Concert Review: SARALEE, Elephant, Masingo, Elephants @ Ant Cellar (5/16/12)

Flyer by Lauren Garant (of Elephants)

Artists: SARALEE, Elephant, Masingo, Elephants
Date: Wednesday, May 16, 2012
Venue: Ant Cellar (Lowell, MA)
Act I: Elephants– Elephants play simple, mellow music that is easy to enjoy. They give off similar vibes as SARALEE at least to me, so it is nice to see them on the same bill. Like SARALEE they are a duo, except this band strictly consists of two members on vocals and guitars. They play off each other really well and I appreciate their guitar work. It is a cool, intimate performance. I wish I could provide a bit more info or insight, but to be honest my memory of this evening is starting to fade, excuse the extremely late arrival of this write-up. I figure better late than never! Anyway, here is Elephants’ Bandcamp page:

Act II: Masingo– Masingo is a fun band and they tend to be more on the heavier side than their predescessors on this evening. The vocalist/guitarist is pretty energetic as he jumps around and off his amp from time to time. I love when he informs the audience how they can “like” them on facebook or fuck it… here’s their page, do it!

Act III: Elephant– Perhaps the strangest of all the bands tonight, Elephant (not to be confused with the first band, no s!) is an intriguing, experimantal, psychedelic, outsider esque outfit. I enjoy their performance, but I do not remember being overly enthusiastic about it either. Now, listening to their Bandcamp page I am more impressed and find their bizarre, off kilter music to be fascinating and unique. It is not for everybody, but what is? Nothing. And even if there was an artist for everybody, they would probably suck. Check out Elephant here:

Act IV: SARALEE–  In the past year I have seen numerous mind expanding, truly riveting rock and rollers, but few can compete with SARALEE.  Their demo is fantastic pop music. Maybe not pop in the conventional sense, but nonetheless catchy and inclusive.  In other words, the songs are not hard to get into, they rope you in and toss you right back out with their satisfying brevity. That is SARALEE on record. For those who have not caught one of their shows, do it!  Live, the songs are even more astounding. Their performances always put me in this ethereal, wonderous state of mind.  Much of this is due to the chemistry between vocalist/guitarist Sara and drummer Lee. With the exception of noise pop champions, No Age and local favorites, Fat History Month, I have not seen a two piece so in touch with one another’s approach to music as SARALEE.  The songs all sound solid per usual, but one of my favorite moments is in between one of the tunes when Lee asks the crowd “what’s the difference between your mom and five cocks?…. Your mom can’t take a joke!”  And then he proceeds to do that little drum thing that drummers do after they crack a joke. I get a big kick out of that, I think I am the only one.  Here is a link to their glorious bandcamp page, seriously cannot advocate it enough.

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