Concert Review: Wavves, Cloud Nothings, Young Adults @ Great Scott (6/22/10)

young adults: they were good

cloud nothings: even better

wavves: they were quite squirrely. squirrely as fuck. squirrely meaning amazing. so bored? yeah right. so fucking awesome is more like it. no hope? tons of fucking hope. we surfed our asses off. invisibly. stephen pope and billy hayes, God bless you for joining this force with Nathan. YOUR band is excellent now. king of the beach, what a fucking record.

set list:
1. Friends Were Gone
2. King of the Beach
3. To The Dregs
4. Idiot
5. Wavves
6. Green Eyes
7. Take on the World
8. Weed Demon
9. Post-Acid
10. Super Soaker
11. So Bored
12. Linus Spacehead
13. No Hope Kids (spelled ‘No Home Sids’)
14. Beach Demon

Grade: amazing — A/A- (Chris)

Glen and Chris

1 Comment

  1. I think this fits in with the general attitude of Wavves, at least in a lyrical sense. We’re just having fun with you!

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