Concert Review: Empty Phrases@ UML Fox Common (2/9/12)

Artists: Empty Phrases, Twin Cyclist, Josh Tracy (of Big Mess)
Date: 2/9/12
Location: UMass Lowell Fox Common Room, Lowell, MA

Act I: Josh Tracy – Unfortunately, Big Mess can not make it as planned :( , but no need to worry, 1/3 of the band is here, ready to kick off the show. Josh sings and strums away on an acoustic guitar, singing songs about great friends (made at UMass Lowell), relationships, and overweight girls on campus. It is not my cup of tea and in fact it is a style of music I personally dread, but the kid sure can belt out these tunes and honestly I’ve never seen so many enthusiastic fans,  passionately singing along; for a second I think these are covers, since these kids know all of the words, but they are in fact originals. Tastebuds aside, good job dude!

Act II: Twin Cyclist-  Once again Mr. Tracy graces us with his prescence, now in the noisey rock group, Twin Cyclist. Twin Cyclist is pretty loud (or the PA at Fox Common is, I think a little bit of both), and they have a lot of energy in their performance.  They are fun to watch, but I am still trying to get into their songs.  I said this in an earlier review, but I hear a little bit of No Age, like No Age, but a bit more hardcore.  I know I compare bands to No Age WAYYY too much, but for whatever reason, I see elements of them in many bands. Rest assured that is not a bad thing.

Act III: Empty Phrases–  Empty Phrases cap off the evening and in my opinion are the best band on the bill. After seeing them a couple of months back  in an impressive performance, I have been anticipating  my second experience for a while now. Needless to say, I am excited and the group definitely satisfies my expectations. This time around they sound heavier and better; I do not know if it is me, but sonically this performance is superior and the vocals hit me harder. I am able to rock out more to them more than before. Also, for my money, they are better live than in the studio. I am not exactly sure why I feel this way, but I plan on attending as many EP shows as I can.

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