Concert Review: Dirty Virgins, Slimers, Krill, ABADABAD @ Great Scott (12/18/12)

Eye Design Presents: Treat Yo Self Christmas Edition With Music From:
Dirty Virgins, Abadabad, Krill and Slimers
Date: Tuesday, December 18, 2012
Venue: Great Scott (Allston, MA)

December2012Show 028
Act I
: Slimers– Ahh, it’s good to be back in ye olde Great Scott. Tonight, the place is looking festive, decked out in various Christmas decorations. For those that don’t know (you oughta be ashamed of yourselves), Slimers is Lukas Goudreault (vocals, guitar) and Keven Lareau (vocals and drums/percussion) of The Migs and MMOSS  and they are dressed in equally festive raiment: some badass Cosby looking Christmas sweaters. Da Slimers start their sound checkin’ and for a few brief moments I feel like we’re at some house show. No, I don’t mean house as in a basement, living room, DIY sorta thang. I mean house as in electronic, trance, dubstep, etc. It’s trippy, loud and intense brah, where are the glowsticks and euphoric blockbusters? Nowhere to be found, because  Slimers aren’t a hair cut band and more importantly this is just their sound check.  Christ, why am I reviewing sound checks? That would be pretty funny though if we at KLYAM  just reviewed sound checks from here on out. Fuck the set tonight, I just want to hear a killer sound check, man. Good lord. In all seriousness though, when Slimers are sound checking, they start playing for a little bit and I’m fucking immersed in all their sliminess. I look to my right at Glen and I can see in his eyes that he feels the same way. Then I look behind me and I notice that we’re the only ones in front of the stage. I’m thinking “what is a matter with all of these jokers?” Then the band immediately stops like a car going 90 slamming on the breaks. They walk off the stage, and Glen and I look at each other, both thinking the same thing: “fuck, we’re idiots!”  We were both thinking that that was the beginning of their actual set, not just a sound check.  Aww man, this sound check is like the pre-cum that cums out before the real cum. No worries, the real cum arrives shortly and better than I expected.  Slimers produce a blast of noise, psych, and the kind of  rock ‘n’ roll we consistently champion here, the only kind.  It’s a fun, loud set and in fact the best of the night. I’m still acclimating myself to their songs, but I find it hard not to sing along to “SPAGHETTIANN,” a catchy number that draws comparisons to early Ty Segall.  The duo close their set with a cover of “Louie,  Louie.” YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH!  Get  yer ya-ya’s out with Slimers here:

December2012Show 031
Act II
: Krill– Krill is a three piece from Somerville that I am not particularly fond of, but it appears as though others in attendance are digging them. They seem to have some noisy garage vibes like  the other bands on the bill this evening, but they don’t diddle my twat the way Slimers diddled my twat. This is just my first impression, sometimes I change my mind, so I plan on giving them more listens. Here’s their bandcamp page, check it out :

December2012Show 035
: ABADABAD– At this point in the evening, the Great Scott is pretty packed. I mean actually throughout the whole show, the turn out for a Tuesday night has been spectacular. ABADABAD, what a name for these dudes! ABADABAD is a band I have never heard of until now.  I enjoy their set for it’s mellow, danceable, power pop quality. And yes indeed some dancing emerges during their peformance, which is always positive.  Click on their bandcamp page, they have plenty of releases you can dance your ass off to:

December2012Show 037
Act IV
: Dirty Virgins– It’s been an excellent year in music, each year seems to get better, but what makes this year so special for KLYAM is the fact that we have had more exposure and experience with local- Boston/ New England based music more than ever before. Dirty Virgins are certainly a part of the Boston underground music scene and definitely one of the best local bands I’ve seen all year. I saw them before at the Dirty Douglas and that was a bastard of a show. Good times.  Tonight, the Dirty Virgins are just as fun as before, if not more. The crowd dances and moshes (a little bit) and in general all are in high spirits. They deliver a ball busting, rocking set filled with several great tunes. I especially dig the headbanging inducing anthemic rocker, “Cheap Talk” as well as the country droolin’ ballads in “Bar Rot” and “Company Store,” two jams that make the band earn the description in the first half of their moniker. The latter number in particular is a terrific sing-a-long. Listen to all their punk slime here:

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