Concert Review: Fat Creeps & Migs @ Wilder Zangcraft (6/4/12)

Photo by the Metro

Artists: Fat Creeps, The Migs, Spook Houses, Bad Sound
Date: Monday, June 4, 2012
Venue: Wilder Zangcraft (Lowell, MA)
Act I: Fat Creeps– In the past couple of months Fat Creeps have slowly risen to the status of KLYAM faves, ever since we saw them play one helluva show with Fat History Month, Big Mess, and Onslo at O’Brien’s Pub back in April. After that show I started listening to the Fat Creeps on a regular basis. Just last Thursday, Glen and I saw them open for The Coathangers at Great Scott, and it was mind blowing. Tonight, I get to see the trio in a small, intimate setting: the Wilder Zangcraft, the premiere basement venue in Lowell. Zangcraft is a cozy, little space, perfect for the catchy, easy to sing along to style of the Fat Creeps songs. Tonight the group is comparatively underdressed, though vocalist/guitarist Gracie Jackson is rocking a sweet, blue poncho, a wise choice on this rainy evening. I love pretty much all of the Fat Creeps songs and they rock through all the classics, so I am a happy camper. The Fat Creeps open with “Horoscope,” which they actually closed with last week at the Great Scott; it is good to switch things up, keep it fresh. “Horoscope” is a strong opener and sets the mood for the rest of the performance. I adore Gracie’s singing, reminds me of Kim Gordon, but the best is when fellow singer/bassist Mariam Saleh’s vocals also come in and they sing simultaneously.  In general, I think I appreciate that aspect of their music the most. And of course, cannot forget about Jim Leonard on drums! Solid job dude. This song also features a special guest appearance from a cute, little dog that ran around the Fat Creeps as they rocked out. That dog has some good taste in music. “Leave Her Alone” and “Nancy Drew” are awesome as usual. The latter is one of the best/catchiest songs I have heard all year. The lyrics are hilarious and always get stuck in my head. Live, the song is definitely amplified and I am always  excited when they rock into the “Do do do doo, hey Nancy Drew.” The guitars are simple, but effective and the way they repeat the line several times and then again at the end of the song just reinforces its memorabe quality. “Kerry” is a favorite of mine as well. I don’t know what it is, but I find this song to be quite amusing and I can picture my brother awkwardly dancing to it in his hilarious Justin way. I know this means nothing to most people, but fellow KLYAM administrator/co- conspirator, Glen knows exactly what I am talking about! Anyway, it is a nice little ditty. Gracie’s vocals on “700 Parts” is another stand out for me personally. All the songs are sound, it is funny because when I see them live it feels more like a band playing all of their “hits”  from throughout their discography, not just singles and demos. I cannot wait to hear a full length LP from these guys. KLYAM Luvs You!
To any readers I am sure you will love them too:

Act II: The Migs– The Migs, everybody’s favorite New Hampshire based garage rock band! The Migs are kind of like KLYAM buddies Atlantic Thrills (RI): pure, no bullshit, rock and roll. Last (and the only) time I saw the Migs was here at the Wilder Zangcraft, the 420 show, which proved to be a spectacular show. On that great evening and tonight, Migs bring out their best and destroy. This time around, New  Highway Hymnal’s Lukas Goudreault is a full time member and he kills it on bass. The band opens with their signature “We Are Da Migs” and everything gets off on the right foot. The Migs are all about having fun, which is what true rock and roll is about anyway. The music of the Migs reminds me of why I love most of the music that is near and dear to me in the first place, because it is FUN! During the Migs set, singer/guitarist, Kevin Lareau and bassist Lukas spend most of the performance  rocking through the crowd, getting people exicted and encouraging eveyrone to dance their asses off. At one point  Kevin’s pants even fall down, but he does not seem to give a flying fuck whatsoever, the right attitude bro. This is what I love about the Migs, their enthusiasm; their devotion to communicating the joy of rock and roll through their music to the audience.  Towards the end of the show, fellow New Highway Hymnal member, Travis Hagan (drums) joins in on tambourine. Gotta love that guy! My favorite Migs tune is a slow ballad known as “You and Me.”  Folks seem to  respond the best to this number with lots of kids dancing in all sorts of unique ways. Indeed, the kids like you and me. I just had to toss in a horrible joke, it would not be a show review without it. In both Migs shows I have seen now I feel like 2012 is thown out the window for a half hour or more and it is 1965 again. An intoxicating and rare feeling. Don’t be a square, check it out!

HEY!!! Guess who also loves da migs?!  While I was googling images for the Migs, I  stumbled upon Nu Rave Brain Wave’s love for the Migs:


Unfortunately we missed the last two bands,  Spook Houses and Bad Sound :(

Here are their band camp pages respectively:

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