Johnnie and the Foodmasters have announced their first tour of the Northeast!

Johnnie & The Foodmasters is Boston’s wildest oldies cover band. Formed as a trio in 2015 at the infamous Allston Speed Trials outdoor festival, the Foodmasters quickly evolved into their current six piece lineup known locally for their improbable yin and yang of pop perfection and shambolic noise. The Foodmasters put their spin on Stax, Sun, and Motown classics alongside frenzied ’60s garage rock. The result is immaculately messy, but plain old fun. The Foodmasters always strive to create a one of a kind experience and are beyond excited to charm the Northeast whilst on tour in April! 

FRIDAY APRIL 14 @ NEWS CAFE – Pawtucket, RI w/ Eric Baylies, Starbath, Princess Bleach, and Pocket Rocket. Show at 8:30 – $10

SATURDAY APRIL 15 @ CAFFEINE UNDERGROUND – Bushwick – Brooklyn, NY w/ Mill, Amatoxis, Wallfacer, and G.T. Arpe. All ages – doors at 7:30 – $10-15 sliding – NOTAFLOF. FB Event.

SUNDAY APRIL 16 @ TIN CAN BAR – Port Richmond, Philadelphia w/ Emmett Drueding, Bungler, and Phil Spector’s Gun. Doors at 7:00 – $8 – TICKETS!

MONDAY APRIL 17 @ 10 FORWARD – Greenfield, MA w/ Bridge of Flowers and Ian St. George. Show at 7:30 – $10 to $15 sliding – TICKETS!

2023 WEIRD PUNK YOUTUBE WEEKLY ROUND UP (2/4/23 – 2/10/23)

Week – February 4, 2023 to February 10, 2023
PostedTremendo GarajeReleased on:Released on:VibesCountryCityState
Feb 10Beta Maximo, Teo Wise, Deebeat Ramone, Emitter – “SPLIT X 4”Spya Sola RecordsThe BucketSynth PunkVarious
Feb 9BURNOUT OSTWEST – “W​ü​rzburg St​ä​rkt Die Szene”Electro PunkGermany
Feb 8CLASS – “But Who’s Reading Me?”Feel It RecordsGlam PunkUSATusconArizona
Feb 7FINALE – “VAIS A MORIR” (Official video)Egg PunkSpainValencia
Feb 6BUIO OMEGA – “TAKE A LOOK”Hardcore PunkUSAMinneapolisMinnesota
Feb 5FERAL / JUDY AND THE JERKS – “Free Violence”Earth Girl TapesRichter ScaleHardcore PunkUSAAtlanta / Hattiesburg
Harakiri Diat
Feb 9ETERNAL DUST – TEDDY BEAR VENOM (OFFICIAL VIDEO)Lulu’s Sonic Disc ClubDream PunkAustraliaSydney
No Punks in K-Town
Feb 10JUICEBOX – DemosHardcore PunkUSAHoustonTexas
Feb 9ULTRA RAZZIA – FracasseHardcore PunkCanadaQuebec
Feb 7THE VON BASTARDS – Skeleton CrewGarage PunkFranceParis
Feb 6BLESSURE – K7Tough Ain’t EnoughDiscos EnfermosEgg PunkSpainBilbao



We are so blessed & excited that State Park in Kendall Square will be hosting us and our friends for a wild night of live music, DJ, and libations.

::::: THE DETAILS ::::::

** DOORS 7 PM / SHOW 8 PM **
* FREE *
* KLYAM DJ spinning all sorts of stuff throughout the night *


THE SWETTES – one of our favorites pre-pandemic – got their start at Ladies Rock Campaign, bringing the Boston underground the kind of punchy punk we love and need – totally raw and compelling!

ADULT LEARNERS – very new band ft. Kathy Snax on vox/keyboard, Simon on drums (& amazing designer of this flyer), and bassist Joe (of the legendary Tampoffs). Short & sweet garage pop nuggets!

NICE GUYS – our buds – we released their first 7″ and have seen them play 109 times. the nice boys might be at the peak of their noisy rock n roll powers if their 10 yr anniversary show was any indication. new album on the way????

JOHNNIE & THE FOODMASTERS – KLYAM house band – if you can make it ’til the end of the debauchery and irreverent tributes to the ’50s and ’60s…you’ll get receipt. rumors of a totally new set???






KOOL 100s












Gonerfest is sneaking upon us again – per the usual. I’ve joked around every year (minus 2020) since 2015 with friends, old and new, that I CAN’T WAIT ‘TIL NEXT YEAR. Gonerfest is only three days, maybe four technically speaking depending on how much Sunday action you catch. So the excitement for the best weekend of the year is very real, but I must put a quick disclaimer that I always hope the ensuing Goner calendar year (October to September) doesn’t fly by too quickly. BUT it seems like it always manages to do exactly that and we’re suddenly just a couple of weeks away, just a couple of days away, and it’s here again. Time to savor its greatness all over again.

