7″ Review: The Fiery Tears of St. Laurent [2010]

Band: King Khan & Pat Meteor
Release: 3/2010
Label: Sub Pop

1. “The Fiery Tears of St. Laurent” – B+
2. “Bon Bon” – A-

Comments: The kind of music you’d expect with a title such as The Fiery Tears of St. Laurent. This is slow cooked rock and roll with a distinct rural aesthetic. Would it be okay to call it at least one part country? It’s French-Canadian goodness…what I believe they call néo-trad.  I’d like to say Meteor sings on the first track and that Arish Khan spearheads the treat called “Bon Bon.” Even though “Bon Bon” is as lyrically simple as a song can come, it has a great atmosphere that reminds me positively of the culture surrounding the classic visit to Quebec that Chris and I (amongst other students) embarked on five years ago.

Grade: B+ (89)