Concert Review: Those Darlins, Movers and Shakers, Atlantic Thrills @ Mid East Downstairs (10/15/11)

*This photo is not of the Middle East*

Artists: Those Darlins, Movers and Shakers (we missed :( ), Atlantic Thrills
Date: Saturday, October 15, 2011
Venue: Middle East Downstairs (Cambridge, MA)
Act I: Atlantic Thrills– Atlantic Skillz is kind of like what would happen if the Black Lips were a twelve year old kid caught masturbating by their shady uncle Los Saicos and were forced to sing and dance for a half hour. I’m not sure how that makes any sense whatsover, but in more common terms you could say these guys have that nice Punk Slime flavor of garage rock found in the Lips music amongst other practicioners of said style. Just fun, rock and roll you can dance and drink along to- I mean what kind of rock and roll can you not do that to? Well, if you can, then you don’t like rock and roll and I don’t like you, but that’s another whole can o’ worms. The Thrills set some nice vibes for the evening and “Acid Rain,” everyone’s fave was a particular stand out; got me all revved up and ready to go. And when that happens, you know to move back about five feet or else*…

Act II (That KLYAM saw): Those Darlins– Those Darlins have been a favorite of mine for about two years now; a band I often recommend to those kids lurking around, asking for “new” or “good” music. Apparently, they have yet to discover the internet, but that is okay. That’s what I was put here for, to spread my love. The Darlins put on a great, rockin show per usual- well at least in my experience, they have been a fun, live band; I saw them last year at T.T the Bears. That was a cool show, but I’d say they rocked even harder this time around and the PA at the Middle East was/is superior, so that definitely amplified the greatness. The set consisted of tunes from both their studio albums, Those Darlins (2009) and Screws Get Loose (2011). I prefer the former, and “Red Light Love,” “The Whole Damn Thing,” and “Wild One,” got me real excited as they always do, definitely some of their finest songs to date. I really dug their encore (I noted this the last time I saw them) which featured some sick classics including “Night Jogger” and “Funstix Party.” FP is a Darlins fave of mine for sure, it sorta reminds me of King Khan & BBQ at their raunchiest. In any case, it was a fun show, so if Those Darlins are stopping by your town, GO AND SEE THEM!

Grade : 7/10

Here’s the relatively new music video for “Scews Get Loose”:

*Or else absolutely NOTHING will happen.

2 thoughts on “Concert Review: Those Darlins, Movers and Shakers, Atlantic Thrills @ Mid East Downstairs (10/15/11)”

  1. Damn-that middle one is one CUTIE!! Love yr band. I have some of your stuff downloaded. I love Southern fried things-went to flight school in Tulsa. Glass to you, too. C

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