Concert Review: Hurricanes Of Love, Ladderlegs, Sinbusters, Human Tail, Thick Shakes @ Dirty Douglas (2/12/11)

Thick Shakes

Artists: The Human Tail, Thick Shakes, The Sinbusters, Ladderlegs, Hurricanes Of Love, Gangsta Love
Date: Saturday, February 12, 2011
Venue Dirty Douglas (Lowell, MA)
Comments: This was my first time at the Dirty Douglas, a DIY venue in Lowell, and from the looks of it there’s a pretty rad scene going on in this Heavenly city, as Frank- singer/guitarist for Hurricanes of Love would put it. Good old Frank is from Atlanta, GA and is well-acquainted with our tru gangsta home boys, The Black Lips! Frank and his saw playing bandmate put on a nice, warm folksy-bluesy set that didn’t blow me away, but was still solid. I also really dug Frank’s rastafarian esque interludes in which he always made it a point to thank his Heavenly brothers and sisters. The rest of the evening consisted of various Punk and/or potentially Garage acts. The Human Tail delivered a fast, rockin’ performance and I could easily see them appearing on a small, national label in the vain of Burger or Goner someday. The Thick Shakes bore a similar aesthetic and certainly rocked just as hard, but with a little bit more of a pop element. Speaking of “Garage” influence, Thick Shakes certainly displayed it more than any other band on the roster. Even on their myspace page they descirbe themselves as “Garage” and if their raw, 60s Hard Rock sound didn’t convince you enough just a glance at their influences: The Kingsmen, The Sonics, and In the Red greats, Thee Oh Sees (according to their myspace page) should be enough to end the debate. I suppose for these reasons TS stood out the most to me. The Sinbusters and Ladderlegs rounded out the show, each continuing the trend of heavier, energetic, Garage oriented Punk. Sinbusters actually reminded me of Thick Shakes’ faves, Thee Ohh Sees, especially listening to them now on myspace. Ladderlegs also contains an undeniable savage and certainly strange quality and reminds me of earlier hardcore punk, but a bit more experimental and also some early Reatards vibes, but much more fleshed out and musical. Overall, the sound was top notch for all of the bands, thanks in part to the venue’s audio, I assume. I can’t say my mind was blown by any of the artists, but I did enjoy myself and this show introduced me to several talented, garagey bands that I had never heard of before. Each artist was decent in their own right, so I can’t complain.

The following is a list of the bands and their myspace pages or websites. Check em’ out!

The Human Tail
Thick Shakes
The Sinbusters
Hurricanes of Love

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