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Adam Green – In 2016, how does one recommend to somebody where to begin? Didn’t have this problem in 2010. I think I first heard a full Adam Green album with his 2010 Minor Love LP. No, I didn’t “get it” at that time, six years ago. I reviewed it like it was Let It Bloom or something. But Minor Love can’t be thought of as a boozy garage album. There’s a lot more fuzz to go around on Minor than his cleaner sounding previous records, but this one is just as witty as it is raw. One could spend an entire article or small history on how Adam beats everyone at the fun game of random.

Almighty Defenders – Why 2009 was seven years ago. It’s officially a long time ago. Think about it. If you were even the hippest 12 year old listening to The Almighty Defenders, you are 19 years old now. There’s no way around it. Their album and their existence is forever special and will not be forgotten. It is laughable that there was any kind of seriousness associated with Almighty Defenders. I mean that in the best way. Black Lips & The King Khan & BBQ Show getting together, on a whim, given some bizarre circumstances. They did it.

Angry Angles – I was going to assume everybody knows this band, but I bet reality is not as convincing. This is Jay Reatard and Alix Brown’s band. They broke up, so did the band, and then Jay made Blood Visions. But from what I understand, a lot of those songs were already being performed by Angry Angles. Whatever – I am familiar with the three 7″s – Apparent-TransparentCrowds, and Things Are Moving. Of course they were from Memphis. I would say contemporary bands from there must think fondly of the Angles.

Animal Collective – Say what you will about these guys, but they meant a lot to me from about 2007 to 2009. Their weirdness and noisiness more often than not IS rock ‘n roll to me, at least in its primitiveness and expanding creativity. I can hear the Beach Boys and Pavement influence as much as any of the avant-garde. I would like to revisit all of it. It will be okay to be weird. Yeah, I’ll check out the new one. Why not?

Atlas Sound – There is only one Bradford Cox. I admire him for his insane stretches of bedroom recordings. He has released some official albums and as well as many self-released Databank Volumes. By himself, Bradford touts absolute freedom, but in a very nostalgic and chill way. He is a sucker for the old fashioned ’50s/’60s pop format maybe more than the sound collage, but he liberally incorporates whatever he wants, however, he wants it. And that is something I admire and really learn a lot from with each thoughtful listen.

Ausmuteants – As far as synth ‘n roll is concerned, at least for the past couple years, these guys are the top. Comfortably. The Aussie DEVO I never grew up with, but with more of the Goner spunk. There’s a live video on YouTube where they played for well over 30 minutes on a bill with The Gories and Thee Oh Sees. And I had the funnest time watching them. Tells ya how excited I am about AUSMUTEANTS. Hope for another US tour this year!



My Top Ten Favorite Shows of 2014…

I know this sounds like bullshit and I do say it every year, but each year gets better. I’d be lying if I said 2014 was the best year of my life, but as far as KLYAM goes it was definitely the best year for KLYAM. Every year does get better, just look at our label. We put out three more releases that we’re very proud of – Nice Guys/Miami Doritos Splifft 7″, Back Pages – Singles 13, and The Electric Street Queens – Live From Your Dreams, We’re The… and we have more on the way. Just look at our calendar, we went to more shows than ever this year. I counted 85 shows I attended this year, I know for some people that’s nothing, but considering I’m not in a band, I don’t have a car, I’m broke, and don’t live in the city, I’d say that’s pretty good. But hey, it’s not quantity, it’s quality (though we got both!), so here’s my top ten favorite shows from 2014:

10) The Orwells & Twin Peaks @ Great Scott (3/4) – Our dudes, The Orwells always put on a fantastic show and we saw them three times this year, but the Great Scott set was by far the best. Right up against the stage where the action is, no douchebag security guys or broseph stalins, just straight up fun. Oh and who could forget Mario hucking the mic stand into the crowd. Classic. KLYAM Review:

Thieves Grotto
9) TIE: Nice Guys & Miami Doritos Tour Kick Off w/ Malportardo Kids and Grave Ideas & Nice Guys, Free Pizza, Ladybones, Dinoczar, both @ Thieves Grotto (2/28 & 11/21, respectively) – This is just one big shout out to the Grotto and Nice Guys. Nice Guys are honorary klyamers and so are Miami Doritos, and we love Free Pizza, we’ll miss those Miami boys. Ahh so much Miami! Guys, pizza, doritos. All the bands are named after food! Haha, but ya Thieves Grotto throws the most insane basement shows and it’s always a party. I wish every show was like these shows. KLYAM Review (2/28): & (11/21):

