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Chris’s Top Songs of Twenty Ten

The Top Song of 2010 for this cat is none other than the Box Elders’ classic “Tiny Sioux” released on Hozac records. Being a massive fan of the Box Elders, I naturally elected this ditty as Song of the Year, but with all that excessive fandom aside, I think this tune has attributes that can be genuinely appreciated by “non-garage” fans: the sincerity of the lyrics and the heartfelt delivery of the vocals. The lo-fi, home recording insanely complements the overall innocence of the number, making it feel like a sad, but beautiful children’s song, as if to be heard before falling asleep. I didn’t think the Omaha boys could top themselves after “Atlantis” from last year’s LP Alice and Friends or at least do it so soon, but indeed they did and this is without a doubt my favorite BE number. Y’all have to hear this!

Okay, so the rest of this list will be in alaphabetical order and I have set it to a three song per artist limit. Here we go…

Sadly no A’s :(


Best Coast:
“When I’m With You”
“Summer Mood”

Box Elders:
“Tiny Sioux” :)
“Plenty of Room At the Bottom”


Cum Stain:
“Cum Stain”
“Broke My Dick”
“Bachelor’s Life”


“Basement Scene”
“Don’t Cry”
“Desire Lines”


Happy Birthday:
“Girls FM”

“Friendly Ghost”
“Someday Soon”
“Gay Human Bones”

Hunx and His Punx:
“Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love”
“Hey Rocky”
Note: these songs had been released previously, but this year marked their official release (Gay Singles) on True Panther Sounds. So, I’m breaking my rule here by sharing two more rockin’ Hunx tunes.
“Lovers’ Lane”
“Too Young to Be In Love”


Magic Kids:
“Hey Boy”

Maine Coons:
“Pull the Plug On Grandma”
“I Am a Motherfucker”
“My Kinda Luv”

Mark Sultan:
“Ten of Hearts”
“Misery’s Upon Us”
“I Am the End”


No Age:
“Life Prowler”
“Fever Dreaming”

“I Was On (the Bozo Show)”
“Live It Up”
“(Do the) Fuck Yourself”


Sex Beet:
“I’m In Love With You (So Shut the Fuck Up)”

Strange Boys:
“A Walk On the Beach”
“Be Brave”
“Laugh At Sex (Not At Her)”


Ty Segall: need to hear more of this guy!


Vomit Squad:
“Burning With Beelzebub”


“Post Acid”
“Linus Spacehead”
“Take On the World”


Here’s the link for the new Those Darlins 7″. Hope y’all enjoy! A review will be a comin’ prolly tomorrow.

http://thosedarlins.com/promo/- “Night Jogger” and “Funstix Party” by The Funstix (this is their debut!) The Funstix are TD Members Jessi Darlin and Linwood Regensburg.

Those Darlins will be arriving in Boston, on tour with The Strange Boys and Gentlemen Jesse and His Men, at T.T. the Bears on Friday, September 17.

Bruise Cruise!!! Ft. Black Lips, Strange Boys

Cruises are the latest fad in Rock and Roll, it seems. And why not? They are great! Well, how about this:

Bruise Cruise Festival is an exclusive music festival on the high seas. It brings together today’s most prominent and influential rock bands on a three-day tropical vacation from Miami to the Bahamas.

The cruise offers true music fans a chance to witness their favorite bands in a unique, intimate rock festival atmosphere while being whisked away on an exotic vacation.  A special escape from the winter doldrums. This dream getaway will reward guests with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience a string of exclusive concerts against the backdrop of a completely inclusive, relaxing getaway.

The first Bruise Cruise will feature a who’s-who of the North American rock scene: The Black Lips, Vivian Girls, Strange Boys, Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall, Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Turbo Fruits and – last but not least – one of New York’s most prominent soul DJs, Mr. Jonathan Toubin.   The cruise will include a kick-off party in Miami, multiple concerts at sea and Nassau in the Bahamas, open-bar cocktail parties and a soul dance-off with cash prizes.

Amenities featured on board include: gambling, resort-style pools, water parks, spas, fine dining and more. The price of one ticket will cover all entertainment, lodging, meals and some drinks.  In order to create a highly coveted experience, only 400 guests will be able to attend the first Bruise Cruise.

My Top 10 of 2010 So Far…

1) Box Elders- Tiny Sioux
2) Hunx and His Punx- Cruising (officially released!)
3) Wavves- Post-Acid
4) Harlem- Friendly Ghost
5) Mark Sultan- Misery’s Upon Us
6) Hunx and the Punkettes- Lovers’ Lane
7) Happy Birthday- Girls FM
8) Strange Boys- A Walk On the Beach
9) Silhouette Rising- Flight
10) Scouflaws- Stupid and Catchy

Concert Review: Spoon, Deerhunter, Strange Boys @ House Of Blues (3/27/10)

Artist(s): Spoon, Deerhunter, Strange Boys
Venue: House of Blues, Boston, MA
Date: Saturday, March 27, 2010

Note: Glen and I basically came to see the Strange Boys and Deerhunter, the opening acts and some of our current favorites, not to discredit Spoon in any way, but this was most likley different from other concertgoers.

