Quote of the Day: Blue Oyster Cult

These are from Youtube:

“Nov 5Th ..2 days after my 58Th birthday…I’m buying the high price ticket,will be up front fuked up. I first watched them when I was 21, ..I’m the tall well built guy wearing the driving cap….who said drugs were bad for you,I’m healthy,successful and partied all my life…Holler at me.”

“I partied at my friends’ Mike and Wally’s apartment from ’72 til ’75, and we’d drink brewskies, smoke reefer, and listen to the stereo and LP’s. (Vinyl) And Wally had a black light for after midnight parties, with psychedelic posters luminating fluorescently. But Blue Oyster Cult was a multi-hit Outfit and they’re songs were the background music for many memorable parties!!!You can’t call them 1-Hit Wonders!!!”

Good times great oldiees! 

Drinking and Yahoo! Answers

Since Chris put one foot forward in making KLYAM more like Beer Advocate, I’ve decided to make this alcohol related post out of necessity and clarification. As I’m passively sipping on an alcohol beverage, I’ve embarked on the chaotic quest of finding out how other people feel about how drinking alcohol feels. Chances are that the person on Yahoo! Answers asking this question has never tasted alcohol and is curious. We’ve all been there. Now, I know some (if not all, then most) of you folks did not need the aid of anonymous internet discussion boarders in gauging the mysterious liquid. Maybe one or two of you reading decided to look into this medium. Fine. Typical responses (in my viewing history AND as expected) run the gamut from the neo-Prohibitionist (“Don’t drink at all. It is poison!”) to the impudently blithe (“Get fucked up and see!”). If I had to respond, I would take a reasonably middling stance. I’ve seen a fair share of responses, though, that really get my blood boiling. I can understand the truths in both extremes that I just mentioned, but when I read a response that says “you will feel horribly sick the next morning” I get semi-angered. If you have a moderate amount of alcohol beverage, in between ONE and anywhere between TWO and ______ drinks, chances are more than probable that you won’t feel sick. It’s called moderation for a reason. It’s a crime to instill fear in the brains of neophytes with this kind of garbage…this kind of shit. I don’t know too many people that go all out/black out during their first experimental session, do you? That’s all really. I could conclude this passage much more formally, but that’s all I have. My libation is getting warm.

“Deep Ghetto On Lock”

I used to compose hip-hop songs back in ninth grade. I had a MySpace page. I remember distributing CDs of my material in the hallways. I was cleaning out my room today in search of some remnants of my past work. All was lost, I thought. I couldn’t remember what I called myself. GMONEY, Gmags, gspinit? Ah, yes, G-Spin-It. I knew I reached some level of notoriety when a senior at the Homecoming Dance asked me if I could do a live performance of my Spanglish hit “Orgullo de Rappers”. Well in between September 2005 and September 2006, my voice changed from pre-pubescent Hispanic wanna-be to just about what a 15 year old should sound like. I know this because I recorded myself rapping over an instrumental of “Shake Your Money Maker”. These were the days. Here are the words to an unreleased, lost song from 2006.

No need for me to enter club scene
Being fifteen, I rock ya mic
Like I’m a big bad machine
Like the yellow submarine
I sink you, blink once I’ll out-think you
That’s right foo, join my crew or screw
I pull through
To pursue my dream to the extreme
I light ya beam, with whipped cream
I don’t care if I didn’t make the B-ball team
I still exhibit my scheme

I ain’t no Chamillionaire or Kanye
What I do is under pay my way to success
Suppress my progress is to recess
But what I got to confess is my guess
To be number one, without a gun
You poke fun, you’z be outdone
This is what I begun
I ain’t leavin’, believin’ that I’m achievin’
No deceiving’, rather retrieving my diamond and gold
Proven, I don’t need to be told
Let alone be controlled about how I rhyme
It’s a matter of time before I turn platinum
And succumb to a mystery
Without a doubt I’m the best rhymer
In History!

Link To G-Spin-It Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/gspinit

Random Memory

Blasting “Should Have Shot Paul” while in the McDonald’s drive-thru waiting for my Chicken McNuggets. You might be thinking…well maybe that happened last week or something. No, no, this is a random memory from October 2009.

Do any of you have quirky music memories?

King Khan and the Shrines

This isn’t really relevant to the Boston area or any area in the United States for that matter, but I thought the depiction of the cheerleader was kind of funny.

On a side note, I had a fucked up dream last night that I was singing Nobunny songs with King Khan at a huge convention center in New Hampshire. Chris was getting squashed in the front row.

Random Wednesday Note

If somebody were to walk up close to my door at various points in the  day, they’d most likely be thinking that I have the most inane taste in music. Who else blasts the Lost Sounds, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” “Gimme Gimme Back Your Love,” and Beach House? I was just thinking I ought to lower the volume on my speakers because this is pretty f’ed up.