Cumstain Boston
8) Cumstain, Free Pizza, Gangbang Gordon (BUFU Tape Release), White Pages @ JP Drive In (8/24) – I still haven’t gotten over this show, not even just the show itself, but the very fact that it happened. Call me crazy, call me wild, call me a cocksucker, I don’t give a fuck. I’ve been waiting to see this band for four years now, I still can’t believe it. It was awesome to finally meet the stains themselves as well. This show is also significant because it was the first KLYAM Presents show in nearly a year and it was my homie, Gangbang Gordon’s BUFU tape release show. Cheers buddy. KLYAM Review:

7) Nobunny, The Hussy, The Fagettes, Banditas, Gangbang Gordon @ Middle East Upstairs (2/4) – NO NO needs NO introduction. It’s always a blast seeing the bunnyman in action, especially in front of a rowdy, sold out Boston crowd filled with tons of my friends. Solid set of openers including one of my favorites, The Hussy, whom made both their Boston and KLYAM debut. A highly memorable show that brought us some joy and warmth in the middle of a shivering, cold ass winter. KLYAM Review:

6) Black Lips & Natural Child @ Paradise (4/19) – Of course, my favorite band, Black Lips, of course you’d see them here and you’ll see them again my friends. At last, I can finally put them on my year end lists again; we haven’t seen the flower punkers live since 2011. WHATT?! This was also my first time seeing Natural Child, yet another band I’ve been anticipating seeing for years. KLYAM Review:

5) Black Lips, The King Khan & BBQ Show, Coke Weed @ Port City Music Hall (9/27) –  I always love seeing a show at a venue I’ve never been to before, even if it’s a traditional music hall, it’s still new to me. I haven’t been in Portland (Maine) for a while, so that’s an added bonus. More importantly, this is a KLYAMER’s wet dream bill. Two giants of contemporary garage slime, straight up Rock ‘n’ Roll all in one night. Definitely some of best I’ve seen from the Lips and KKBBQ in years. No KLYAM Review, because my dog ate it. Do kids still say that?

Ty Great Scott
4) Ty Segall, La Luz, Boytoy @ Great Scott (9/19) – At this point in his career, Ty Segall can and will sell out large clubs, but that wasn’t the case this time. The show was sold out, of course, but it was at Great Scott, a relatively small venue. This is Ty here. I never thought I’d see him on that small stage. It was nuts. A vicious set with tunes from all over his career. Why can’t all my favorites just stop here? No bigger clubs (except Middle East). Ty’s the face of our rock ‘n’ roll and this show is a testament that Boston loves him. KLYAM Review:

Fall Tour
3) Black Lips, The King Khan & BBQ Show, The Kominas @ Paradise (9/28) – Christ, what a Black Lips whore. You knew what you were getting into when you started reading this. Night II of my Black Lips/KKBBQ Rock ‘n’ Roll Weekend and as you can probably tell the superior of the two nights. In particular, the Lips shined through cranking out golden oldies such as “I’ve Got A Knife” and “Ain’t No Deal” among other classics from all over their fifteen year reign of terror. These Atlantans were as feisty as ever (including newcummer/oldcummer Jack Hines, welcome back Jack!). Speaking of bodily fluids, never thought I’d see Cole peeing in his mouth again, damn I thought that was over after 2006 haha. Best of all, the Lips and KKBBQ merged as one and performed as the gospel supergroup, The Almighty Defenders. I SAW THE LIGHT. Oh and we got to enjoy a beer with some of the guys backstage, also something I’d never expect at the Paradise. I told Jared that I lost my virginity while The Spooks were playing in the background, which is true, he said “Well, cheers to that!”  Yes, cheers.

