Show Recap: The Scamps/Atlantic Thrills @ Mid East Upstairs

Date:February 3, 2012

Act One: The Scamps – The Scamps are an interesting band and certainly one of the finest local bands that I’ve seen to date. Their sound (at least to me) is an immediate mix of pure good time rock and roll and hardcore punk/psychobilly. The guitars are choppy and bompy and the drumming is precise and heavy. Keyboards are nice, too, of course! The most standout Scamps tune is “Stuck On You”. From beginning to end, it’s quite a ride. I can’t wait to see these guys again soon.

Act Two: The Atlantic Thrills – Been supporting the Thrills ever since I heard the first notes of their opening performance for Black Lips in Rhode Island last April. They have a great stage presence and energy that a lot of bands who’ve been playing for a while don’t have. Their set on this night was more relaxed than the two other times that I saw them. There was a lot more slow-grooving rock and roll and ballad-y going on. The result was fantastic. (I’m not sure anyone could’ve joyfully stomached a pounding set.) I got a handful of King Khan & BBQ Show vibes along with the usual odes to the Lips. “Acid Rain” did the trick again. The new one, which you can watch below, “Give It Back,” is a fantastic snapshot of the Thrills catalog as a whole. Dan’s twangy lead guitar, bursts of shouting and howling from Eric, Ref’s down-pat drumming, and Kelly’s unmatched passion and groove (and background vocals). You’ve got to see these dudes. Some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, too.

Unfortunately due to an acute sudden illness, Hallelujah the Hills and Movers & Shakers were not able to come before my eyes.

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