This Day In KLYAM (February 20)

PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT: PA’S Lounge aka Union Tavern aka whatever is NOT a safe or welcoming place to play. They’ve been hostile and threatening to trans artists, not to mention verbally abusive and harassing. That goes for the ownership and some employees. We won’t be back there, ever.

2017: Streight Angular (EP Release show), Johnnie and the Foodmasters, Viennagram, Jarva Land, Cute Uterus, The Dead Air, Deathhand, Surprise Party, Brian Gordon – P.A.’s Lounge

This Day In KLYAM (February 18)

2019: Toothbrush, Blue Ray, Birthday Ass, Tongue Splitter – Great Scott

2017: Request Freebird, Math the band the band, Old Table, Ben Hersey – Middle East Upstairs; Electric Street Queens, Germ House, Blinders, Audrey Ryan – The Lof

2010: Editors/The Dig – House of Blues(REVIEW)

This Day In KLYAM (February 16)

2019: Kids Like You & Me presents: Mr. Airplane Man, Sticker Shock, Johnnie and the Foodmasters – Club Bohemia

2018: Andy California, Beware the Dangers of a Ghost Scorpion!, Love Strangers, Mothballs – Lilypad

2017: Super Wimpy Fest – Cambridge Elks Lodge

2013: Fat Creeps, The BF’s, Space Bums, Fedavees – Massasoit Elks Lodge [REVIEW]

2010: The Growlers – TT The Bears(REVIEW)

This Day In KLYAM (February 12)


2015: Nice Guys (‘Chips in the Moonlight’ EP Release Show), The Monsieurs, Slow Jerks, Black Beach – Cantab Lounge/Club Bohemia

2011: Thick Shakes, Hurricanes of Love, Human Tail, Ladderlegs, Sinbusters, Gangsta Love- Dirty Douglas (Lowell)  (REVIEW)