The feeling of its approach is in the air. At least here in Boston. The end of summer/transition to fall is marked by cooler morning temps (50s/60s) and shorter days. IF Gonerfest fell on the last weekend of August, I’m not certain the difference would be as palpable, but there’s a comfort that this transition I just described is PAUSED once you are in the heat of early Autumn Memphis. Don’t get me wrong there have been “chilly” evenings, but during the day? Rare. Hope I didn’t jinx it. But either way, for the obsessive/diehard/passionate/etc fan of music (a prerequisite for the Goner pilgrimage) – giddiness surely fills us until our flights (or drives) touch down in Memphis that Thursday. The in between time is when most of our conversations and attention surely drift to Goner as our Gonerfam share links and flyers of this year’s famed Afterparties.

The day will come and so will hundreds from across the world. Ready to catch 30-50 bands and eager to tell their Uber/Lyft driver what brings them to Memphis. And a decent percentage will perhaps surprisingly know what we’re talking about or be aware of this particular annual weekend in September. Although it’s a ‘small fest’ in comparison to the Coachellas and Primaveras of the world, it is BIG for Memphis and for the global underground rock n roll/punk world. There are bands coming on tour (from the US and abroad), some just coming from out of town to play Gonerfest, and how could we forget all of the groups local to Memphis? Goner Records curation of the lineups is world class. Those dudes have an impressive ability to hone in on the best and most exciting in the garage/punk world while also casting a wider net (especially in recent years) on styles and sounds one might not immediately associate with Goner. So you’ll see Goner royalty like The King Khan & BBQ Show and The Compulsive Gamblers whose members have roots dating to the ’80s and ’90s alongside Snooper and Gee Tee – bands whose ascent has been in the pandemic era. But anyway, the point is Gonerfest Is Coming and it’s probably not too late to make last minute plans? Fall break bitches. Like Ross Johnson once said.

Old timers know this, but for those on the fence… it’s a lot of music and a lot of fun. You can take in all of it – from the opening band on Thursday evening all the way to the Sunday night comedown party. Or something less extreme, which still may consist of seeing dozens of bands at Railgarten and also include the legendary Afterparties. In Gonerfest’s current configuration, the Afterparty can really thrive. These unofficial events are organized by bands, labels, who knows, sometimes months in advance. They are usually announced within a couple weeks of Gonerfest, but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen new events pop up within days or during. Info can be hard to come by unless you know where to look, so I’d advise first timers to check with veterans who are most likely religiously tracking these shows. There are a number of favorable points to be made, but a big one is that the Afterparties take place at a variety of venues. Maybe you’ve heard the joys of the Lamplighter, Bar DKDC, and the Hi-Tone? Each late night haunt has its own charm and character on top of a 3 to 5 band bill. Bring some $$$ as your Golden Pass won’t cover these shenanigans. It’s also doable to catch multiple afterparties in the same night (or early morning), but this almost certainly means you’ll miss some action with shows happening at the same time. Decisions. Decisions. Decisions.

The extra layers of complication all involve meticulous planning and endurance. More on the planning in just a sec. As for endurance, it’s IMPORTANT. I’ll never forget nodding off during Gary Wrong Group at my first Gonerfest on Thursday night. Embarrassing. And that was during the main show, not even an afterparty. Or the time I headed back to the hotel at 10 PM for a short nap with the hopes of coming back in one or two hours for the last bands and any/all afterparties. I sadly got too much sleep that night. One sage local once said “It’s not a binge, it’s a bender,” but Don – not everyone’s willing to level up like that. This is, after all, a special weekend whether you are middle aged rocker with kids at home or a party hard youngster. You will see plenty of both and every one in between at 5 AM on Sunday morning at the Lamplighter. Some have flights to catch in mere hours and a lucky few may be able sleep in. If you want the full experience, you’re going to have to own and accept sleep deprivation. If you want to explore Memphis outside of the Fest experience you better wake up early on Friday and Saturday or better yet block chunks of time for Thursday and Sunday. The weekend will most certainly fly by, but enjoy it. Pace yourself, bask in its greatness, meet new people, hang with old pals, and mostly catch a ton of amazing bands from all over.

ONE more thing – as mentioned before – there are a number of touring bands that play Gonerfest. Check if any are playing near you – before or after. We’ve been lucky to go see/set up shows in Boston over the years for some amazing bands like Leopardo (most recently!), Priors, En Attendant Ana, The World, NOTs, Chook Race, and Ausmuteants.

GONERFEST website:


We had a blast as always spinning records at State Park last Tuesday night! Several scratches, fries, high lifes, and green teas shots later we wound up with the platters below. Forever grateful for Nicholas Ward for having us!

