Early heads up everyone. We’ve got THE HUSSY from Madison, Wisconsin. New album out on Dirtnap Records. 4 Piece Line-Up. Just played Gonerfest. On Tour. Checking all of the boxes. One of the most exciting live bands? Check check. Blew minds opening for Thee Oh Sees? Yes.

But this post and our next KLYAM show that we are Pumped for: THE HUSSY live at The Greek (Greek American Social Construction Club) in Union Square, Somerville (9 Bow St, Somerville, MA 02143) on OCTOBER 21, 2019. One week from today. All Ages. 8 PM Doors. $10.

Opening bands: Funeral ConeG. Gordon GrittyKind Budz 

This Day In KLYAM (October 13)

2018: Bong Wish, Mountain Movers, Ash & Herb – Deep Thoughts

2016: NOTS, The World, Funeral Cone, Birthing Hips – ZuZu

2015: The Channels, Protomartyr, Growning Pains – Middle East Upstairs

2012: Fat Creeps, The Fagettes, Fedavees, Earthquake Party – The Rosebud [REVIEW]

2010: King Khan & The Shrines/Gentlemen Jesse and His Men/Red Mass – Royale (REVIEW)

This Day In KLYAM (October 12)

2018: The Lentils, Rene Chambers, PDG, Jarvaland – Trixie’s Palace

2017: TURKEYFEST 8 @ Mickey’s Tavern, Crystal Corner Bar (Madison, WI)

October 12 to 14
Really fun times!!
I was the MC. Thx Bobby Hussy!

This Day In KLYAM (October 8)

2016: Kids Like You & Me Presents A Mouth is a Mouth Noise Fest Part II featuring Id M Theft Able, G. Gordon Gritty, Asher Tuil, Mike Mountain, The Craters, Disembowelment Choir, Negative One, Orgins – Black Lodge

2014: Tyvek, Cloud Nothings – The Sinclair [REVIEW]

2013: Freak Flag Presents: Colleen Green, White Fang, The Memories, Smarty, Ronnie Nordac – Bathaus [REVIEW]

2009: Lovely Feathers, Rural Alberta Advantage – Middle East Upstairs (REVIEW)

This Day In KLYAM (October 7)

2018: Andy California, Jesus and the Groupies, Con Tex – Jeanie Johnston

2017: Boston Hassle and Kids Like You & Me Present: Crocodiles, Saint Pe (of Black Lips), Boston Cream, Second Becky – First Parish Cambridge

2014: Free Pizza, Ben Katzman’s Degreaser, Ne-hi, Supermagical – Whitehaus

2010: Walkmen- Royale (REVIEW)