Concert Review: Atlantic Thrills, Ravi Shavi, Nude Beach @ Firehouse (11/10/12)

Bands: Nude Beach, Atlantic Thrills, Ravi Shavi
Date: Saturday, November 10, 2012
Venue: Firehouse No. 13 (Providence, Rhode Island)

Preliminary Activities– When I come home from a hard day’s work, I like to treat myself to three things: Pizza, Beer, and Rock ‘n’ Roll. Add a trip to Providence, RI to see one of my favorites, Atlantic Thrills and it’s like Thanksgiving Dinner came early this year. As we make our way into the city of Providence (which, by the way, I believe this is my first time in this city!) our stomachs are still a rumblin’ and the show doesn’t start for a good hour or so. What to do, what to do. Well,  thank  God (and also thank him for the sinners, since we got our boy Ty Segall’s Twins rollin’ on the radio) Caserta Pizzeria is nearby. Being a connoisseur of pizza myself, I am looking forward to this; I eat pizza 8-10 times a week, I need help. But, at least this is quality pizza, Glen himself heralds it as “New England’s best pizza.”  I’ll be the judge of that Mr. Maganzini. So, we get there, take our seats and when we finally ingest the Caserta Pizza, I concur with my co-conspirator on this matter. Damn, this shit is mouthwatering, and I have a Coors Light to wash it all down. I proclaim this to be a perfect moment, well not entirely perfect. I have satisfied 2/3 of the equation, with the only ingredient missing being my beloved rock ‘n’ roll. Off to Firehouse 13 we go! To give y’all a brief history lesson, this place in fact used to be a real firehouse. In general, I dig the architecture and lay out of this place. It reminds me of some of my favorite venues like the Middle East (downstairs) in Cambridge and the Space Gallery in Portland, Maine.  It’s a fairly large place- long floorboard leading up to an awesome stage. The surrounding walls are covered with unique,  awe inspiring portraits painted by people with mental disorders. And these portraits carry into the restrooms- where one cane see paintings of toilet seats around the walls! I appreciate these features in the Firehouse, gives the venue character that you most likely won’t find elsewhere.  Before the show starts, Glen and I chat it up with our buds in Atlantic Thrills and meet some new friendly folks as well, including the bartender, who is a sweetheart :) .

Act I
: Ravi Shavi– Ravi Shavi is hailed as Providence’s finest by one, Kelly Riley. Well sir, that’s the best damn introduction I could ever hear, let’s go for it!  I’d say the Atlantic Thrills (going on next) our Providence’s best, but I don’t know much about the Providence scene. Ravi definitely is a notable act though, and shares a similar aesthetic to the Thrills, and that is an allegiance to pure rock ‘n’ roll fun. Ravi frontman Rafay Rashid is a natural showman/entertainer/performer, call it what you want, he’s got it, and I get the feeling he’s had it for a while, perhaps even on the playground. He has this King Khan quality to him, except he’s all dressed up in a nice suit. It’s like Khan if it was the 1950s, highly sexualized music just squeezing to get outta those suits and spread some love, some evil, and most definitely some rock ‘n’ roll into some fresh, innocent teen blood. I hear a lot of Talking Heads, Clash, and Gentlemen Jesse and His Men. Hard hitting, catchy as fuck, power pop. Well done boys.

Act II: Atlantic Thrills!– Da Thrillz! It’s been way too long since I’ve seen these gentlemen, April, Fuck! I’m so pumped for the show, it’s glorious when these four dudes arrive on stage. Even more glorious than the pizza I devoured earlier. I see lots of “garage” bands, but the Thrillz seem to just get it  more than anyone else around this area. It’s always a blast with the Thrillz.  They establish a party atmosphere and simply go nuts without the help of the crowd. Though, there was some fine dancing on display as well. Thrillz just don’t give a fuck, they are going to rock out and have fun no matter what.  Of course, they bust out key songs such as “Acid Rain” and “Shotgun,” among other classics. This could be the finest Thrillz set I have experienced, full of all the ass kicking guitar riffs and maniacal howls one could ask for. Just plain fun above all. Spittin’ beer and hurlin’ Naragansett cans. The best thing about these guys is that they’re essentially just like you and me; there’s no divide between fan and musician- fuck all that uptight, pretentious bullshit that often comes with musicians.   The Thrillz are in their 30s, but they have more piss and vinegar in em’ than all the teens and twenty something rockers alike. One might think at first that they’re a typical, shitty bar band that plays to the same, boring, older crowd. Don’t be mistaken, it’s quite the opposite. I can’t think of another local act with as much party/fun loving spirit in em’ as the Thrillz. When we say punk slime on this site, they exemplify that. I can’t wait to see the Atlantic Thrills kill it in a packed basement in Lowell, Allston (or anywhere) filled with kids ready to let loose and go wild. Now, that would be a stellar way to close this review, but I can’t forget to note  the ending of the band’s performance. Just as it looks like the band is about to the depart, they kick into my favorite Thrillz song, the passionate ballad, “Foreign Lands,” which features guitarist Kelly Riley screaming his heart out on lead vocals. They then transition into their now famous cover of Los Saicos’ wild teen punk classic “Demolicion,” cementing their status as one of KLYAM’s top live bands.

If you dig Atlantic Thrills and Ravi Shavi (and you should), then get yer ass to this show on 11/29 @ the Parlour (Providence, RI) with Yankee Bang Bang and DJ Studs Jerkel. FB Event here:

And don’t forget to check out the Atlantic Thrills’ music here:

Set List

: Nude Beach–  Brooklyn’s Nude Beach headline this amazing show, and they rock pretty damn hard, fitting very well with the first two acts. They are a bit overdressed tonight, what with clothes on and everything. Then again, this isn’t a beach. They close their sweet set with a cover of Foo Fighters’ early hit “Big Me,” one of my favorite FF songs, and Nude Beach does justice to the original.  Before tonight, I had never heard of these dudes, but after this performance I will definitely make sure I keep an eye out for them.  Send em’ some love:

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