Review: Ty Segall @ Bowery Ballroom (8/30/13)

[Photo by PSquared Photography from, where they recorded this show live. Check out the audio stream at]

Bands: Ty Segall, Chris Cohen, David Novick, ARP
Date: Friday, August 30, 2013
Venue: Bowery Ballroom (NYC)

Ty Segall – We the KLYAM make an annual (or sometimes biannual) trip from Boston to New York City to see our favorite bands, and this time we’re coming for Ty Segall (again). Before the show starts Glen and I meet up with our favorite guy in Queens: Coolie Rich. After hitting up some local bars and pizza joints, we depart for the Bowery Ballroom to see the monstrous Ty Segall whip through his latest feat, Sleeper in its entirety.

Ty Segall is a household name around here, so it’s always a blast to see him live. Initially, I was perplexed by the concept of an acoustic Ty Segall set, having experienced two rowdy, highly energized electric sets from Ty in the past. But, when the band (which includes Ty Segall Band drummer Charlie Moonheart) hits the stage, it’s just as electrifying as ever. I know it sounds cheesy and nuts, and it sort of is, but Ty and the whole band make it work.

Although this whole set is acoustic, there is the inclusion of drums as I noted before and this certainly makes the difference. It’s not a wimpy acoustic ballady bullshit kinda deal. This is still very much rock ‘n’ roll. If John Belushi came across Ty, he wouldn’t smash his guitar to smithereens, he’d shotgun a beer and stage dive into the crowd of twenty somethings and incoming freshmen college students alike.

Indeed as Ty concludes the Sleeper set things get a bit more fiery as he prowls through with a cover of David Bowie Classic, “Moonage Daydream,” and a select bunch of his own heavy classics. Songs like “Caesar” and “Girlfriend” get the crowd all riled up and a fine mosh pit ignites within seconds.

With the help of some gentlemen I plant my two feet up on the Bowery Ballroom stage, only to plummet right back into the beer soaked audience, thankfully able to catch my fall. I lose a shoe, babes help me find the shoe. We make out. I find Glen he’s making out with babes. All at Ty Segall! It sounds like a Ronnie Nordac number… Needless to say, it’s a great journey as always. Ty Segall for life.

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