Review: Atlantic Thrills, Party Pigs, Idiot Genes, Future Carnivores @ O’Brien’s Pub (8/25/13)

Byoburger fest
Bands: Atlantic Thrills, Party Pigs, Idiot Genes, Future Carnivores
Date: Sunday, August 25, 2013
Venue: O’Brien’s Pub (Allston, MA)

This show was the last in a series of BYOBurger shows that took place over the course of summer twenty thirteen. This final one was known as BYOBurger Fest. We showed up a little bit late, but these other fine bands played on the bill before our arrival: Future Days, Vundabar, The Zookeepers, Fantastic Liars, St. James & The Apostles, Polaroidz.

Party Pigs – Love this band’s name!  Though, Matt (Drums/Vocals) and Chris (Guitar/Vocals) aren’t as filthy as their moniker would lead you to believe, but their music sure is. These dudes are loud and messy, rough around the edges yet they also have their shit together. A contradiction that is surprisingly appropriate.  Drill Sargent shouts, in your face guitar licks, and fast, pummeling drums. Short, simple songs. This raw sound is akin to local gah ridge legends The Tampoffs as well as The Oblivians, whom Party Pigs cover with their version of “Never Change” (Soul Food, 1995).

Ohh yes and I cannot forget to mention that we once had the pleasure of seeing Party Pigs open for Nobunny over two years ago at Boston’s Church. That was a sick show and this set is equally saucy. Getting sauced with Party Pigs is an excellent way to go through life. Listen up:

“Let’s Git”
“Music Man”
“Never Change” (Oblivians Cover)
“Cut the Cord”

Idiot Genes – “Devotional,” “Beer,” “Drink,” “Effeminate,” “Mostly Gay,” “Weed,” and “Boston” are some of the tags that appear on Idiot Genes’ Bandcamp page. I’d say at least half of those descriptions are accurate – mainly the ones that refer to any form of substance abuse, for Idiot Genes are of the gunk punk, slammin’ drinks and never looking back variety.

Songs such as “Drunk Consistently” and “A.W.O.L.” solidify this reputation. Not to mention the group’s quirky, amusing  in between song banter. At what point, they note scoring some Nitrous after a Philly show the night before and their futile attempts at acquiring some meth. I’m not sure if the latter is a joke or not, but I’d rather not know the truth. The mystery of Idiot Genes satisfies my own sick mind.

Another key weirdo tune in the Idiot Genes’ savage punk catalog is a song about Charles Manson known as “The Charles Mansion.” Haha, I told you these guys are funny, I think I did. Let me read back, nope, well now you know. Additionally, the drummer constantly has a bizarre, paranoid/bugging out expression on his face as if he had  just ingested a thousands hits of acid and if he stops playing for even a second then his dick will fall off – yeesh, that would freak me out too.

Much like Toronto’s Soupcans, one of the guitarists makes use of his PBR can by playing guitar with it and putting forth a valiant effort to sing into the empty can, but it doesn’t quite work out as one would hope. I’ll just have to see it next time. I don’t know when that time will be, but there will be a next time for sure.

Atlantic Thrills – This is night two of my Atlantic Thrills party weekend. Or should I say shithoused as one Dan Tanner would describe me during the Thrillz’ performance the previous night at the Wilder Zangcraft in Lowell. You can read about it here if you feel so inclined:

Atlantic Thrills are kick ass tonight as always.  Alas, the crowd is sparse, but the Thrillz deliver the same performance you would see with a packed, sweaty crowd of maniacs feverishly dancing as though they ingested one too many psychedelic rice krispies treats – it don’t matter, Thrillz are Thrillz. Kelly’s death stare, Eric’s Jared Swilley esque boppin’, Dan Tanner’s demonic guitar solos, and Josh Towers perennial grinning; he’s always having a blast, I swear he must sneak someone behind that drum kit below him.

Point being,  Atlantic Thrills are among the finest in contemporary garage punk slime aka rock ‘n’ roll music. So, when they return to O’Brien’s Pub on Thursday, October 17th your ass better be up front or I’m going to know about it.

“Almost Anything”
“A Day At the Beach”
“Drugs In It”
“Light Shines”
“So Long”
“Acid Rain”
“Demolicion” (Los Saicos cover)

Future Carnivores – Future Carnivores are a synth/keyboard driven group and they close this evening’s show. They are fairly laid back, almost like the anti-Atlantic Thrills, if you will. The sound is very droney and dreamy with elements of psych and shoegaze. In many ways, they feel like a chiller, softer, less aggressive version of Lost Sounds. Anyway, not really my kind of band, but they may be yours. Check them out here:

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