Live Review: Miami Doritos, Hands & Knees, The TeleVibes @ Lilypad (12/6/14)

It’s Hassle Night – for the unacquainted, this is a night of rock ‘n roll in Inman Square at the trusted Lilypad space. It was more than that though – branded a Christmas giveaway. Free drinks, free records and tapes. All for attendees. Much thanks for that and for putting together this line-up.

I’ve seen all the bands several times. Not going to lie, some more than others. First up, Miami Doritos. A class act, at this point rivaling my fervor for likewise noisy duo No Age circa 2008/2009. Kurt and Al have an ole time, not afraid to tease and torture the crowd every now and then with rawness and mister tom foolery. In between those spaces, those designed or happened upon lapses, are power tunes. Get yourself acquainted with their stuff, come to the show ready. You could be like Chris or something and he’s always dying for some “Bike Cops,” a beast from their tape Scoop Dreams. I’m good and ready for anything Doritos got, though I am that way as well like Chris. I have some songs in mind that click with me in what some might say insane manners. In this instance, it is “Rush Hour / Piss Take” – that fuzzzy interlude or break or whatever the jargon calls for it – before the second half of the jam. It’s unreal , and then the third and final scum build-up. Quintessential Doritos, this is the one to bring to the job interview. I can see (though not quite clearly opting to say no to glasses and contacts) the ladies shaking and grooving, the guys opting more often for some bobblehead stick. That maybe overused expression you do you, the Doritos do the Doritos and that is profound. [MD Bandcamp]

Hands & Knees been around this area, playing rock and roll music for longer than I’ve been around this area listening to rock and roll music. Local music I’m talking. I’ve always been around this area. Just saying. Anyway, I’m happy to see Hands & Knees tonight, first time since their record release show in July at Whitehaus. They are a really funloving quartet, bringing to the table heaps helpings and spoonfuls of soul and pizazz. You don’t really forget seeing this band – media friendly types might go off on tangents of indie pop or something like that, some tidy buzz to streamline your consciousness – and what I mean is this. They are very with it but still a ball of energy and quirkiness that tunes me right in. Younger me would be more cynical, worried about the polish in the otherwise perfectly fine moldy basement but Hands & Knees might just be able to unite the folks, the garagers, and the mainstream pub drunks or at least have something in their repertoire that’d get those types going on, continuing in some night’s direction. They’re the local openers I wish I had seen at Great Scott in 2009. Course I’m really going to go back with H & K, been around since ’07 don’t even think Wavves was around then. Feel it out some more. Happy to recognize “Freakshow” (course any one paying attention I’d hope would remember) and the swaying Margarita downing “Tony The Bookie”. Probably won’t see members of this crew doing kegstands. I wouldn’t go there either. [HK Bandcamp]

I’ve missed out on key TeleVibes shows, frankly something that doesn’t sit with me well, knowing the implications of not seeing three Rowleyites going beyond the dimensions of psychedelic rock ‘n roll. I try to recreate the experiences when I can. I can hold tight for a quick moment, the visual and kinetic freakouts of the Lysergic Factory Lightshow setting up their projectors and the band taking the stage. And no time is wasted, you know it. The opening three licks shredded by Charlie soon complemented by longtime co-conspirator Scott (bass) and new stickman Jesse. It’s TODAY and as significant as it sounds, The TeleVibes taught me how to play music with this song. For references, it’s found on their Washed Up tape. Crazed excitement, perfectly suited for any occasion, Right Now surf garage. I could see them renting a giant ole building and throwing down constantly on the weekends, some Wikipedia noteworthy succession of events. Thieves Grotto is close enough but can you tell I’ve missed this racket, the TeleVibes. Their set leans heavy on the new – post Washed Up, if you get me. If we’re up for water remarks and I am, it’s like the TeleVibes are Nahant Beach and their homies The New Highway Hymnal are Wells Beach. The water’s probably colder, the sky grayer at one versus the other, but you getting into roughly the same thing. Remarkable band carving their creative stamp into decades of the good stuff. [TV Bandcamp]

The Hassle’s got underground and all ages shows and events (like this) galore, check out their online presence if this is your stuff which it surely should be:

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