Concert Review: Fat History Month@ UML Fox Common (3/8/12)

Artists: Gypsy Blood, Onslo, Fat History Month, Settler
Date: Thursday, March 8, 2012
Venue: UMass Lowell Fox Common (Lowell,MA)
Comments: NOTE: This is not the full review! A more complete review from our pal Justin Cole will be up before you can say fuck your yankee blues jeans… okay maybe not that fast, but fast. Read it and then send us money, just kidding, but it would be a lot cooler if you did.

Act I: Settler– “Instrumental fun rock from Massachusetts.”- Settler Band Camp page. Check it out!

Act II: Fat History Month– The one  and only, Fat History Month, New England’s greatest band! For you newcomers, Fat History Month is a Boston based duo consisting of Sean on vocals and guitar and Mark on drums, and together they are two wild and crazy guys, and by wild and crazy I mean kind, courteous, upstanding gentlemen. FHM is easily one of the hardest working, DIY bands right now and for that I have a lot of respect. Though, there are a lot of bands out there that are dedicated to their craft, but few can mesmorize me the way these guys do. This is the fourth time I have seen the band and in my previous three experiences I saw them in basements, so the Fox Common is definitely a change of pace, but I like it.  The two look great on a stage, albeit a very small stage.  The Fox Common is clearly intended for full size bands, so seeing the duo together, almost cramped up in the corner of the stage is a perfect image. Well perhaps not the corner, but they are simply positioned in this classic Fat History set up and as always it is as striking as the music itself. Speaking of which, tonight the duo produce some of their greatest offerings from one of 2011’s finest LPs, Fucking Despair.  One of my favorite moments is when they play “Nature,” and Sean roars, “Your balls are on display!” I love hearing the song on record, but when I hear that line live it just brings home what makes Fat History Month Fat History Month: that fantastic juxtaposition of goofball humor and serious, genuine, emotion. Earlier in the night, Sean himself stated that he “went to clown college,” haha! In fact, the sound check consisted of the words “COCKS! BIG ONES!” Unless, I am losing my mind and it is only me hearing this, which could be true, what with my wacky imagination and all. Two other excellent staples are “No Safe” and the title track itself “Fucking Despair.” If you have not seen Fat History Month yet, you are missing out. They play all the time, go to one (or many) of their shows or else….

Act III: Onslo–  LOUD, some  loud motherfuckers right here.

Act IV: Gypsyblood– If you like Jesus and Mary Chain, then you will probably love these guys.

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