Concert Review: Pongos Groove, People With Instruments @ Dirty Douglas (4/8/11)

Artists: Pongo’s Groove, People With Instruments
Date: Friday, April 8, 2011
Location: Dirty Douglas (Lowell, MA)
Comments: As with my first visit at the Dirty Douglas, this show was another pleasant addition to my concert attending history. Once again the sound was great, I can’t help but pay props to the PA of the Douglas. Last time, we heard garage esque bands, this time it was Full Out Funk! Apparently, a first for the Douglas. In any case, it was a stellar show and people seemed to respond with enthusiasm and plenty of dancing. Pongo’s Groove had plenty of grooves and I loved their jams. Specifically, I adored the classic soul/funk jam, “You Can Make It If You Try,” by Sly and the Family Stone. PG more than did the song justice; it was exceptional. Next up, was People With Instruments. These guys were also great musicians, but I didn’t appreciate their musicianship as much as the previous band, but maybe that’s just me. They were definitely a fun group, but I was definitely less interested in their performance. With that being said, when they played Dr. John’s “Right Place, Wrong Time” I was estatic! Their renditon was spot on and simply the right song for the time being. Overall, I had a good time, long live the funk!

P.S.: Brett Mason had an awesome supply of Surrealist (at least to me) art work, which I thoroughly appreciated. Spread the word, his work is excellent.

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