Kate Middleton’s Favorite Band: BLACK LIPS

She was present for the infamous STAGE INVASION that happened at the Heaven Club in London in 2008 and the Dirty Water Club show in 2006. You can actually see her up on stage around the 2:42 mark of that stage invasion video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WDIScX7YEn0. This is royalty, people. Her favorite song? None other than “Slime and Oxygen” off Good Bad Not Evil. How ironic that song begins “Four years ago I was lost I went to parties and saw kids give around black lights. I saw girls take aerosol spray and spray it down their throat!” This is the kind of info you won’t hear on Entertainment Tonight.

Song of the Day – “Femme Fatale”

After Saturday night, it seemed only fitting for “Sunday Morning” to play after “Femme Fatale” because I literally met a Femme Fatale. I was suckered into a posthumously hilarious situation that I took all too seriously at the time. A very beautiful French woman flirted with me, held my hand, and advised me to follow her into the “special room” which ended up being the front door! So she threw me out and slammed the door. What a clown!