Review: Miami Doritos, Loose Tooth, Crosss @ Whitehaus/Deep Thoughts (5/17/14)

Bands: Fat Creeps, Crosss, Loose Tooth, Miami Doritos
Date: Saturday, May 17, 2014
Venue: Whitehaus/Deep Thoughts (Jamaica Plain, MA)

Miami Doritos – I believe the glam goddesses of rock ‘n’ roll flicked me on this planet to see kick ass bands like Miami Doritos in dank, dusty basements such as the Whitehaus. Well, I’m certain I was put here for other reasons as well, but what’s better than a nice, wholesome Miami Doreets set in JP? Nothing else. It’s 200 million thousand times greater than seeing some shitty, schlock rock band in a big, boring stadium that’s for sure. Ha, actually imagine seeing Kurt and Alex at one of those big ass shows. The Miami Doreets just planted in the middle of the Xfinity Center. I’m picturing it now and giggling like a little school girl. Keep laughing buddy.

But, enough of that tom foolery. Miami Doritos are a KLYAM Records band and they are one of the best around town. Of course, I would say that. I have to say that, but even if I didn’t have to say that I still would, because it’s true. Their brand of fiercely intimate, noisy two piece slacker spunk garage rawk brings me back to the days of fellow Boston two piece greats Fat History Month. The Doreets have that same silly, strangely comical, almost awkward quality to them. It’s a massive middle finger to all yee loser indie rock bands that take yourselves way too seriously. These Doreets are above all that and you can tell their just having fun with the music. And everyone else is having fun hearing it. And order here for the band’s splifft 7″ with Nice Guys:

 Loose Tooth – This band is from Philly and they’re excited to be here. They have this very Pavementy, 90s “indie” rock style to them. It’s fairly relaxed, but still rocking. Most folks are nodding along, 40s and what have you in hand, gently enjoying the music.

At one point, one of the guitarists announces that today is her sister’s 21st  birthday and she feels bad that she is out of town for it. So, she whips out her phone and snapchats (is that the correct term? I’m a luddite and don’t keep up with the times) everyone singing happy birthday to her sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Following their set, the crowd takes a pleasant, mid show jaunt down to Deep Thoughts, also in JP, for the remainder of the show.  I’ve shopped at this record store before and the first two KLYAM Records releases (Fat Creeps 10″ and Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7″) are in stock here, but I’ve never seen a show here until tonight. It’s spacious and really has potential as a legitimate venue. It’s a big basement, but no stages or anything like that, which is how it ought to be. Well, stages can work sometimes, but I’m liking them less and less. Point being, there’s plenty of room, but it’s still intimate.

Crosss – This is a first for me and I actually haven’t even heard their music before. Though, I have seen one of these Canadian gents perform before in the band Soupcans from Toronto. I almost forgot how tall those fuckers are!

Cross (from Halifax, Nova Scotia) has a heavy, droning sound to them. It’s a slow menace that builds up and attacks you. Part metal, part psych, a pinch of noise. It’s dark and doomy. I don’t find myself falling in love with the band or finding any desire to move myself to the music, but it seems like most people are into it. They have a decent sound and they are talented musicians, but I feel satisfied after a couple songs and after that I don’t feel like I need to hear more. It just all sounds the same.  To anyone that disagrees with me, remember this is only my opinion and there’s a good chance I LOVE bands that you think suck ass. It’s a big fucking world and there’s plenty of room for all of us.

Alas, we have to leave early and we miss KLYAM Records’ OGs Fat Creeps :(. Catch them on their upcoming tour with The Lentils this Summer!:


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