Review: Guerilla Toss, In Heat, Advaeta, Crying Lessons, Noisy Boys @ JP Drive In (9/28/13)

This freaks out my dad. Freak out all dads – whether they are your real dad or not.

Bands: Guerilla Toss, In Heat, Advaeta, Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons, Noisy Boys
Date: Saturday, September 28, 2013
Venue: JP Drive In/ Ill Spot

Noisy Boys – This must have been a last minute addition or I’m losing my head. I’m not even sure if I got the band’s name right. That’s okay, since they claim to have formed a mere six hours ago, and yet they are already famous. The band consists of Simon Hanes (from headliner Guerilla Toss) on vocals and guitar and another dude on drums. I never catch his name, but he is a zick drummer.

Together, the two warm up this evening’s festivities with a ten minute or so set chock fulla  of obnoxious tunes such as “I’m a Slut” – I assume that is the title anyway because the song’s only lyrics are “I’M A SLUT! I’M A SLUT! I’M A SLUT! I’M  A SLUT!”  and they are shouted at an enormous rate, perfectly complemented by the speedy drums and noisy guitar. “I’m a slut” is my top Noisy Boys jam, in fact we should change the name of this site to Sluts Like You & Me, the  SLYAM! (pronounced slam). I regret writing this already.

Hopping back to the performance, it’s funny how initially everyone wants to stand back a little bit further from the band, while there still is space. I normally don’t like doing this, but I also wish to preserve the bits and pieces that remain of my hearing, at least until I have a few beers in me.

Some other numbers include a song about a Christmas Tree and a song where Simon simply sings “YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH.” I agree, most lyrics are stupid, one word suffices.

Noisy Boys speak in faux British accents, which appears to be a popular theme in my show experiences as of late, and they are very grateful for all of those that came out to support them in their slick rise to fame. Hope to see them again in some shady setting, large or small.

Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons – I saw these kewl cats a few weeks back at the Boston Underground Summit and that was pretty rad. Ronnie Nordac is indeed a kewl lad, rocking his shades and speaking of the wonders of making out with babes and sippin’ on 40’s.  His music inspires me to pursue far more of the former and far less of the latter.  Now with Crying Lessons, it’s not just Ronnie – he’s shared on floor with several other familiar scenesters all of whom rock the kewl Ronnie shades, well, almost all of them. But, they are all super kewl.

The Crying Lessons features guitarz, bass, drums, and the lead vocals of Dylan aka Girl Ronnie as I have nicknamed her. They play a batch of short – close your eyes for a second and you could miss them – but ever so sweet fuzzed out doo wop tinged rock ‘n’ roll songs. My favorite is a slow dance/prom song that reminds me of “The Locomotion,” one of my all time favorite songs.

Overall, this performance is an improvement or I’m simply standing closer to the band, either way it’s  a lot of fun and I highly recommend them to all y’all. Like em’ on the fascist book, but, please stop liking after 2,080 because we all know it’s no longer kewl after 2,080 likes.

Yo also check out this little live vid from Noah Bartel:

Advaeta – Advaeta are here from Brooklyn and they totally rule. I have never heard of them up until tonight, but they blow me away. The band consists of three talented, attractive women: Amanda on guitar and vocals, Sara on guitar and vocals, and Lani on drums.

They have an overwhelming, gargantuan audio assault that just slaps you across the face, but in a pleasant way. It’s noisy, but it’s not noise rock, there’s a lot of solid pop songs here too. I can’t quite put my finger on any comparisons, but I’d like to think of it  as Sonic Youth if they were a garage band.

There’s also a very trippy quality to this performance or maybe that’s just me. Certainly, the colorful visuals provided by the band’s friend Ginny, a sweet girl I met earlier in the evening, amplify these reactions in me.

Apparently, Advaeta has played in Boston a few times now and they recently played with Guerilla Toss at 285 Kent in Brooklyn, damn some day I’ll venture out to that venue.

Advaeta come back soon!

In Heat – These Providence dudes are coming off a string of shows with Guerilla Toss and they are more than excited to be concluding their jaunt with us tonight in JP.  They are one of the heavier bands on the bill and kids mosh around to them and generally rock out more than any other band thus far. Sadly, I only catch half of their set and most of the time I’m way in the back, behind the packed crowd. It’s all good, I’m saving most of my zest for G Toss.

Guerilla Toss – By the time the final band goes on I’m typically shit cocked to use a phrase I heard an upstanding gentlemen spew the other day, and this show is no exception. Admittedly, I can only remember portions of this set. With that being said, as with all Guerilla Toss shows it’s a grizzly, bestial mindfuck of an experience, and I can testify to that. Even though my memory is blurry I do remember the crowd dancing and moshing and members of the band bouncing back and forth in the crowd and all that perspiring messy stuff that ought to happen at a fine show. There’s all of that and it’s a blast. For those, that don’t know who Guerilla Toss is, I don’t even know where to begin and I feel like I wouldn’t do justice anyway. Just see/hear for yourself.

And check out another Noah Bartel live vid below:

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