Act I: Strange Boys– These garage rockers, for lack of a better face, excuse me, word, were one of the tightest bands I have ever seen live. Considering, their garage label, one would think they were sloppy and what have you like the Black Lips (not an insult!). But, in fact, quite the opposite, the band actually resembled their recordings pretty damn well. I suppose this is kind of a weakness, because live performances are naturally better when they are different from their recorded counterparts. But, then again, the boys were rather entertaining. They played several classic dittties, such as “Woe Is You and Me,” (my favorite SB tune!) “Should Have Shot Paul,” “Be Brave,” “A Walk On the Beach,” and others. ‘Woe’ was nearly perfect; the vocals were astonishingly accurate (if you know what I mean) and the guitars roared in unisen as we all know and love it. ‘Walk’ showcased SB soft side; seriously no fucking up the vocals or anything! and the crew exceptionally erupted into the heavy part of the song. Unfortunately, it seems like most kiddies and oldies in attendence were unaware of SB existence and during the soft part of the latter number, you could hear some creeps chi chi chi chatting away. Boring fucks! Looking back, the group did a great job, that I did not fully appreciate immediately due to their somewhat short set, under 30 minutes (at least through a fan’s point of view) and the fact that they did not play as many of my favorites as I expected them to. Overall, it was great and they are now amongst the kickass artists I have seen live.

Glen: Exactly what Chris said. Also, I can’t wait to see them headline someday (or open again).

Act II: Deerhunter– LOUD! and when I mean loud, I mean reverberate through your mind, body and soul and shake real low inside the lowest drums of your ears. Seriously, loudest band I’ve ever seen! and this time, unlike Dinosaur Jr, I was standing right next to the speakers lol. It was an incredible audio assault, real gorgeous, sonically and visually. The lights were fantastic and nicely complemented the bizarre music/performance, which, by the way, was easily the most technically sophisticated performance I have seen live, with Sonic Youth as the only contender. Singer/guitarist, Bradford Cox, the “nicest guy in Rock and Roll,” as Glen calls him, demonstrated some serious skill in the field of showmanship. This included, direct eye contact, hiding behing his guitar, then pretending to gobble it up, whilst posing for the cameras, and don’t forget that he loves Boston! as he proclaimed numerous times. Musically, Cox and crew played some Cryptograms tracks, but mostly Microcastle songs including “Never Stops,” “Nothing Ever Happened,” and the title track. Unfortunately, they didn’t play many of my favorites and they played nothing from their last release, the EP, Rainwater Cassette Exchange. The Atlanta rockers finished their exqusite set with the classic, dance track, “Operation.” Deerhunter was definitely my favorite from the night, no surprise. I can’t wait to experience their Supreme Genius again.

Glen: Loudest for sure. Bradford was the man. All members of the band were. Drummer Moses Archuleta really pounded hard and with fine precision. My favorite two songs were “Nothing Ever Happened” and “Operation.” “Nothing Ever Happened” was awesome because it was loud and featured an extended jam. “Operation” was just pure dance-rock or dance-punk. It’s way better live than on record.

Act III: Spoon– Not being a fan of Spoon (actually never listening to them prior to the show), I don’t have much to say here. I enjoyed their performance very much and I thought they were quite entertaining and displayed the right chops as a great Rock act. I could tell the crowd was really engaged with their performance and the musicians were equally interactive with their audience. Usually, with most bands I see live that I don’t know well, I lose interest, but with Spoon, I appreciated what I was seeing/hearing and greatly admired their performance.

Glen: I agree with Chris. I was really only vaguely familiar with Spoon prior to this show. I feel like it’s a must for me to research their earlier discography because there were definitely some songs that connected with me during this show. Even the new stuff off Transference, which was a decent at best studio album, sounded much much better live. Songs that stuck out to me (ones that I knew from before and/or caught my attention) were “You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb,” “Got Nuffin’,” “Don’t Make Me A Target,” “Written in Reverse,” “Don’t You Evah,” “Who Makes Your Money?,” “I Turn My Camera On,” and opener “Before Destruction.”


    1. Before Destruction
    2. Nobody Gets Me But You
    3. Rhythm & Soul
    4. You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
    5. They Never Got You
    6. Stay Don’t Go
    7. Vittorio E
    8. Got Nuffin’
    9. Metal School
    10. Don’t Make Me A Target 
    11. Written In Reverse
    12. The Beast And Dragon, Adored
    13. Don’t You Evah 
    14. Who Makes Your Money
    15. I Summon You Play Video
    16. Trouble Comes Running 
    17. I Turn My Camera On
    18. The Underdog
    19. Encore:
    20. Is Love Forever
    21. Finer Feelings

Grade: A, definitely this will go down in my top ten favorite concerts! A night of three highly diverse, exciting, independent artists, what more can you ask for?

the Black Lips! but we saw them two days earlier suckas!!!

Glen: I haven’t figured it out yet, but this is definitely a top show. In the A/A- range.


Strange Boys/Deerhunter/ Spoon H & E

Hopes: For Strange Boys, I hope they play all of their classics from the first album, like “Woe” and “MLKs” and several others as well as some newbies from the second album, like “Laugh At Sex, Not Her” and “Be Brave.” I hope it’s a great performance from one of my new favorite bands. For Deerhunter, I hope they play mostly tracks from Microcastle and Rainwater Casette Exchange. I also hope they play the classic “Fluorescent Grey.” Idealy, it will be one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. For Spoon, I just hope I like it, having never actually listened to their music.

: I expect Strange Boys to play a good number of my favorites from both records and put on a damn good show. For Deerhunter, I anticipate they play some of my faves, but also many of the overly spacy, Cryptograms tracks, that isn’t exactly my cup of tea. I imagine it will still sound sick live though. Lastly, with Spoon, I don’t expect anything, but at least a decent (if not better) performance, considering all their acclaim.