstairs [REVIEW]
August 17 – Fat Creeps, Muck and the Mires, Electric Mess – Precinct [REVIEW]
August 10 – Freak Flag Presents… Fat Creeps (EP Release!), The Migs, Fancytramp, Pile – Moe’s Lounge [REVIEW]
July 30- Natural Child, Liquor Store, SKIMASK- Great Scott [REVIEW]
July 23- King Khan & The Shrines, Hector’s Pets- Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]
July 7- Fat Creeps, Thick Shakes, TRiPle THick, Royal Wedding- Precinct [REVIEW]
July 5- Big Mess, Sneeze, Griefhound Bus, Lines n Spaces – Wilder Zangcraft
June 26- Beach Boys- Bank of America Pavilion
June 4- Fat Creeps, The Migs, Spook Houses, Bad Sounds- Wilder Zangcraft [REVIEW]
May 31- The Coathangers, SKIMASK, Fat Creeps, Casanovas In Heat- Great Scott [REVIEW]
May 16- SARALEE, Elephant (CA), Masingo, Elephants,- Ant Cellar  [REVIEW]
May 14- Ty Segall, White Fence, Strange Boys- Space Gallery (Portland, ME) [REVIEW]
May 12- Mark Sultan, New Highway Hymnal, Girlfriends, Banditas, The BF’s- PA’s Lounge [REVIEW]
May 5- On Broadway Fest 2008: Inspector 34, Crinkleface, Friendship, Styk, Necklacing, Ponds, Host, Guerilla Toss, Motel Mattress, Big Mess, Atlas the Atom Smasher, Districts, Fat History Month, New Highway Hymnal, Matahari- Ant Cellar/Dirty Douglas [REVIEW]
April 29 – Kids Like You & Me Presents: Atlantic Thrills, The Roaches, Gangbang Gordon (first show!) [REVIEW]
April 20 – New Highway Hymnal, Empty Phrases,The Migs, Friendship- Wilder Zangcraft  [REVIEW]
April 13 – Fat History Month, ONSLO, Big Mess, Fat Creeps – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]
April 2 – Hunx and His Punx, Heavy Cream, Radio Control – Great Scott [REVIEW]
March 23- SARALEE, Guerilla Toss, Rotten Apples, Happy Jawbone Family Band, Jacques Le Coque, GG House Band – Gay Gardens/”Gary’s Garage” [REVIEW]
March 10 – No Age, Make It Up – Chum’s Coffeehouse [REVIEW]
March 8 – Fat History Month, Gypsy Blood, ONSLO, Settler-UMass Lowell Fox Common [REVIEW]
March 2- Atlas the Atom Smasher (CD Release Party), Big Mess, The Bella Birds, In the Direction of the Sun, Crashing Cars- UMass Lowell Fox Common [REVIEW]
February 17- New Highway Hymnal (7″ release show), Big Mess, Dirty Virgins,and BTSS- Dirty Douglas [REVIEW]
February 9 – Slurred Speech, Twin Cyclist, and Empty Phrases – UMass Lowell Fox Common Room [REVIEW]
February 3 – Atlantic Thrills, Movers & Shakers, The Scamps, Hallelujah The Hills – Mid East Upstairs [REVIEW]
January 29- Smith Westerns, Porcelain Raft, Bleached – Paradise [REVIEW]
January 13 – SKIMASK, Double Nines, Subclinix- Western Front [REVIEW]

December 16- The Exposure, Empty Phrases, Frontrunner, Constable, Orca Theory- Ant Cellar [REVIEW]
December 2- Mark Sultan, Sinbusters, Squall- Magic Room Gallery [REVIEW]
November 19-  Fat History Month, Big Mess, SARALEE, Florida= Death- G.G Allin’s Broken Home/Gay Gardens [REVIEW]
November 12- Big Mess, Killer BOB, A Bit Much, and Taiwan Typhoon- 119 Gallery
October 29- Hell at the Hall: Black Lips, Davila 666, and Xray Eyeballs- Webster Hall (NYC) [REVIEW]
October 21- New Highway Hymnal, Witchita, Stalin Go! S’eance, Chandeliers- Dirty Douglas
October 20 – Skimask, Diarrhea Planet, Ancient Filth, Scamps – GG Allin’s Broken Nose/Gay Gardens

