5 thoughts on “King Khan Cooking”

  1. This was shot in August 2008. I knew that MTV Iggy was sitting on a lot of footage. This includes performance footage yet released. There are some things that should be put to light. Others that should be left alone.

  2. I wonder if he is seen preparing food in other places. It is a recurring theme with him, isn’t it.

  3. I was thinking that this was a little old mainly because King looks noticeably younger, although I wasn’t sure because King spits some joke lyrics from “The Fiery Tears of St. Laurent” [turn me over my rice is bubbling] when they are cooking. So maybe they created that song on or around the day that this was filmed?

  4. He was performing with members of the Demon’s Claws, of which Meteor is a member, at the time, and there is performance footage of him playing with them and with some other people including Bloodshot Bill by the way. The Mirror critic wrote that “King Khan and members of Demon’s Claws also made a surprise appearance, improvising lyrics like ‘The bartender is a cocksucker’ and ‘A-B-C-D-E fuck you!’ Arish’s potty mouth was pure genius, I tells ya.”, from “BBQs and debts due” by Johnson Cummins, August 28-September 3 2008.

  5. “Rock n’ Roll 101 with the Demon’s Claws & King Khan” on YouTube includes footage linked to the whole “Fiery Tears of St. Laurent” business. It’s dated from May 2008.

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