Glen’s Set: Delta 5 – Triangle, Wire – Once is Enough, Eat Skull – Beach Brains ???, Priors – Got in Me, Louder Than Death – Leather Boy

Chris’s Set: Flipper – Ha Ha Ha, Gee Tee – FBI/Pigs/Chromo Zone, Icky Boyfriends – Toenails/Skitty

Glen’s Set: The Dream Team – There He Is, The Playmates – What is Love?, Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazelwood – The City Never Sleeps, The Ronettes – Born to Be Together, The Cascades – Rhythm of the Rain

Chris’s Set: The Hearts – Lonely Nights, Four Seasons – Hot Water Bottle, Vito & The Salutations – Unchained Melody, Jordan & the Fascinations – Give Me Your Love

Glen’s Set: ??? – Angel Louie, Roger Williams – Arrivedrchi Roma, Lou Monte – Eh Marie, Eh Marie, Ray Peterson – Shirley Purley, Hain Rone??? – Lasbbabq????

Chris’s Set: Tunnel of Love – Rock Around the Cock/Please, Please, Please (Let Me Fuck Your Brains Out)/Midnight Hour, The Cavemen – Euthanize Me/Eat Your Heart Out & Wear Your Face, Puppy and the Handjobs – I Hate Everything/Cocksucker/I’m a Beat Off/Plan 9

Glen’s Set: Colleen Green – U+Me/Mike/Rabid Love, Lana Del Ray – Carmen, Delta 5 – Now That You’re Gone, Hierophants – Change, Wire – 15th Floor, Pavement – Unfair

Chris’s Set: Jay Reatard – See/Saw, Cyndi Lauper – I’ll Kiss You, Mickey Bliss – Video Lizards, Toxie – Ties, The Escavels – Lonely Sea, The Fleetwoods – Mr. Blue, The Escavels – You Should Know

Glen’s Set: Flip Flop Stevens – Let’s Do That (Part 1), Barbara Stant – Baby, I Love You, Nat Fross – Too Many Skeletons in the Closet, The G ??? – Slow Down, Barbara Stant – My Mind Holds Onto Yesterday, Ida Sands – Start All Over Again

Chris’s Set: Gang Green – Terrorize, Teengenerate – Mess Me Up/Savage, Trash Knife -Inna Funk/Locked Out/Sick of It, Pucker Up – Utopia

Glen’s Set: Pavement Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain Side 2

Chris’s Set: Randy Jackson – Moose on the Loose, Bob McFadden – Beat Generation, David Seville & the Chipmunks – Harmonica, John Trubee – Blind Man’s Penis, The Louvrin Brothers – The Christian Life/Satan’s Jewel Crowned, Jody Reynolds – Endless Sleep

Glen’s Set: Lana Del Rey – Born to Die/Blue Jeans/Video Games/ Summertime Sadness

Chris’s Set: The Fireballs – Bottle of Wine, Beach Boys – Don’t Worry Baby, The Students – I’m So Young, Joy & Dave – Believe Me, Rochelle and the Candles – Once Upon a Time, Teenage Lovers – Number One, Box Elders – Tiny Sioux, P Vert – Stickball, The Carpenters – We’ve Only Just Begun, Spodee Boy – Lover Boy/Downtown/Purple Bodies, Unnatural Axe – Summertime/The Creeper, SOA – Public Defender/Gonna Have to Fight/ Gang Fight/Disease, Magic Kids – Superball, The Three Degrees – When Will I See You Again?, Smith Westerns – Imagine Part III


Flyer by Coco Roy/Layout by Salty

We are beyond excited to announce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1 to 5 PM

STREGA STREGA – New-ish punk duo featuring Electric Street Queens’ MZ on guitar / vocals and Coco A Go-Go on bass / vocals + drum machine.

MICKEY BLISS – Notorious local club promoter performs his six original ’80s synthpunk/new wave cult classics with backing band Johnnie and the Foodmasters.

KREMLIN BATS – Solo project of Jim Leonard laced with unforgettable imagery and a nod to ’80s odd pop and dreamy hard rock.

ESTRADIOL – Kayde Hazel’s noisy garage pop racket – infectiously catchy and brief. BE GAY, DO CRIME! out now on Denizen Records.



Q1. DJ Jorsh – welcome to the interview. You’re the host of the Fuzz – FUZZED OUT BOSTON on our favorite station, the only WZBC 90.3. If Spinitron has it on the mark, it looks like you’ve just celebrated three years on the Z? What were those early days like and what got you into the whole thing? Did you wait until after your BC graduation to pop off Fuzzed Out and avoid any unwanted association during your academic tenure? 

Thank you KLYAM! Thrilled to be here. I’ve been a ZBC DJ since 2017, but you’re right that FUZZED OUT BOSTON didn’t kick off ‘til summer 2019. I got involved in radio a bit late as a student (at the end of my sophomore year), and I think that pressure of making up for lost time is a big reason why I first decided to keep things going post-grad.

My parents actually met on the AM radio dating show Hotline that aired on WRKO here in Boston in the early ‘80s, so you can also say I’ve got Radio DNA coursing through me. From one Boston frequency to another, it was meant to be!

