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Good Music In Commercial Sighting: Davila 666 (Taco Bell)

Puerto Rican greats Davila 666 are gaining more recognition — this time via a Taco Bell commercial!!! The song is “Obsesionao,” off Tan Bajo (In The Red, 2011). This isn’t their first audio commercial appearance — you all might recall that Northface one that featured “Basura”. Hopefully 2012 brings some more Davila 666 to this area of the country.

Watch the commercial , listen to the song here:

“The Best Damn Soda” – Squamscot Beverages

Squamscot Beverages
is taking the world by storm, one person at a time. One wise drinker commented, “best damn soda I’ve ever had. No joke.” No joke, indeed. They’ve got more flavors of soda than you’ve got fingers and toes. Located in picturesque Newsfields, NH, you ought to stop by for some hand crafted soda made by locals for all to drink. I tried the Lemon Lime and it makes Sprite look like something your sister’s cousin made for a fifth grade science fair. Exactly.

Visit: HERE

Classic Film Review: Away We Go

Full Title: Away We Go

Director: Sam Mendes

Year: 2009

Comments: Sam Mendes blew my mind before with the 90s classic American Beauty and though this film does not live up to that fine piece of cinema, it is without a doubt a smart film worthy of praise.  Away We Go centers around two thirty-somethings about to bring a baby into the world, uncertain of where they should raise their newborn; the couple spends the rest of the film scouting for new locations for their future family life. On the way, they encounter various, amusing, often bizarre characters that either promote or deter their search, usually the latter. This most definitley keeps the film interesting and entertaining, it is always moving forwards and doesn’t linger on irrelevent details like most movies do. At the same time, despite the sharp writing and direction of AWG, I can’t say I love this film and I have to admit, I find nothng about this moive particularly memorable. In terms of quality, it is without a doubt above average, bettet than most hip, “indie” flicks, the acting, the screenplay, plot, etc. is decent. But, for me there really isn’t much to make this feature stand out from the next “big thing.” I feel like this movie tries to be both Garden State and Juno, but lacks the sentiment and the joy of both, respectively. All in all, a good film, but not in the league of the best of the “indie” films of the Double Ohhs.

Grade: 7/10

Classic Film Review: Rear Window

Full Title: Rear Window
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Year: 1954
Comments This is arguably the greatest offering from the Master of Suspense, Alfred Hitchcock. Hitch’s 1954 classic more than holds up and is perhaps just as suspenseful now as fifty-six years ago. Briefly, the plot concerns the dull day to day life of Jeff (James Stewart) a wheel chair bound photographer as he has nothing left to do but satisfy his carnal base needs through spying (via binoculars) on his neighbours. As the movie progresses, we sympathize with Jeff because we have, ourselves, become voyeurs just like him as the film is through his point of view. The suspense kicks in further when Jeff stumbles upon a murder from one of his neighbours. The rest of the film is Jeff trying to convince everyone else that a murder took place and the killer should be brought to justice. Only Hitchcock can take this story and make it as thrilling as it is. Fuck Disturbia (2006)! In other words, if you haven’t already, watch this film, it’s amazing; not as good as Psycho (1960), but what is?
: A

Mark Sultan To Music Reviewers:


“People are always going to rag on me and my music, but I believe in it and don’t give a f—,” he says. “Take my [recent] Pitchfork review for example, aside from an incredible lack of research and knowledge, it’s all a big joke. Had I made an album full of shorter tracks, the same reviewer would have asked for something else.”

Sultan might be unfazed by criticism, but he wishes music journalists weren’t so eager to tack the garage rock tag onto his latest batch of songs.

“I still love rock ‘n’ roll and garage and all of that, for sure, but I think this is easily something else,” he says. “People are lazy; I hardly think they actually listen [to my music]. The average knowledge of one of these f–king music dudes is like 1981 and up.”

God bless Mark for being the man.

Side note: Sultan is a big hit at college radio. $ got an impressive #3 spot on the Chart Attack top 50 last week.