Concert Review: Magic Kids & Superhumanoids @ Brighton Music Hall (4/1/11)

Artists: Cults (didn’t see! :( ), Magic Kids, Superhumanoids
Date: Friday, April 1, 2011
Location: Brighton Music Hall (Brighton, MA)
Act I: Superhumanoids– These guys were nice and chill, for lack of better adjectives. But, in many ways that’s precisely how I would describe them. They could definitely rock out at the same time and had some hooks, but I simply appreciated just a nice, relaxing experience. A good segue way into the Magic Kids…

Act II: Magic Kids– The happiest band in the world, it seems. The music of the Magic Kids simply jumps out at you and grabs you and says hey let’s play Twister and have a Pajama Party! Not to get too Calvinist on you, but that’s really how it is. Their music is to the Beach Boys what Hunx and His Punx is to 60s Girl Groups. In other words, they have the whole Brian Wilson pop dynamic down to a tee, and they have added their own flavor to the mix. The Kids’ opened with “Candy,” an incredible number from last year’s Memphis LP. Honestly, the sound was amazing, I couldn’t think of a single flaw, I could hear everything, it sounded better than the record itself. They continued with other Memphis classics like “Summer,” “Skateland,” “Superball,” and perhaps their most well-known song, “Hey Boy,” which was probably my favorite moment of the evening. In particular, the drums were fucking epic, it was impossible not to be impacted in one way or another. They also played a new song called “Awesome,”- an eight minute ditty. All in all, they played a nearly 40 minute set and I can say with no hyperbole, the Magic Kids were one of the best bands I have ever seen. Unfortunately, it seemed like the crowd wasn’t overly enthusiastic for their performance, but these Memphis natives didn’t let that nonsense intefere with their fun. Neither did I, can’t wait to see them in the future, perhaps headlining!

Grade: 8/10

NOT from last Friday’s show!

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