As an underclassman at BC, I got my fill of musical expression by participating in the Bands program – I played baritone horn in the marching, symphonic, and pep bands. But after a few years I had burnt out on the valve oil and rulebooks and all the big personalities, so I was definitely looking for a more individualized way to interact with music creatively. Thank god for the Z!

The first show I hosted was a video game music show called Reboot, which I took over from a graduating DJ named Dom Rosato in 2017. DJs need to intern on an FM show for a semester at the station before they can start hosting their own, and I really lucked out on my intern placement. Dom gave me a really killer crash course on the station’s old analog board (RIP), and the video game music “genre” was a great way to experiment with a lot of very different sounds and styles.

My senior year was when I started hosting my first fully homegrown show, which I called The Hitchhiker’s Audioguide. I was starting to get deep into that big wave of psych and garage rock at the time – lots of spins from bands on Castle Face and Flightless Records. As the year went on, more and more local bands started making their way onto Audioguide playlists, and in my last few weeks as a student I interviewed two local artists on-air, June Bloom and Brother Toaster. I even hosted my first in-studio session around the same time – a killer live set from the now-defunct Jeb Bush Orchestra! It was during this Audioguide era that I was slowly realizing I liked doing local coverage, liked talking with independent artists, and more than anything I was learning that I love making radio!

So yeah, it was never an intentional decision to save FUZZED OUT for post-grad life, it just sorta worked out that way! Honestly though, it is a bit of a relief knowing that I can test the on-air boundaries a bit more now without worrying about getting sent to the Dean of Students’ office or something. Not like that ever actually happens to ZBC DJs, but I have a particularly good nose for trouble – if it were to happen to anyone it probably would’ve happened to me. Now I’m just focused on trying not to piss off the FCC!

Q2. It looks like Fuzzed Out has had some different slots before sliding into the former (RIP) Mass Ave and Beyond sweet spot of Fridays at 5 PM to 7 PM. If you care to share a little bit of those different time slots, the pros and cons, and things of that nature? I imagine the current schedule is quite conducive to a rock and roll lifestyle. 

Our current Friday timeslot is rock and roll as hell for sure! My first “Summer of Fuzz” in 2019 had the show airing on Thursdays from 5-7pm. Not bad, but since most new music drops on Fridays it was difficult to play a lot of brand new releases. Except of course for all the Australian psych I was still playing at the time – because of the time difference I was able to play brand new Flightless singles off of YouTube before they had officially released in the US, which I thought was pretty dope.

Since then, the show has bounced around a lot between Monday, Thursday, and Friday afternoons. Mondays were always awesome because we crossed over with Voidstar Productions’ High Voltage Circumcision Show. Can you imagine being given the license to say that name on-air once or twice a week?? Monday shows were also better for spinning new tunes, but admittedly they didn’t make you wanna scream “Hell yeah, it’s the freakin’ weekend!”

Friday shows are definitely where it’s at. It makes scheduling interviews and promoting upcoming gigs a lot easier, and it’s been way more convenient for allowing me to live the DJ dream while also holding down the day job. It’s also fun to check out the new Friday releases in the morning and see if there’s anything so good that it needs to be thrown into that day’s playlist ASAP!

Last semester I used to cross over with DJ Scott Saleem, who took over the Mass Ave and Beyond hosting duties from ZBC legend Chris Collins in 2020. It was awesome getting to know Scott and learn more about how they approach hosting such an important (and dare I say historical?) show like Mass Ave. I know there are some longtime Z listeners out there who must be disappointed that Mass Ave and Beyond isn’t continuing this semester – in fact, some have communicated these sentiments directly via their messages in our Spinitron chatroom!

And to be honest, I’m still kinda conflicted about not taking up the Mass Ave mantle. I know the show has been going on for decades, I know I already specialize in local music – but it just didn’t feel right to convert FUZZED OUT into Mass Ave. Great local tunes are the connecting tissue between the two, but the “tone” of our show is intentionally kinda stupid and irreverent. We didn’t want the added pressure/baggage of screwing up a show that people already love, and FUZZED OUT is also an original brand that I’ve slowly been building up on-air and online since 2019. It’s grown a lot in the past few months alone, and I’m excited to see where that goes!

We’re still figuring out how to do Mass Ave segments on our show in a way that’s respectful to that program’s legacy, and Scott knows that they have an open invitation to come back and host a special installment of Mass Ave and Beyond anytime they’re in town. But yes, RIP to Mass Ave and Beyond, and we’re very fortunate to have been able to move into their awesome old timeslot!

Q3. For those who are a bit behind the 8 ball on this one – if somebody pops on the Z to your program, what can they expect? Purely local stuff of the garage, psych, and adjacent varieties? Commentary and banter? I enjoyed the heck out of coming on the show to talk some KLYAM by the way. Thanks again. I really like the banter component and the leisurely approach. I find the best DJs of today aren’t the ones strictly popping on records and reading back what they played and that’s it. There needs to be more! Or should be! The Boston Call-In show was an amazing example of that. Keep up the good times. 

