Review: Scorched Ear 2 @ Cambridge Elks (7/17/15)

Written By Joanna Trachtenberg

Stopples were mandatory tonight. Opening the mini fest was Negative One, a band containing Mr. Boston Hassle himself Sam Potrykus. They were led by former Weirdo Records owner and fiery front woman Angela Sawyer who before starting the first song armed herself with a sharpie and was marking members of the crowd. This continued throughout the 10 minute or so long set. Their songs were short maybe one song was over a minute long. They were quite tight for a band that has only been together for a few months. A few of their songs were about fingers.

Next were Vehement Caress. He was one guy and a whole lotta equipment including synths, Tone imodulators, cables, buttons and switches. He created a lot dirty drone complete with screams, beeps, buzzes and other little aural knickknacks. He ended with a church educated on deliverance and the power of the devil. It was now time for Worcester’s own Eaten.

They kept the death grind alive with songs that I can only assume we’re about butterflies, fairies and rainbows (or maybe not) I wasn’t sure because I couldn’t make out the words. I guess I’d say they reminded me of bands like Napalm Death and Cannibal Corpse but with a teence bit more hardcore punk.

Mayor Daley were next to scorch your delicate ears. They started with a white flashing warning light placed right under the drum kit. They weren’t quite as in your face as the three previous bands. They did have the heavy riffs going but they were the first band to not have a screaming lead vocalist. Her voice was hypnotic, almost tribal at times. I liked that. It certainly fit their music well. They came all the way from Chicago to rawk. I hope they come back.

Next was the bubblegum pop of Demon Brother. Oops did I say bubblegum pop? What I meant to say was powerviolence. I didn’t see any mosh pits at all throughout the night. I guess that the Elks Lodge doesn’t allow them or the crowd was too scared and intimidated by the crushing noise to move much. Like Vehement Caress they also had weird talking at the end of one of their songs. I couldn’t really understand what it was saying. If there was ever a tv show or movie of Buffy the Demon Slayer, these guys would probably kill Buffy in the first episode.

Closing up shop was Sissy Spacek the only grindcore band fronted by a famous actress. The whole place just filled with white hot noise. I think I heard a few guttural screams through the sonic wall. Them and Demon Brother were probably the most brutal bands of the night.

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