Concert Review: White Wires, Big Big Bucks, Luau @ Starlab (4/29/11)

Bands: Luau, Big Big Bucks, White Wires, Colleen Green
Location: The Starlab (Somerville, MA)
Date: Friday, April 29, 2011

Act ILuau: These fellas rocked pretty hard and had a lot of enthusiasm, I was definitely rockin to their set. At the same time, I wanted a bit more and if I see them again, hopefully I’ll see a longer set. I felt like they had an old school hardcore edge to them, maybe, maybe not, but not limited to just that. I was also amused by the in between song banter- funny stories of mushrooms tripping and why you shouldn’t watch Reservoir Dogs during such activities. I think we can all agree on that account.

Act IIBig Big Bucks: I saw these guys last year (almost exactly last year, matter of fact) opening for Uninhabitable Mansions. That was a decent show and so was this one. The Bucks follow a similar trend as Luau, playing loud, fast Punk. I thought they played a solid set, but I feel like if I was more familiar with their material I would enjoy more. Thus, I will have to check out their music at some point and give it its due. Overall, I thought they were slightly better this time around.

Act IIIWhite Wires: Straight up, the White Wires were the band we came for and without a doubt it was worth it. The Wires’ played a great set of fun, beachy, Rock and Roll anthems that put me in a fanastic, summery mood. Some of my favorites included “Let’s Go to the Beach,” “Girly Girly Girly,” and “Ha Ha Holiday.” All of which seemed to garner a positive crowd response in the form of euphoirc, fun filled, light moshing, albeit a late arrival for said mosh pit. We were also treated to an entertaining interlude a la luau in which we learned about the great town of Mianus- apparently it’s pretty tight in Mianus! Overall, I enjoyed the set, especially Allie’s steady drumming; always looks like she’s having the most fun! Well everybody had tons of fun lol.

Act IVColleen Green: Sadly, we missed Colleen’s set :( but there is a link to her awesome music down below. Do yourself a favor and check it out. Can’t wait to see her live!

Grade: 7/10- All in all, a fun night and pleasant first experience at the Starlab.

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