Thanks for coming on the program, G. Gordon! Your show was honestly a great example of what an ideal FUZZED OUT looks like. Lots of local tracks interwoven with an interview of a local artist/creative, as well heavy promotion of upcoming neighborhood gigs that deserve it. That’s been the formula for a while now, though it’s only been in the past few months that we’ve really gotten into the swing of having new guests on the show almost every week.

That’s the current format, but right now I’m also having some great conversations about the future of the show with my new co-host DJ Grey Cassettes – they joined the FUZZED OUT family in April when we assumed our current timeslot. Grey plays in a few different bands and is a massive gearhead, so having them on-board to supply the musician’s perspective has been a great way to flush things out, especially when it comes to the interviews. I also tend to like riding the levels on our soundboard just a little too hot, so Grey is gonna teach me a thing or two this summer about fader discipline! 

Our banter game is also pretty strong like you said, and the whole show flows so much smoother than when it was just a pretty anxious Jorsh in the DJ booth attempting to multitask 8 different tasks at once. Grey and I have a pretty natural cadence with one another, which is funny because we’ve only known each other for the past year or so. Shoutout to our mutual friend (and former ZBC DJ) Peter “Zogster” Zogby for introducing the two of us last summer!

As for what’s to come? We’re planning on formally dropping the “BOSTON from the show title at some point this summer – mostly for flow reasons, but it’ll also give us a bit more freedom to spin some bands that definitely fit in the FUZZED OUT mold but might not be based in the area. Spotlighting local music will always be the show’s main focus, but now that we’re somewhat established in the scene it’s exciting to branch out and check out the new stuff folks are cooking up in other scenes. Philly, Albany, Austin – you’re all on notice!

Q4. Speaking of garage, psych, punk, and all that – what was your personal introduction to this kind of music (I know that’s broad) and also the local introduction – going to shows, etc, etc? Was there the ole pop punk highschooler gets into indie rock gets into weirder shit flow of things? 

I was a bit of a late bloomer when it came to fleshing out my music tastes! I was a marching band nerd in high school too so I listened to a lot of third-wave ska, a lot of They Might Be Giants, a lot of weird or funny music from the Newgrounds and early YouTube-era people I liked at the time. I listened to a lot of Q104.3 (New York’s ONLY Classic Rock) and was lucky to have a great music education growing up, so I wasn’t totally oblivious to the broader music world. Still, I hadn’t really spent much time thinking about why I liked the music I did or what my processes for music discovery were like.

My buddy Joe Taurone was sorta the one person who got the ball rolling on me changing all of that. We met as coworkers on the maintenance squad at our town pool the summer after I graduated high school, and we quickly hit it off. I made the schedules, so I’d make sure Joe and I both worked Monday afternoons. Afterwards we’d get in my ‘97 Camry and drive over to Taco Bell while listening to the hour-long “Get the Led Out” Zeppelin block on the Q. When we weren’t rocking out to Zep or scarfing down our Cheesy Gordita Crunches (or would it be “Cheesy Gorditas Crunch?”), Joe would expose me to some newer tunes and I was usually a big fan! 

I went with Joe and some friends to see Tame Impala in Brooklyn that summer, which was the psych key that I needed to unlock that part of my brain. I re-upped about a year or so later when I finally decided to check out that stupid King Gizzard Lizzard Wizard whatever the hell band Joe had been posting a lot about – I think this was right after they played on Conan in 2017. I was hooked instantly, and from there I was able to get more into garage-y and heavier stuff.

I started getting out to Boston venues at first just to see these bands when they toured through town, and from there I started going to some local garage/psych shows, mostly just at Great Scott (obligatory RIP) and O’Briens when I was still finishing up at BC. I still remember being so nervous while getting ready to go see a Zip-Tie Handcuffs / Teen Mortgage show at OB’s, because I wasn’t sure if there’d be any moshing and wasn’t sure how to dress! That was only three years ago, so it’s pretty funny to see how far I’ve come and how many local venues I’ve been able to cross off my list in the time since.

I’ve already said a lot, but my entire musical and show-going journey is all really funny to me. I grew up in central New Jersey within driving distance of New Brunswick, which is a big college town and pretty popular hub for the DIY scene and basement shows. Some kids from my town would drive out there for shows – Joe definitely did – but it took me seeing a few psych bands from Australia to get me interested in seeing the ones playing right in my own neighborhood. Joe lives out in Albany now and plays in a ton of different bands in that scene, most notably Lemon of Choice and Laveda. I probably wouldn’t be doing my thing if it weren’t for my friendship with Joe, so hey – thanks Joe!

