Good Music In Commercial Sighting: Davila 666 (Taco Bell)

Puerto Rican greats Davila 666 are gaining more recognition — this time via a Taco Bell commercial!!! The song is “Obsesionao,” off Tan Bajo (In The Red, 2011). This isn’t their first audio commercial appearance — you all might recall that Northface one that featured “Basura”. Hopefully 2012 brings some more Davila 666 to this area of the country.

Watch the commercial , listen to the song here:

Good Music In Commercial Sighting!

I was on the computer and I heard Davila 666’s “Basura” playing on a TV from the other room. What the fudge I thought, since when is that Scion Garage Documentary airing on TV? But that was not the case. It’s used in a commercial for The North Face, you know the maker of winter jackets and stuff like that.


The Rifles Ft. In iPod Commercial

In yet another strange pop culture twist, The Rifles (a favorite of mine) are currently being featured in an iPod commercial. Not directly, of course. The listener of the iPod in the commercial clicks on The Great Escape at the very end. The album art is very visible. This is yet another strange pop culture twist because The Rifles were being played on satellite pop radio throughout summer 2010. I found that weird because nobody knows about the Rifles in the United States…or so it seems. More exposure can’t hurt.

Link to the Commercial:



Did u ever play ‘punch buggy’ with ur sibling?
Will outsell Vampire Weekend in 2k11?
Is this the ‘best use of indie music in a mainstream commercial’ in the history of commercials?
Does commercial licensing make a band ‘more bank’ than ‘releasing full albums’?
R u enjoying the corporate indie arms race of the 2k10 decade?


Felt three emotions.

(1), annoyed b/c ternative music was ‘tainted’ by some corporation. GrizzBr’s rep is stained. Mnstrmrms would make it less authentic.

(2), mnstrmrs would finally discover some good music.

(3), no one would notice b/c car commercial music isn’t that ‘relevant’.