Band Recommendation: KETAMINES!

Great production and the overall ‘sound’ of a record can really do wonders in getting a man/woman hooked to music. Well, the immediacy of Ketamines explosion is outstanding. I compare them to The Hussy in this regard. From the second you click play or drop the needle, you know you are in for high voltage fun. The guitars are a la Jay Reatard and bands of that nature and the vocals are full of reverb and echo. Typical you’d think. But, there are a bunch of other little sound effects/extra layers of instrumentation that do indeed separate Ketamines from most rock n roll/punk outfits. Extra notable examples: “Teenage Rebellion” and “Midnight Dawn.” Check out their LP Spaced Out (Southpaw/Mammoth Cave). Ten tracks of 2-3 minutes of fun a pop. Look for them around your neck of the woods when they tour the US in May and June.

Listen to “Kill Me Now”:,%20Please.mp3