This Day In KLYAM (September 18)

2014: Illegally Blind Presents (in association with Kids Like You & Me, BUFU Records, Boston Hassle, and FAST APPLE): Boston En Masse Night 1: Nice Guys, Miami Doritos, The Monsieurs, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser – Church

2009: The Walkmen- Here We Go Magic-The Dig- Middle East Downstairs (REVIEW)

Check Out Will from Healers Mix

Get on over to I Heart Noise and check out Will from Healers Altered Cultures Mix.
Quite a treat and not shy to bounce around from disparate styles. For fans of music discovery. It is wild and says a lot that the only song on here that I had heard before was  the Mickey Bliss Band’s “Venus Dressed In Plastic Garbage”. This is a really incredible playlist. Thank you Will.

And before, or after, you listen to the mix go on over and pull up Healers visual album Healers Paradise.

This Day In KLYAM (September 15)

2013: September 15 – Boston Underground Summit 6 featuring Dylan Ewen, Ronnie Nordac’s Crying Lessons, Storm or Howl, Funeral Cone, Sleep Crimes, Immigrants, Fume Hood, Trashawk, Skinny Bones – Cambridge Elks Lodge

This Day In KLYAM (September 13)

2018: MC50: MC5 50th Anniversary, Detroit Cobras – Paradise

2014: BUFU Records End Of Summer w/ Free Pizza, The Lentils, Ian, Littlefoot, G Gordon – Democracy Center

2013: Fagettes, Screaming Females, Waxahatchee, Tenament – Middle East Downstairs

2012: VPAC Presents: Fat History Month, Big Mess, Masingo- UML Fox Common [REVIEW]

Reflecting on Daniel Johnston

G: Let me get this straight. Did you first hear of Daniel Johnston through The Devil and Daniel Johnston?

C: No. I first heard Daniel Johnston through Nirvana interviews and stuff. ’03 to ’05. I remember distinctly reading about him in Heavier Than Heaven. The first time I heard his music was in the movie Kids in the scene where the character Casper and several other kids beat the shit out of another kid in Washington Square Park. Even then, the music didn’t register to me. Between the Nirvana influence and it being in the Kids sound track, I asked you to burn a mix for me with “Casper The Friendly Ghost.” It really stood out to me for the first time on a mix. I never heard anything like that before. Didn’t have any means of comparison. That doesn’t happen much anymore.

G: So after “Casper,” where’d you go from there?

C: I would Wikipedia or YouTube him. I bought “Hi How Are You” and “Continued Story” and “Fun” after that. I rented The Devil and Daniel Johnston, we watched it.

G: Did we watch in your bedroom?

C: Maybe. I remember the next day I went to UMASS Lowell on a tour. I was on a bus thinking about Daniel Johnston. Not the college.

From there, it is a little more static. The history. Daniel Johnston was monumental for establishing a standard of how odd music could be. Yes, there’s the great pop song beneath the music. But for me, it was an introduction to the whole idea of that odd. So different from what you would call music. You show him to the average music fan, maybe some of the songs they will like. You show “Casper” to the average music fan and they would think it is non-sense. It was a different way of writing or making music. Similarly, the first time I heard The Stooges it gave me a headache. I had heard heavier music, but I remember listening and being like woah what the fuck. Same with Black Lips. Those first experiences were so special.

G: Were you interested in Daniel beyond just the music?

C: He was fascinating. You can’t fake how it was. He had some serious mental issues. I didn’t get too wrapped up by that. More fascinated by the music.

RIP John White

RIP JOhn N White. A massive loss to the Providence music scene. John was one of the friendliest people I ever met. He had a big heart and contributed a lot to both the music community and the autism community. He was constantly supporting anything we ever did with Kids Like You & Me.

John’s next scheduled event is A Is For Awesome: A Fundraiser for Autism. Here is a link to the Facebook event page: A Is For Awesome

Proceeds from this event will be donated to The Autism Project of RI and RHD-RI.


MY MOTHER (folk duo)
SONIC GRIFTERS (punk/garage)
THE MCGUNKS (punk/pub rock)
LOVE POWER (rhd band)
ERIC BAYLIES (minimalist synth freakout)
JENN LOMBARI (stubborn hearts)
JESS MORONEY (the nymphidels)
more T.B.A.

You should go, support a good cause and pay your respects to a great man. We’ll miss you John!