Concert Review: Peach Kelli Pop, Kal Marks, SARALEE @ Problem House (5/26/11)

Artists: SARALEE, Kal Marks, Peach Kelli Pop, and The Scamps
Date: Thursday, May 26, 2011
Location: Problem House (Allston, MA)

Act I: SARALEE– This guy (drums) and girl (vocals, guitar)duo were a pretty cool band to kick things off. Apparently, they just started making noises not too long ago; I couldn’t tell, they sounded like pros! Seriously though, there was something that stood out to me about them in a sort of off-kilterish kinda way. The girl’s vocals reminded me of a cross between Joanna Newsom, Bjork, and the kind of screeching, high pitched vocals you would hear in a Harmony Korine flick. It was pretty cool.

Act II: Kal Marks– I gotta be honest I don’t remember too much from Kal Marks’ set, but I do remember enjoying it very much. I recall the group exploring various sounds and nicely jumping back and forth from soft to loud. I plan on looking up their music and most likely seeing them again. Good work.

Act III: Peach Kelli Pop!!!– YAYYY! I was very, very excited to see my favorite Ottawa Bubble Gum Rockers and they did not dissapoint me. I loved the ultra intimate quality of these basement gigs, so it was real nice to be up close and personal with PKP. Their music is so fun, exciting, and welcoming the Problem House was the perfect venue for this set. I only knew about 1/3 of the songs, most were not from the recent LP (at least to my knowledge), but it didn’t really matter because the energy was still alive and well. But, of course when classics like “Doo Wah Diddy,” “Do the Egg Roll,” and my personal fave “Eeenie Meenie Minie Moe” were unleashed I couldn’t help but dance my ass off and sing along! Congrats to Peach Kelli for their first show on their first American tour!

Set List:
1) Robin Hood
2) Julie Oulie
3) No One Else
4) Doo Wah
5) Stay Away
6) Eeenie Meenie
7) Egg Roll
8) Drive In
9) Panchito Blues ?

Act IV: The Scamps– Alas, we missed these guys :( next time!

Hey those guys hopping and boppin look real familiar…

3 thoughts on “Concert Review: Peach Kelli Pop, Kal Marks, SARALEE @ Problem House (5/26/11)”

  1. Great review Chris, long live Peach KElli Pop ! and the other bands too good stuff

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