Review: Colleen Green, Fat Creeps, Fedavees, Ronnie Nordac @ Radio (4/25/13)

Fat Creeps Colleen
Bands: Colleen Green, Fat Creeps, Fedavees, Ronnie Nordac
Date: Thursday, April 25, 2013
Venue: Radio (Somerville, MA)

Ronnie Nordac – The infamous Ronnie Nordac. I don’t know much about Ronnie, but I have seen his name appear in Boston Compasses for the last year and a half or so (give or take). He’s the dude that makes those rad drawings.  Ronnie Nordac. His name sure sounds funny and it’s fun to say. Ronnie Nordac. Sounds like a comic book super hero. If a super hero looked and sound like Joey Ramone – tall, long black hair, black shades. Ronnie is hard to miss.

Ronnie Nordac sings and plays guitar and he usually plays solo, but tonight he is accompanied by a bassist, a drummer, and another singer named Kara. From what I hear, this is a recent development and apparently this the first time the band has played together, having only practiced for a week. Despite (or because of) their novice status, I admire practically every song they play. I hear teeny bits of outsider rock, particularly in Ronnie’s clanky, amateurish, but ever so sweet and hooky guitar riffs. It’s eccentric garage surf pop.

Definitely memorable  songs; sadly I cannot find them anywhere! One song I love is called “Rock ‘N’ Roll USA,” I especially love Kara’s vocals and her adorable dancing. Her vocals are my favorite part of the set. When she sings, it reminds me of The Pixies/Kim Deal. I can still hear it in my dreams.

Word around the campfire is that Ronnie is playing a show on August 1 at Club Bohemia (Cambridge) with rampant twat diddler Gangbang Gordon and Lowell superstar, Durt Dog the Band. That’s going to be a fine ass show, but hopefully I’ll see him and all of those dudes before then.

Fedavees – I’ve seen these guys a couple times before and they didn’t blow my mind the way they have blown other people’s minds. They are a decent band, but this droney, laid back style of music just doesn’t do it for me. It’s like getting on a roller coaster that never takes off. I’m more of a Black Lips guy, listen to “MIA” and “Sea of Blasphemy,” and see what I mean. I won’t babble or rant anymore, because what’s the point of a “negative” review? If a positive review is to get people turned on to what’s turning you on, then is a negative review supposed to make people ignore the bands you don’t like. That is ridiculous. Don’t listen to any music blog swine, you heard it here from a music blog, no swine. Think for yourself and question authority.

Fat Creeps – Ohh dear, I have written about this band way more than I ever anticipated writing about any band, except for maybe the Black Lips.  I’ve sucked so much Black Lips and Fat Creeps dick, I’m putting some serious sluts to shame. It must be kind of strange for the Fat Creeps, having some weird music nerd (and by weird I mean incredibly awesome) writing about nearly every one of their shows. As a fan it’s cool because I get to document one of my favorite bands and see how they change overtime. Around this same time last year, they were just starting to hone their craft with the arrival of drummer, Jim Leonard. Now, a year later, it’s hard to imagine the band without him (I never saw the trio pre-Jim anyway). Through writing about many of these shows, I’ve seen the group introduce several Creeps standards such as “Secrets,” “Daydreaming,” and “Going to the Party,” all of which are played tonight. Some of the more recent (though not brand spankin’ new) Creeps numbers include “Blue” and “I’ve Got.” I’m still getting into these new tunes, I can’t say I love them, but I have a feeling my opinion will change if they are fleshed out more. “700 Parts” is my favorite Fat Creeps song; it’s morbid and it doesn’t sound like any other band, which is pretty much what I look for in every artist I hear. Distinct, enticing songs. Watch “700 Parts” and all of the great Avi Paul Weistein videos from this show right here:

Colleen Green – Colleen Green is the coolest to quote one Ronnie Nordac. Damn straight Ronnie. Like Mr. Nordac, Ms. Green rocks the black shades and she also rocks out on her happy birthday Jeff! guitar, but unlike the last time we saw her, she isn’t backed by a full band. This time, the Massachusetts native turned Cali garage punk brings back her beloved drum machine and a friend named Marissa, also rocking shades (and bass).

Tonight, Colleen and Marissa deliver a fun, mellow set featuring both old and new Colleen Green songs. The Ramonesian “I Wanna Be Degraded” and “Nice Boy (I Want A)” are among the older classics that I have come to love in the past couple years.  I swear the latter was written for me ;) haha jk.

Colleen and Marissa also play a steady batch of hits from the latest Colleen Green record, Sock It To Me (Hardly Art). Check out that album, if you haven’t, for it may be the greatest 2013 has to offer. The audience at the Radio has the pleasure of hearing new songs such as “Only One,” “Darkest Eyes,” and “You’re So Cool.” I love hearing all of these new tunes and this performance is even better than the last time I saw Colleen, way back in September.

For some of the songs later in the set, Colleen plays solo and Marissa sits back, watching her friend play like everyone else. Then, for the encore, Marissa joins her pal again in a cover of  The Queers “Number One.”

So, happy to see Colleen Green again, always a blast, one of my favorites! Also, read this sweet article about Colleen:

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