Concert Review: Girls & Nobunny @ Paramount Theater (9/24/11)

Artists: Girls, Nobunny, and Papa (we missed :( )
Venue: Paramount Theater @ Emerson College, Boston
Date: Saturday, September 24, 2011

Act I (That KLYAM saw): Nobunny: Welly, welly, welly, well, look what we have here. That horrible monster, Nobunny is back in Boston, ready to burn the place to smithereens. And, he brought with him his co-conspirators Elvis Christ (on drums AND backing vocals) and Touchy Tony (on bass); he rocked on the gee tar himself. But y’all pussies don’t have to worry, before the set Mr.Bunny apologized to the city of Boston, assuring that he will not attempt to set it ablaze again. Despite, the absence of Danimal, the three piece still rocked hard, sounded better than ever and they have seriously come into their own as a full rock band, not just a backing band for Nobunny. For all involved this was a bizarre experience: seeing Nobunny in a rather large theater and in the balcony to boot! It seemed like the KLYAM and merely a few other devotees in the house were aware of the bunnyman and his music. To fuck with the people’s sense of rigt and wrong even further the band opened with “Your Mouth,” one of the creepiest (and sweetest too!) tunes in their catalog. The rest of the set consisted of various classics including “Nobunny Loves You,” “I Am a Girlfiend,” “Chuck Berry Holiday,” “Live It Up,” as well as two songs I had never seen live in previous Nobunny shows; First Blood (2010) essentials, “Ain’t It a Shame,” and “(Do the) Fuck Yourself.” The set also featured two incredible covers: Hunx and His Punx’s “U Don’t Like Rock and Roll” and the Sneaky Pinks’ (of which Nobunny has lineage) “Can’t Wait.”

Act II: Girls– I’m not sure which is freakier. Seeing Nobunny in a theater setting period or seeing Girls in the nosebleeds? Either way, like Nobunny, Girls sounded better than ever. I thought they were solid at the dise in April ’10, but they defintely have ameliorated their live show in the time since. Album (2009) stand outs included “Lust For Life,”- probably still my favorite Girls song, “Laura,” “Ghost Mouth,” and “Hellhole Ratrace,”- always a strong, epic live anthem. In general, with the new LP Father Son, Holy Ghost (2011), Girls have upped the ante, becoming more ambitious and adventerous. The music just hits you harder. This is certainly reflected in their live set and best represented in the new song, “Vomit,” especially when it gets really heavy. Live, this was exhilerating, Girls definitely impressed me beyond my expecatations. Other recent classcics from the new album included, “Honey Bunny,” “Magic,” and “Saying I love You,” amongst others. All in all, Girls have become a powerhouse live.

Grade: 8/10

Damn, I wish I had been this close!

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