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Kids Like You and Me aka KLYAM spread the good word about good music and release records as KLYAM Records. We write about music happenings in underground rock and roll/punk/slime and occasionally other stuff. It’s unfortunate that good tunes and bands go unnoticed or barely noticed all the time. Rest assured! Good tunes and bands don’t go unnoticed on KLYAM. In fact, promoting these bands is pretty much what KLYAM is about. Aside from album reviews, concert reviews, interviews, band spotlights, and so forth, you will also be able to find entertainment musings of all varieties.

KLYAM became a thing on June 27, 2009. The crew behind the scenes is from north of Boston, Massachusetts, where the winters are cold, the nice weather doesn’t last long enough, and more importantly where touring bands should come through to more often.

KLYAM Records Disog:
KLYAM-001: Fat Creeps self-titled  10″ EP
KLYAM-002: Nice Guys / Miami Doritos Splifft 7″
KLYAM-003: Back Pages – Singles 13′ Tape
KLYAM-004: Electric Street Queens – “Live From Your Dreams, We’re The Electric Street Queens” Tape
KLYAM-005: The Prefab Messiahs – “Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive” 10″ EP/ Split release with Burger Records!
KLYAM-006: The Barbazons – “Avec Plaisir” Tape
KLYAM-007: G. Gordon Gritty – “Still Not a Musician” Split with BUFU Records!
KLYAM-008: Future Spa – “Girl” CD Split with Bob Records
ALL AVAILABLE HERE: http://www.klyamrecords.com/
ALL KLYAM Records releases are also available at the following Boston area record stores: Deep Thoughts in Jamaica Plain, MA, Weirdo Records in Cambridge, MA, Armageddon Records in Cambridge, MA, and The Traphaus in New Bedford, MA.

SAT, February 4 @ Club Bohemia w/ Johnnie and the Foodmaters (Return Show), Jim Leonard, Thee Cavemyn, Peach Ring.

Read Kids Like You and Me! You will discover a straight up and purely awesome resource for sick bands and catchy jams both new and old with a gangsta lean to the kind of raw, nasty, garagey, punk, and weirdo side of rock and roll that our pages were founded on. These dudes truly know what is up with underground rock and roll today and they are generously dishing it out on a daily basis. KLYAM will turn you on in more ways than one, mostly with new releases, tour dates, videos, show listings and other nasty sassafras. For punk slime all the time visit http://www.klyam.com. Don’t forget to bookmark that shit, scratch it into your desk if need be. The Kids are there for you.” – Boston Compass

Music Submission/Contact: klyamemail@gmail.com – We really really really enjoy listening to music, so please don’t hesitate.  We don’t write tons of reviews of submissions, unless we grow to really love and appreciate the bands.

KLYAM is run by
 Chris DeCarlo and Glen Maganzini

Current Contributors:
Joanna Trachtenberg

Past Contributors:
Justin Cole
Lauren Chavarria

Ben Tan
James DiNanno
Kelsey Tuminelli
Andrew Bedsole
Richard Franke
Matt Hurton
Matthew Ramsden
John Toothaker
Shane Wolf

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