Q5. And kind of relatedly – in contemporary times – how are you consuming or hearing about local music? I appreciate the pulse of the scenes (plural) that you bring with the radio show. There’s surely an underground or multiple undergrounds in our city. Anything you’d like to say about that – like in your view, what’s connecting bands to each other? It’s been a little bit of a trip to see the evolution of the Fuzz scene in Boston. Remember that House of the Rising Fuzz compilation from 2015 which sort of epitomized an era where the garage, psych, and punk was a major player in the DIY circuit – maybe mirroring what was going on on the national level.  You might argue that it’s all very much alive, but do you also feel a sense that the points of references/inspirations have shifted or widened and there’s more to Fuzz than what we might have thought in the past? 10 years ago I could scour local rags, blogs, and radio shows and find dozens of weird/lo-fi/experimental oriented bands playing around town, but the Fuzz seems to be trending in a little more watered down or capital R rock direction. I’d love to be proven wrong or shown the Light – so what do you got for me?

Local music consumption and discovery is the name of the game, my good man! I’ve found my brain likes to gamify things generally, and FUZZED OUT has been a super-specific way for me to gamify listening to music and going to shows. If I go out to OB’s and see a new band like Feep that immediately blows me away, I can start spinning their tunes and maybe even get them in for an interview at some point! Even just walking around in Boston, there are fun ways to gamify the physical world through a FUZZED OUT lense: there’s a random show poster hanging up on this pole, better check it out! This grimey sticker looks like it’s for a band, better search the name and try to find them!

The main way I keep tabs on things is via the @fuzzed_out Instagram account. I follow just about every New England area band or musician I come across, and right now that number is just about 2,000 which is nuts! I also drop these bands follows on Spotify and Bandcamp – I recently stopped paying for Spotify Premium, but as I’m switching everything over to Bandcamp it’s still nice to have my weekly Spotify Release Radar playlist with all the local bands I’m following in the mix.

I appreciate your comment about the show representing multiple scenes, since it’s definitely an aspect of the program I’ve been working to improve for about the past year or so! I think the expanding scope of FUZZED OUT playlists can be tracked alongside the general broadening of my music tastes. Once I did get into the psych/garage stuff I wasn’t too interested in exploring outside of that scene right away, and there are probably enough straight-up rock bands in town to make up a whole radio show’s worth of tunes each week.

But I’ve been trying to branch out a bit more lately. As much as I like fuzzy frequencies, I do think that having different genres and sounds on the show makes it a much more dynamic program. Working in commercial radio for a few years also taught me that having this level of access to a locally minded FM frequency is a huge privilege in this day and age. So while we are trying to cultivate a certain sound, I don’t want it to ever feel like we’re only playing songs from hard rock bands whose members are all four white dudes from Allston. I especially don’t want it to feel like we’re gatekeeping certain types of genres or artists off of the airwaves. 

We don’t do a great job of this every week, and certain genres are harder to incorporate than others (shoutout to all the local hip hop artists out there that release clean/censored versions of their tracks), but it’s definitely an active goal. I think if you were to look at our playlists from even just one year ago, they’d be a lot less expansive than what we’re putting on-air these days.

I also think we’re lucky to have the word “Fuzz” be our guiding light through all of this, since it’s a fairly non-specific label. You and I probably think of similar stuff when we hear “fuzzy music,” but it still isn’t tied down to exactly one specific sound or one exact genre. Of course, I will always have a soft spot for a lot of those bands on that 2015 comp – I’ve been playing Black Beach, Nice Guys, CreaturoS, and Midriffs on the show for years!

But as you mentioned, genres shift and change all the time, especially in terms of what’s “hot” right now. I don’t purport to be a genre expert, but I’ve been getting bummed out these past few years seeing a lot of the bigger, more influential bands drop their psych sounds in favor of something more generically “indie.” Tame Impala, Pond, The Murlocs, Post Animal – obviously these artists should make what they want, and each is going in a fairly different direction on their newest release. But it does feel like we’ve seen a mass exodus from a genre that was really popular only a few years ago, and it’s starting to feel more like a passing fad than I’d like to admit. My roommates with more diverse listening tastes tease me for being “psych boy” sometimes :/

And for the Boston Fuzz scene specifically? I’m not sure what it was like 10 years ago, but I do still think there are a number of local acts who are keeping the fuzz going strong. I guess we’re also in the middle of the Great Pop Punk Revival right now so you see a lot of that going on too. But you’ve certainly got newer bands like The Chives that are keeping the mid-decade Allston Fuzz sound alive and well. My friends in The Endorphins have been working dutifully on their unique grunge-infused garage/psych since 2016 – they’re recording a new record with Alex Allinson right now, which I’m sure will be a ripper. Even Black Beach put out a new EP at the end of last year called Giallo which probably sounds a bit noisier and more experimental than most of the stuff they released in the 2010’s. So I guess everything is constantly changing, but things are staying the same too… How’s that for a middle-of-the-road answer?

Q6. Switching gears a little – give the people a shout on Digital Awareness and what you’re doing with this analog video project? A little live visuals? 

