This Day In KLYAM (August 16)

A few years from now when I am an old man, about 27, I will be standing alone at a show, nursing a Narragansett and trying to relieve myself of an ailing hangover, when some young scrawny, pimple faced lad, about 16, will approach me and ask “what were the early Fat Creeps shows like?” to which I will respond, “fuck off, get me another beer junior. Let’s go find your sister.” Fortunately, I am still young and only 70% bitter, so I will enjoy these last few years before the remaining 30% takes over.

2014: Nice Guys (LAPD Tape Release), The Televibes, Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion!, Beach Toys, Creaturos (3 piece), Chandos – Black Lodge

2013: Dylan Ewen, Miami Doritos, Zebu!, Fat Dweebz – JP Drive In [REVIEW]

G. Gordon Gritty – “The Official Theme Song of the Lil League World Series” (lost rehearsal version)

Long rejected from Little League (TM) as the Official Theme Song, that’s A-okay because this is the Lil League (No TM) Theme, and just in time for the start of the 2019 tournament – one Jeremy Barngrumbles unearthed a lost band rehearsal version. Drop your bats kids and pick up your instruments. Make some noise. Check below:

You’re 13
You’re the star of your team
Grown men say you’ve got good hits
You’ve got free pie, kid

When you return
You’ll hold babies
All because you’ve won the
Little League World Series

Bobby did you hear
Are you going to be there next June?
When your balls drop
You’ll turn 16 and then flop

When you return
You’ll hold babies
All because you’ve won the
Little League World Series

This Day In KLYAM (August 11)

2018: Jarvaland, Bad History Month, Dust From 1,000 Years, Helicopter, Scuba Divers – ER

2017: The Cavemen, Horse Girl, Nick Owen, Karman Voh – Black Lodge

2007: Weird Al – North Shore Music Theatre

This Day In KLYAM (August 10)

2013: Boston Fuzzstival – The New Highway Hymnal, Fagettes, Nice Guys, Creaturos, The Televibes, and More – Middle East Downstairs [REVIEW]

2012: Freak Flag Presents… Fat Creeps (EP Release!), The Migs, Fancytramp, Pile – Moe’s Lounge [REVIEW]

Healers Co. New Visual-Audio Album!

Healers Co. just released their latest album Healers Paradise. If you knew what was up last night, you went to comfy Trixie’s Palace to celebrate the release of the audio-visual album. Stream it below. Sound collage experimentalism and campfire acoustics, some dreamish pop. I watched/listened first thing in the morning and it worked wonders. I bet late at night would be a nice time too. Early Animal Collective, early Girls of the Gravitron. Good work dudes.

Healers play Kids Like You and Me’s A Mouth Is a Mouth Noise Fest Part 7 at Trixie’s Palace on AUGUST 17.