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Random Badass Playlist For Y’all to Enjoy…

1) Buddy Holly– “Dearest”

2) The Dixie Cups– “Chapel of Love”

3) Bent Shapes (formerly Girlfriends)- “I Was Here But I Disappear”

4) Best Coast– “Sun Was High (So Was I)”

5) Best Coast– “The Only Place”

6) Wavves– “Wavves”

7) Antsy Pants & Kimya Dawson– “Tree Hugger”

8) The New Highway Hymnal– “Hey Kid (Gotta Run)”

9) Lotus Plaza– “Rain Down”

10) Joey Ramone– “What A Wonderful World”

11) Elvis Presley– “I Can’t Help Falling In Love With You”

12) Smith Westerns– “Imagine Part III”

13) Righteous Brothers– “Unchained Melody”

14) Everly Brothers– “Made to Love”

15) Rolling Stones– “Monkey Man”

16) The Animals– “We’ve Gotta Get Out Of This Place”

17) The Duprees– “You Belong To Me”

18) Natural Child- “Ray Thompson’s Blues”

19) Go- Go’s– “Vacation”

20) GG Allin– “I Wanna Kill You”

21) GG Allin– “Fuck Authority”


An Interesting Thought

I was just thinking (and have thought before) that it would have been an awesome thing to be into the music that I love now circa 2006/2007/2008. But at the same time, it would have been a bummer to miss out on so many great 18 and 21+ plus shows. So with that, it seems like a natural progression that I moved on (not completely, though) from bigger sounding rock and roll bands like Editors, Peter Bjorn and John, and The Libertines to lesser known, dirtier sounding/rock n roll and punk (no need for examples, just look around KLYAM). These past three years or so have been positively amazing in terms of music experiences and I’m sure it’s only going to get better as time passes. Don’t waste your youth, Kids!

Quote of the Day: Blue Oyster Cult

These are from Youtube:

“Nov 5Th ..2 days after my 58Th birthday…I’m buying the high price ticket,will be up front fuked up. I first watched them when I was 21, ..I’m the tall well built guy wearing the driving cap….who said drugs were bad for you,I’m healthy,successful and partied all my life…Holler at me.”

“I partied at my friends’ Mike and Wally’s apartment from ’72 til ’75, and we’d drink brewskies, smoke reefer, and listen to the stereo and LP’s. (Vinyl) And Wally had a black light for after midnight parties, with psychedelic posters luminating fluorescently. But Blue Oyster Cult was a multi-hit Outfit and they’re songs were the background music for many memorable parties!!!You can’t call them 1-Hit Wonders!!!”

Good times great oldiees! 

“The Best Damn Soda” – Squamscot Beverages

Squamscot Beverages
is taking the world by storm, one person at a time. One wise drinker commented, “best damn soda I’ve ever had. No joke.” No joke, indeed. They’ve got more flavors of soda than you’ve got fingers and toes. Located in picturesque Newsfields, NH, you ought to stop by for some hand crafted soda made by locals for all to drink. I tried the Lemon Lime and it makes Sprite look like something your sister’s cousin made for a fifth grade science fair. Exactly.

Visit: HERE