A lot of live visuals!!! Digital Awareness is a new project that I’ve been working on alongside my new-ish friends Harley Spring (who may or may not also be DJ Grey) and Abbey Franz. We specialize in live, audio-reactive show visuals and we’ve been working gigs around town in our red DA boilersuits since the beginning of this year! It’s something we’ve each been interested in independently for a while, so coming together as a team and trying to make a real process and business out of it has been very exciting and creatively rewarding.

Right now we’re starting to narrow down the list of bands we want to work extensively with. It’s fun to hit as many gigs as possible, but we’ve met some really great people in the scene these past few months and think we’re ready to start honing in on unique visual styles with each of them. We’re still finalizing this initial DA “roster,” but if you’re in the scene you’ve probably already heard of Paper Lady, Dutch Tulips, The Rupert Selection, Clamb – they’re all really great musicians and collaborators. We’re so excited to keep working with them and see where each of these acts go from here, since they’ve all already been killing it around town for a while now!

Q7. I also know you’ve been lugging an Aughts or Pre-Aughts camcorder around filming some bands play music. What’s the latest development on giving that a platform?

The show capture stuff now lives under the Digital Awareness umbrella too actually! I wasn’t totally sure where this fit in last month when I filmed Death Snail and Electric Street Queens at the KYLAM Blessing of the Bay gig, but in retrospect it’s a pretty obvious fit. We film on VHS-C tape using a few different JVC GR-AX camcorder models – the first one we started using was actually my old family camcorder that I nabbed from my basement at home. It’s a pretty sturdy model though and fun to shoot with, so we’ve actually gone online and bought a few more since. 

The other big piece of the DA show capture pie is Abbey’s new mirrorless camera – she recently bought a Canon M50 to shoot on, which is convenient because she happens to be a super talented photographer! Tape filming is fun and the lo-fi look can be cool, but we also recognize that a lot of local bands are looking for really high-quality photos these days. So that’s another service that DA provides, right now just to some of our friends’ bands that we’re already working with. Once we finish ironing out a few more details we’ll be ready to start more formally shopping that around town too!

Q8. One final thing. One of the internet’s best things was Dazquest. There’s probably at least a handful of people that agree with me. For all the lazies who aren’t trying to hunt down your website (which is top notch) – tell us about this video game relic and did the subject ever find out about it? There was an entire pandemic to get all up in that business. 

I thought you’d never ask! DazQuest is a project that I started working on in my junior year, when I was studying abroad at the University of Haifa in the spring of 2018. The bus system in Haifa was generally great but it shut down on the weekends. Sometimes I was out and about traveling, but other weekends I stayed in my dorm room and taught myself Twine, a piece of interactive storytelling software that I had been interested in for a while. At the time I was an editor of the BC satire paper The New England Classic, so naturally my first target for a silly comedy video game was our incredibly mediocre head football coach Steve Addazio. (‘Daz was an early Vine star, and was eventually fired in 2019 after going a perfect 44-44 over his six year career at BC.)

I came back from Haifa that summer and went to work fleshing the game out with my friends and satire brothers-in-arms Luke Layden and Peter “Zogby” Zogster. DazQuest got some local campus press coverage and we registered over 1,500 hits in its first two weeks, which felt pretty cool. But did the mustachioed man himself ever lay eyes on it? We’re not sure, but I heard from members of the football videography staff that the players were definitely playing it on their phones in the locker room and were trying to hide its existence from their coaches.

We also went onto Daz’s Wikipedia page afterwards and wrote a whole section about the game which nobody ever removed, so I bet he has heard about it before in one form or another. It feels kinda weird to have spent multiple years of my life turning a real flesh and blood person into a living meme, but  when you get paid over $2.5 mil a year I sure hope it helps you develop a thick skin when it comes to dealing with losers like me.

Q9. And lastly – did I leave anything out? Any shout outs or wheelings and dealings in the Jorsh World? 

I think your questions were pretty exhaustive actually! I do have a few quick shoutouts – specifically to Mariam Ahmed Aare and Judy Schwartz, both of whom helped FUZZED OUT get back on-air this semester after a brief hiatus at the start of the year.

I also want to thank Ari Khoudary for all of their help and support over the years. Ari was the Program Director at WZBC when I started getting more involved at the station. They gave the Audioguide some great timeslots, helped me run the Jeb! in-studio, and opened my eyes to what good interview-based programs on the Z could look like with their show default mode. Ari and I stayed close after college – they supported me greatly during and after the launch of FUZZED OUT, opened my eyes to the joys of owning and listening to music on vinyl, and helped me get a basic foothold in and understanding of the Boston music scene when I was just starting out. Ari and I are no longer close, but both FUZZED OUT and my overall love for radio would not be the same without their influence in my life.