October 15- Those Darlins, Movers and Shakers, Atlantic Thrills- Mid East Downstairs [REVIEW]
October 1- Fat History Month, Big Mess, Thick Shakes, Sleeping in the Aviary- Dirty Douglas (Lowell)
September 24- Girls, Nobunny, Papa- Paramount Center [REVIEW]
September 23- Wavves, Fucked Up- Royale [REVIEW]
September 22- Twin Cyclist, Big Mess, Atlas the Atom Smasher, Fugue- UMass Lowell Fox Common Room
September 4- OnBroadway Fest 2009- The Devil and a Penny, Big Mess, Powerline, My Fictions, Matahari, Hurricanes of Love, and way more- Dirty Douglas/Ant Cellar

September 1- Fat History Month, Kitchen’s Floor, The New Highway Hymnal- Ant Cellar [REVIEW]

August 31- Tyler Arnott (representing Pongo’s Groove), The Washingtons- UMass Lowell Concordia Common Room
August 17- Handsome Furs, Earthquake Party- Brighton Music Hall [REVIEW]

July 29- Black Lips, Night Beats- Bowery Ballroom, NYC (REVIEW)
June 30 – Nobunny, TRiPle THick, The Tampoffs, Party Pigs – Church (REVIEW)

June 16- The Beets, Honeysuck, Brilliant Colors, Libyans- Problem House (REVIEW)
May 26- Peach Kelli Pop!,Kal Marks, SARALEE, The Scamps- Problem House (REVIEW)
April 29 – White Wires, Colleen Green, Big Big Bucks Luau, The Starlab (REVIEW)
April 14 – Black Lips & Vivian Girls – Paradise Rock Club (REVIEW)
April 13 – Black Lips & Vivian Girls & Atlantic Thrills – The Met (REVIEW)
April 8 – Pongos Groove, People With Instruments – Dirty Douglas (Lowell) (REVIEW)
April 1 – Magic Kids, Cults, Superhumanoids – Brighton Music Hall (REVIEW)
February 12 – Thick Shakes, Hurricanes of Love, Human Tail, Ladderlegs, Sinbusters, Gangsta Love- Dirty Douglas (Lowell)  (REVIEW)
February 4- Wavves + Best Coast + No Joy- Paradise (REVIEW)

November 16- No Age, Lucky Dragons,Needy Visions- Mid East Downstairs (REVIEW)
November 6 – Paul Weller – The Apollo (NYC); Black Lips – The Shank (REVIEWS)
October 16 – Deerhunter, Real Estate, Casino Vs. Japan – Royale Nightclub (REVIEW)
October 13- King Khan & The Shrines/Gentlemen Jesse and His Men/Red Mass- Royale (REVIEW)
October 7- Walkmen- Royale (REVIEW)
September 17- Those Darlins/Strange Boys/Gentlemen Jesse and His Men- T.T. the Bears (REVIEW)
August 13-Deerhunter/Kurt Vile/K-Holes – Royale Boston (REVIEW)
August 2- Black Lips/Natural Child/K-Holes- The Temptress, NYC (REVIEW)
August 1- Arcade Fire- Bank of America Pavilion (REVIEW)
July 23 – Kurt Vile/Real Estate/ Sore Eros – Harpers Ferry (REVIEW)
June 29- Nobunny, Maine Coons, Reports, Rat City Three- PA’s Lounge – (REVIEW)
June 22 – Wavves/Cloud Nothings/Young Adults – Great Scott (REVIEW)
May 7- Uninhabitable Mansions, Big Big Bucks – Middle East Upstairs (REVIEW)
April 25 – Harlem/Girlfriends/ Tulsa – Great Scott (REVIEW)
April 1 – Girls/ Dum Dum Girls/ Leisure- Paradise (REVIEW)
March 28 – Beach House – Paradise (REVIEW)
March 27 – Deerhunter/Spoon/Strange Boys – House of Blues (REVIEW)

