Classic Film Review: Away We Go

Full Title: Away We Go

Director: Sam Mendes

Year: 2009

Comments: Sam Mendes blew my mind before with the 90s classic American Beauty and though this film does not live up to that fine piece of cinema, it is without a doubt a smart film worthy of praise.  Away We Go centers around two thirty-somethings about to bring a baby into the world, uncertain of where they should raise their newborn; the couple spends the rest of the film scouting for new locations for their future family life. On the way, they encounter various, amusing, often bizarre characters that either promote or deter their search, usually the latter. This most definitley keeps the film interesting and entertaining, it is always moving forwards and doesn’t linger on irrelevent details like most movies do. At the same time, despite the sharp writing and direction of AWG, I can’t say I love this film and I have to admit, I find nothng about this moive particularly memorable. In terms of quality, it is without a doubt above average, bettet than most hip, “indie” flicks, the acting, the screenplay, plot, etc. is decent. But, for me there really isn’t much to make this feature stand out from the next “big thing.” I feel like this movie tries to be both Garden State and Juno, but lacks the sentiment and the joy of both, respectively. All in all, a good film, but not in the league of the best of the “indie” films of the Double Ohhs.

Grade: 7/10

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