And of course, I want to thank everyone who has ever tuned into the show, dropped a comment in the Spinitron chat, liked one of our posts online, or otherwise kept things FUZZED OUT. Without you, we’d be doing this all for nothing! Which still wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world, I guess. Thanks again for having me on for an interview, KLYAM!


Allow us to bring our Summer festivities indoors for an enviable show at the unrivaled Charlie’s Kitchen in Harvard Square where Mondays never have to suck.

The date is June 27th (yeah, next Monday night) and we’ve got one for you: two wild oldies cover bands and the wildest punk band in New England. Read on.

The debut of Pledge Pins – slop frat rockers cutting all the slack of garage classics. One to two minute blasts and on to the next.

Johnnie and the Foodmasters are cut from a similar cloth as PP; while the Pins are minimal, the 6 piece Elvis worshippers may be a described as a little bit much!

And what about RONG? Oh just the best punk band in Boston. Will give you the jitters like all the Boston underground noize greats and provoke inexplicable dancing and grooving.

Come through at 9 PM for $5. 21+

KLYAM DJ Sets @ State Park (6/1)

We painted the town red last Wednesday at State Park! The tech bros were offended by the noise, but most people seemed to enjoy themselves. As always the staff was wonderful. Here’s what we played:

Chris’s Set: Nice Guys – Jamaican Vacation/Medical Envy, Sector Zero – Guitar Attack, Spodee Boy – Big Spud/III/Sterile World, Uranium Club – Sun Belt

Glen’s Set: Children of the Flaming Wheel – Waves, Staches – Great Depression, Gremlins UK – You Lie in a Park, Nots – Floating Hand, Fagettes – My Girl Looks Like Johnny Thunders

Chris: The Spits – Tonight, Los Saicos – Demolicion, The Outsiders – Summertime Blues, The Banshees – They Prefer Blondes, The Crystals – He’s a Rebel

Glen: Giorgio Murderer – Theme From Star Trek, The Ar-Kaics – Make You Mine, Curtis Mayfield – Nothing Can Stop Me, Patty & the Emblems – Please Don’t Ever Leave Me Baby, John Fred & His Playboy Band – Judy in Disguise

Chris: The Dreamers – Because of You, Colleen Green – Y Do You Call Me?, Saba Lou – Until the End, Coloured Balls – Heavy Metal Kid, Vomit Squad – Amon Ra Bless America/Burning With Beelzebub

Glen: Fats Domino – When My Dreamboat Comes Home, Elvis Presley – Patch It Up, Ray Coniff & His Singers – Somewhere My Love, Jim Croce – Bad Bad Leroy Brown, Pastiche – Austin Lunch ???

Chris: A Clockwork Orange OST Side 1: Wendy Carlos – Title Music from A Clockwork Orange (From Henry Purcell’s Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary)/A Deutsche Grammophon Recording (Rome Opera House Orchestra conducted by Tullio Serafin, Wendy Carlos – The Thieving Magpie (Abridged) (Gioachino Rochini)/Wendy Carlos – Theme From A Clockwork Orange (Beethoviana)/Wendy Carlos, A Deutsche Grammophon Recording (Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Ferenc Fricsay/Wendy Carlos – March from A Clockwork Orange (Ninth Symphony, Fourth Movement Abridged) (Beethoven)/Wendy Carlos – William Tell Overture (Abridged) (Rossini)

Angry Angles – Stab You Dead, You Call it Love, Ausmuteants – Fed Through a Tube, Young Identifiers – Threats, Public Execution – SS Brigade, The Press – Alcoholic

Glen: Paris Hilton – Stars Are Blind, Johnny Cash – Get Rhythm, Capes of Good Hope – Shades, Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline, Exposé – December

Chris: Madonna – Material Girl, Mudhoney – Touch Me I’m Sick, Insults – Just a Doper, Electric Eeels – Spin Age Blasters, Black Abba – Betting On Death

Glen: Pscience – X-Ray Eyes, Charles Beverly – Don’t You Want a Man Like Me?, The 5th Dimension – Don’t Cha Hear Me Callin’ to Ya, Barbara Carr – Messing With My Mind, Charles Beverly – Hollywood

Chris: Five Discs – Never Let You Go, Fats Domino – Blueberry Hill, Bobby Darrin – Mack the Knife, Rosie & the Originals – Angel Baby, Rolling Stones – Lady Jane

Glen: Jay Blackfoot – The Girl Next Door, Dean Martin – Return to Me, The Minutemen – Slopping Around ????. The Vagrants – Rescue the Sea, The American Breed – Bend Me, Shape

Chris: Butthole Surfers – Cowboy Bob, The Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Relaxation, The Shaggs – Philosophy of the World, Little Sports Car, Toxie – Newgate, Three Degrees – When Will I See You Again?

Glen: Children of the Flaming Wheel – Trenches

Chris: The Tempos – The Closer You Are, SOA – Public Defender, Gonna Have to Fight

Glen: Paris Hilton- I Want You

Chris: Best Coast – So Gone, That’s the Way Boys Are

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