March 25 – Black Lips/Box Elders/ Movers and Shakers – Middle East Downstairs (REVIEW)
March 8 – Vivian Girls – Great Scott (REVIEW)
February 18 – Editors/The Dig – House of Blues (REVIEW)
February 16 – The Growlers – TT The Bears (REVIEW)
January 15- Mission of Burma- Paradise (REVIEW)

December 13 – Arctic Monkeys, Screaming Females- House of Blues (REVIEW)
November 27 – Pixies + Jay Reatard – Wang Center (REVIEW)
November 22 – Sonic Youth + Feelies – Wilbur Theatre (REVIEW)
October 29 – King Khan & BBQ Show-Dum Dum Girls, Downbeat Five – Middle East Downstairs (REVIEW)
October 28- King Khan & BBQ Show-Dum Dum Girls- Iron House (REVIEW)
October 8 – Lovely Feathers, Rural Alberta Advantage – Middle East Upstairs (REVIEW)
October 2 –  Shattered Records Tour: Jay Reatard, Nobunny, Hunx and His Punx, Box Elders, and Useless Eaters – Harpers Ferry (REVIEW)
September 27 – Wavves , Ganglians- Great Scott (REVIEW)
September 23 – The Rifles, Faces On Film – Great Scott (REVIEW)
September 19 – The Walkmen- Here We Go Magic- The Dig- Middle East Downstairs (REVIEW)
September 18  – The Walkmen- Here We Go Magic-The Dig- Middle East Downstairs (REVIEW)
September 5 – The Pains of Being Pure At Heart- Cymbals Eat Guitars- Depreciation Guild- Middle East Downstairs (REVIEW)
August 12 – The Warlocks + The Vandelles + The Morning After Girls – Great Scott (REVIEW)
August 5 – Arctic Monkeys – Paradise Rock Club (REVIEW)
July 6 – Handsome Furs- Dri- Cinammon Band- Great Scott – (REVIEW)
July 3 – Jay Reatard + TV Smith- Pretty and Nice- Harpers Ferry – (REVIEW)
June 11 – Sunset Rubdown, Elfin Saddle, Witchies- Middle East Downstairs – (REVIEW)
May 14 – Animal Collective, Grouper – House of Blues
May 7 – King Khan & The Shrines + Mark Sultan + The Homosexuals – Paradise Rock Club
April 2 – No Age-Lemonade-The Beets-Wellesley College
March 29 – War on Drugs + The Drones + Tsui- TT The Bears
March 7- Black Lips!/Gentlemen Jesse and His Men/ Mean Creek- Middle East Downstairs
January 24 – Mission of Burma + The Neighborhoods +Faces On Film + Jimmy Tingle – Somerville Theatre 
November 24 – No Age, Soft Circle, Silk Flowers- Middle East Downstairs
September 27 – Built to Spill + Dinosaur Jr + Meat Puppets – Orpheum Theatre
September 9 – Paul Weller + The Rifles- Berklee Performance Center
August 13 – Radiohead, Grizzly Bear – Comcast Center
July 14 – No Age + Abe Vigoda + High Places+ Palm- Middle East Downstairs
January 19 – Editors + Louis XIV + Hot Hot Heat – Orpheum Theatre
October 30 – Morrisey, Girlfriend In A Coma – Orpheum Theatre
September 29 – Bob Dylan + Elvis Costello – Ryan Center (URI)
August 11 – Weird Al – North Shore Music Theatre
July 10 – Psychedelic Furs, The Fixx, The Alarm – Avalon (First show Glen and Chris attended together)

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  1. Glen, I thought you werent going to see the Japandroids?

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