Review: Nice Guys, Fat Creeps, Guilty Party, Steep Leans @ O’Brien’s Pub (3/15/13)

Nice Guys Fat Creeps
Bands: Nice Guys, Fat Creeps, Guilty Party, Steep Leans
Date: Friday, March 15, 2013
Venue: O’Brien’s Pub (Allston, MA)

Steep Leans are a new band and in fact this is their third show ever, which is pretty incredible considering how smooth their set is. If I had to guess I would have thought they had been playing shows for at least a few months. Going into the set, I do have somewhat high expectations because moments earlier Moontower/Spacebum, Tim Cushing delivered some serious accolades for these dudes. Indeed, the Steep Leans put on a good show and Tim’s enthusiasm seems to be shared among most  crowd members. There’s a fair amount of folks upfront  dancing and swaying along to Steep Leans’ mellow, tropical, psych rock. I almost feel like I’m on a cruise, like that sort of music but with a bit more experimentation. I also get some Pink Floyd/prog vibes. Lastly, I particularly dig Wakefieldian, Chris Eddleston’s guitar playing, especially when he plays it lap style like Memphis legend, Will McElroy. Solid start to the show. Check out their bandcamp here:

The second band tonight is Guilty Party and they are a three piece. Guilty Party plays loud, fuzzy garage punk, perhaps even leaning towards metal at times. There’s definitely a loud, headbanging, in your face quality to their music, but it’s not overly sloppy or stripped down either. Overall, pretty good, but not exactly the “garage” I adore, I plan on listening to their music more in the future though.

Up next is our homies, Fat Creeps, yes I just used the term “homies,” most likely a first for KLYAM. The great thing about being a fan site, if you will, is that we get to see and write about our favorite bands on a consistent basis. As always, I am ecstatic for this Creeps show and they satisfy my expectations. The set begins with a cover of Devo’s “Gates of Steel,” a past staple for Fat Creeps that has been popping up every now and then in their live shows. I love hearing this as the opener and it gets me even more pumped up for the rest of their performance. I’m a big Devo fan, but I honestly prefer their cover, it’s heavy and almost feels like another Creeps song, because they make it their own. With very little breathing room in between songs they transition to their fastest and heaviest cut, “Daydreaming,” and you can watch its badass music video here: They continue with more ear spliters such as “Going to the Party” and “Secrets,” which showcase some of bassist Mariam Saleh’s greatest vocals. At one point in the set, Mariam plays the bass on her knees and even on her back. The trio closes the set with the quick, instrumental jam “Back to School.” If you haven’t  heard or seen Fat Creeps live, YOU FAIL AT LIFE! You can start by listening to their self-titled EP: Stay tuned for its 10-inch vinyl release on our very own KLYAM Records! Release date TBA.

Headlining the show tonight is one of the city’s finest, Nice Guys. The Nice Dudes are fresh off a tour with The Fagettes, which included stops at the legendary (and apparently smokey) 529 in Atlanta, GA, a vibin’ house show in Charlotte, NC, among other sweet spots in Brooklyn, Baltimore,  Philly, and Richmond.  Happy to hear the tour went swell. Now, to this show. I’m excited to see the Nice Guys again, especially since the first time I saw them I didn’t know who they were and the second time I saw them they did a Coachwhips cover set. This time, I am familiar with most  of their songs and I enjoy all of them. Nice Guys have a calculated ramshackle to them. The sounds they make aren’t pretty in the conventional sense, but they sound beautiful to me. My mom says it sounds like the singer is walking on hot coals, maybe, probably not though because that would hurt a lot. This set consists of some crazy Nice Guys tunes like my favorite, “Cop Walk,” which is like Black Flag meets Black Lips. In general, as I’ve stated before, Nice Guys create a sick marriage of garage and early hardcore punk (early 80’s, the only hardcore style I dig). It’s fast, it’s slimy, it’s noisy, and it’s full of slams and shrieks, but best of all it will give your noggin the perfect floggin. Listen up:

“Herb Chambers”
“Unholy Snack”
“Pizza Bong”
“Mutant Tonsils”
“Cop Walk”
“Creep Slice”
“Finale Dead”

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