Concert Review: Atlantic Thrills, Ravi Shavi @ Great Scott (12/4/12)

Atlantic Thrills, Ravi Shavi, Yale Massachusetts
Date: Monday, December 4, 2012
Venue: Great Scott (Allston, MA)

Act 1 – Atlantic Thrills – The Atlantic Thrills, damn, yo! I was blessed with the opportunity to see the Thrills for the sixth time last night. I always reflect on the very first time that I saw them, opening for Black Lips. I was blown away by the fact that they were just a local act. They channeled quite nearly the same energies of the headlining Lips. I couldn’t believe what I had witnessed and really hoped that they would open the next night in Boston. It didn’t happen, but I kept up with them and flash forward to now and yes, here we are a handful of shows deep. There are just a few bands out there that I get to stand in front of on a semi-regular basis. Atlantic Thrills are one of them. Tonight was a night of newness for the band. They kicked off the set with two new songs “Come On,” and “Holy Mountain”. Each had its own catchy hook, sometimes sounding surf, other times more of the garage punk fascination. It was awesome. “Beach,” which they’ve been playing for a while now, is becoming a staple, in my opinion. We got a fine taste of the lead vocal abilities from all three guitarists, a load of sweet solos and ‘meat’ playing from Dan Tanner, and the steady percussion/background vocals of drummer Josh Towers. After some fresh middle of the set jams, the Thrills really turned things up with “Shotgun” and frankly never relented. I’ve seen some fine “Acid Rain” performances in the past, but tonight’s included what seemed like a lengthier jam filled with various noises, knob turning, and simply rocking out. A fast “Give It Back” and the perennial dancer “Light Shines” followed THEN ya-ya-ya cover “Salvaje,” Kelly Riley crooning “Foreign Lands,” and a ‘what you should do with your drink right now’ “Drugs In It”. Was that all? Yes, it was. Some funky dancing, too. But yeah if you like rock and roll old-school style (with Peruvian jolt and small state shenanigans), the Thrills are your band. Or if you just like rock ‘n roll any variety. Word around the street is that more Thrills recordings will be making their way to us soon. I’m excited. Here’s their current stuff

“Come On”
“Holy Mountain”
“White Blindfold”
“Hold Your Tongue”
“Acid Rain”
“Give It Back”
“Light Shines”
“Foreign Lands”
“Drugs In It”

Act TwoRavi Shavi – This was my second time seeing Ravi Shavi. The first time was an ultra energetic set a few weeks ago. They were a three piece, drums-guitar-vocals. This time they had a little bit less restriction with the addition of another guitarist and a duo on violin and cello. One thing that struck me about Ravi Shavi first time around was their familiarly distant sound. I thought Lovely Feathers, King Khan and the Shrines, and Adam Green. Just very eccentric, but like the aforementioned…very pop. Frontman Rafay Rashid played some on guitar and then put it down, dancing always. Part of what is really awesome about them is their random nature, at least to a relatively new fan such as myself. Anything is possible, it seems. Soulful. As one man next to me commented in the audience, “Ravi Shavi needs a Rafay in the audience.” They’re just that kind of band. The greatest moment of the set came in the latter half with the sunny, unpredictable power pop of “Accidental Mental”. The chorus could have went on for 20 more times and nobody would mind at all. I was really impressed by the dynamics of the band as a six piece, it was fun to see how well the string instrument players connected with the other instruments, especially during the faster joints. So yeah, this sounds like something you’d want to see? Many did on this night. Listen:

Act ThreeYale, MA – Wasn’t able to stay to catch them :(. Check ’em out: 

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