Review: Ravi Shavi, The New Highway Hymnal, Atlantic Thrills in Providence (7/13/13)

Bands: Ravi Shavi, The New Highway Hymnal, Atlantic Thrills
Date: Saturday, July 13, 2013
Venue: BBQ in Providence, RI

Damn, it’s great to be back in Providence! Every time we come here it’s a blast, usually because we are seeing two of the best current rock ‘n’ roll bands: Atlantic Thrills and Ravi Shavi. Throw in Boston’s The New Highway Hymnal, burgers, and beer, and you got yourself one of the finest KLYAM attended shows all year.

Our journey begins with the masters themselves, Atlantic Thrills. Last night, we saw the Thrillz and The New Highway Hymnal at O’Brien’s Pub in Allston, coming off of that epic evening, I’m more than ready to dive into yet another sweaty rock ‘n’ roll show. Ohh and of course, it wouldn’t be a real psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll experience without the acid trippy imagery of The Lysergic Factory Lightshow, which consists of a constant barrage of bright colors being projected behind every band as they perform.

The fantastic foursome bash out several of their classic tunes – ” A Day At the Beach” (featuring the awe inspiring lead vocals of Dan Tanner, yeah buy that shit from Almost Ready Records on August  13, why don’t ya?!), “Light Shines,” “Shotgun,” “Drugs In It,” and my favorite “Lies.”  “Lies” always gets me screaming my lungs out! They also introduce a new, untitled song; my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I’ll have to keep my ears open for this one in the future.

Bikinis and big booties and Atlantic Thrills on a hot Summer night y’all, that’s what life is all about! Catch Providence’s finest on tour right now! Check out the tour dates here:

Set – List:
“Almost Anything”
“A Day At The Beach”
“Drugs In It”
“New Song”
“Light Shines”
“So Long”

The hoppin’ and boppin’ and boozin’ and loozin’ continues with one of Boston’s  most promising bands, The New Highway Hymnal.  I’ve seen many a New Highway set, but I’ve never seen them outside, tis a slightly different experience. In fact, this is my second time seeing a show outdoors period. I’m digging the change of setting, it switches things up a bit, for sure.

Song wise tonight’s set isn’t too different from most New Highway performances and that’s fine for me. For months now, I’ve been listening to the band’s amazing  LP Whispers, which features most, if not all of the songs they perform live tonight, so it’s always a thrill to hear the way these tunes translate on stage (or in a backyard). In particular, I’ve always appreciated hearing the LP’s closer “Hey Kid (Gotta Run),” which is a fiery mess of guitar feedback, maniacal drums, and stab to death shrieks.

If you like The Doors, 13th Floor Elevators, or psychedelic pop music in general, then I would be shocked if you didn’t dig these guys. Check them out here:

Following some miller lite and some truly punk slime drippin’, titty sucking back seat boogie, we soldiered on into the depths of the great Ravi Shavi. Ravi Shavi gets the kids dancing and moshing and a little bit of stumbling. I can’t help but dance my white dancin’fool ass off. Ravi Shavi simply bust out the hooks in their shirtless, soulful power pop. It’s a little bit of James Brown, a teensy bit King Khan, toss in an ounce of The Clash,  and slam it into a blender. You may get a disgusting meal or you can have Ravi Shavi. I choose Ravi Shavi.

Ravi Shavi has many terrific songs, but my favorite has to be “Accidental Mental.”  If this catchy number doesn’t make you burst into a series of erratic dance moves that would make Michael Jackson spin in his grave than do yourself a favor, hop in the Lexus and ride off the nearest cliff, because you suck so much. Ravi Shavi rules, definitely one of their best/most fun shows.

P.S. towards the end of the set, Atlantic Thrills join Ravi Shavi and unleash some nasty songs. Is this is a side project we should be expecting in the future? I hope so, either somebody slipped something in my drink or I am seeing Dan Tanner on drums. I’ll just have to find out next time. More importantly, go see Ravi Shavi live!


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