Concert Review: Nice Guys, The Migs, Leamers, Creaturos, New Highway Hymnal @ Big Stink (10/6/12)

Bands: Nice Guys, The Migs, The Leamers, Creaturos, The New Highway Hymnal
Date: Saturday, October 6, 2012
Venue: Big Stink (Allston, MA)
Comments: Preliminary Activities (For Terri!)- It’s about 8:30 or so when Glen and I reach our desired location. In classic Glen fashion he intentionally adds some wordplay when he inquires, “Is this the Big Pink?” “Big Stink,” replies Mig Keven Lareau. Awesome! Tis our first time entering the Big Stink and I am more than excited to experience an evening filled with five diverse, fun, and entertaining garage bands. The basement here is pretty sick, larger than most I’d say. Per usual, we arrive relatively early, before any of the bands have begun to play. Fortunately, there are plenty of charming characters roaming around this place. The first people we meet are Beef, Sam, and Ethan. Cool dudes! We then run into Matt from the Canadian band Leamers, whom we will witness in action in just  a few short hours! I am glad we have the chance to meet this fine young man, for he stands as a constant reassurance that the music I love is being made for the right reasons- FUN!!! We then have the pleasure of meeting Matt’s co-Canadian conspirators- twins, Rob and Peter of the noise band Shahman ( Also great, fun loving dudes! As the night grows on we discuss everything from tour experiences to  the astonishingly lower price of liquor in the states to the life and times of G.G. Allin and his mother, and probably a bunch of other stuff I can’t remember.

Act I: Nice Guys– Nice guys finish last… not anymore sucka! These Nice Guys go on first and they are ever so nice. When I hear the first few chords I think of Minor Threat. They certainly have the energy; loud, fast, and straight to the point- don’t give a fuck. It is as if Minor Threat walked in on it’s girlfriend in bed with the first few Black Lips albums. If you are reading this that probably doesn’t make any sense. So, go out and see the band live OR better yet lay back on your worthless, lazy ass and click here on their bandcamp page: Do iT! or else.  Why am I so angry?! Fuck if I know.

Act II: The Migs– Been listening to your Summer Tour Tapes kids? Why, I can’t think of anything better to do. Ahh Migs, would have been the perfect band for a high school prom circa 1965. The kids would dance their asses off and then trash the school, burn it to the ground. That’s the music of The Migs. In fact, would love to see The Migs play in front of a bunch of sixteen year olds and see how they react. Like a controlled experiment. Take away all of their little gadgets and just have The Migs play for them. The kids need an alternative or at least have options…  Anyway, at least they are driving (much older) kids crazy tonight and as soon as they play the crowd goes nuts. As with all Migs performances, it is interactive, physical, sweaty, and chock full of early to mid 60s garage/doo wop/soul flavored punk tunes. Tonight Migs members Keven (decked out in the red , white and blue,) Lukas, and Craig scream their hearts out and frolic and fuck about with the help of New Highway Hymnal’s Travis Hagan on drums- always great to see that guy bash away behind the kit!  The Migs are definitely making some of the best music I have heard as of late, but seeing them live is a MUST. These gentlemen truly are classic entertainers, fixated on making sure each and every person in the house is having a gay olde time. Perhaps my favorite moment of bedlam is when one of the basement’s pillars nearly collapses, leaving me with a fresh taste of wood dust in my mouth. Taste the rainbow with The Migs here:

Act III: Leamers– Our neighbors to the North, Leamers are up and ready to go, and after chatting with the band members earlier in the evening, I can’t wait to hear them play. Leamers are just as enthusiastic as the first two bands, if not more. The band consists of Matt on vocals and guitar; his singing reminds me of Lou Barlow’s vocals, and in general the band has a terrific knack for producing powerful garage-pop hooks. Oh and I can’t forget mon ami Martin on bass and Emily-Jayne on drums- both are outstanding. The crowd response is positive and I’m having a blast. Matt and crew are quite appreciative, and he thanks the audience for bouncing around and into each other! I’m still bouncing around now, rocking out to Year Of The Rabbit, check it out! Hope you guys (and Shahman too!)  continue to have a fun and gratifying tour!

Act IV: Creaturos– Creaturos, Green Churros, ahh why must you confuse me?! I’m already perplexed as is. Ehh well, confusion aside this band shares the same garage sensibilities as the first few acts and they are able to get the crowd moshing and dancing as well. Creaturos is a band I have heard about a number of times over the past few months or so, glad to finally see them in the flesh. Creaturos deliver a harsh brand of psychedelic pop that I’d wager appeals to the punk slimer in me that needs an extra ummph in his daily punk slime intake. Sort of akin to early, off the wall Ty Segall. Part noise, part garage,  semi-hardcore, all fun. At least that’s what I hear. What do you hear?

Act V: The New Highway Hymnal– Damn, it’s been too long since I have seen these cats, what is even sadder is that we are only able to catch a few songs tonight, because we have to make the train home :(. A damn shame indeed. At least what we do see is solid as I expected. Next time, we will experience a full NHH set, until then we will have to rely on this little ditty:

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