2) Atlantic Thrills (Album Release), Ravi Shavi, Gymshorts, Littlefoot @ Dusk (2/1) – Providence consistently dishes out the wildest shows and this was total debauchery, one of the craziest shows I’ve ever seen. While, I don’t think anyone was hurt (though I had several bruises) I do mean crazy. The word gets tossed around all too often, but this one is up there. Pandemonium. At the very least, just good old fashioned fun. Whether it was all the nudity, moshing, silly string, beer flying, or simply singing along to all the songs we’ve come to know and love, it was a special little feeling you don’t get often and if I could trap it in a bottle and sell it to all of ya’ll, I’d be a billionaire.  And we KLYAMERS have really been waiting for this record to come out, three years now. An epic show with stellar opening sets might I add. What we call in my line of work  a “stacked line up.” Keep up the craziness in 2015 and beyond. KLYAM Review:

BUFU sch
1) BUFU Fest @ Cambridge Elks Lodge (4/25 & 4/26) – I’ve been to a few local music festivals now, but this one tops them all. Easily the closest to what a KLYAM Fest would look like (Fuzzstival is a close second though). A wide variety of acts being thrust in your face. One moment you’re rocking out to the Nice Guys, the next you’re singing along to ACLU Benefit’s one man show, then the next minute you’re shouting about “living in Boston, Massachusetts” with Free Pizza or you’re caught in a mosh with Guerrilla Toss. I’m ready to do it all over again this year. KLYAM Review:

So, that’s that. As I said before, there were a ton of excellent shows I/we attended this year, I could make an honorable mentions list, but the list would go on and on. At the very least, here’s a list of my favorite bands I saw for the first time in 2014 in chronological order: Littlefoot, The Hussy, The Sulk Scouts, Buttercup, Tacocat, Durt Dog The Band, Natural Child, Juan Wauters, ACLU Benefit, The Ar-Kaics, Beach Toys, Robot Death Kites, Black Beach, The Lemons, Cumstain, (New England) Patriots, Ben Katzman’s DeGreaser, Good Nature (formerly known as Phaze), Ausmuteants, Ursula, Show Me The Body, Buck Gooter, Big Buck Hunter, and Feral Jenny.

My Old King Cole Younger Playlist

The following is a playlist I made of my favorite Cole Alexander moments from the various music outlets he has participated in over the years. Though I have to admit, the title is somewhat misleading because none of his solo, Old King Cole Younger releases appear here- I’m not really well-acquainted with them. Just to clarify, I’m not saying these are the best Black Lips songs nor am I even saying these are the best songs Cole provides his vocals on. Instead, this list focuses on what are in my opinion Punk Slime songs that are extremely unique to Cole’s singing and songwriting style, if you want to call it that. Numbers that would be completely different if it was someone else singing, at least to me. Okay, here it goes.

1) Sea of Blasphemy– Black Lips,  from Let It Bloom (2005)

2) Dog Years- Ghetto Cross, from Ghetto Cross 7″ (2007)

3) Ghetto Cross– Black Lips, from We Did Not Know  the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow (2004)

4) Lock and Key– Black Lips, from Good Bad Not Evil (2007)

5) How Do You Tell a Child That Someone Has Died– Black Lips, from Good Bad Not Evil (2007)

6) Steal Your Soul– The Spooks, from Death From Beyond the Grave (2008)

7) California Boys– The Spooks, from Death From Beyond the Grave (2008)

8) The Drop I Hold– Black Lips, from 200 Million Thousand (2009)

9) Spidey’s Curse– Black Lips, from Arabia Mountain  (2011)

10) Dirty Hands– Black Lips, from Let It Bloom (2005)– This is one of my favorite live versions

11) Bow Down and Die– The Almighty Defenders,  from The AlmightyDefenders  (2009)

12) Don’t Mess Up My Baby- Black Lips, from Arabia Mountain (2011) 

13) Empassant– Black Lips, from Let It Bloom (2005)

I couldn’t find a youtube link for this, what a disgrace :(. But, no need to fear, here is a linke to last year’s Toronto Tocks  interview with Cole, where the epic, Bloom’ closer can be heard. 

Well, there you have it, some great pieces of flower punk to share with your infant children, they are the wave of the future, you know? Now, settle down and have dem children cause your brain is fried!

So, what are some of your favorite “Cole” anthems? You know where the comment section is.

Chris’s Top 30 Current Favorite Artists

In honor of KLYAM’s two year Birthday (June 27) I decided to make a list of my 30 favorite bands at the moment with the criteria being that they had to have released material since the inception of KLYAM that I enjoy very, very much. I don’t plan on writing about all of them, especially when it is so obvious to anyone that frequently visits this site why I love some of these bands. Okay, here we go!

30) Those Darlins: You think Country music is dead?! You clearly haven’t heard Those Darlins. This four piece band rocks like a Punk band but with the sweetness of an old school Country act. A great example of a modern band incorporating traditional styles of music into their own unique sound.

29) The Strange Boys

28) Smith Westerns: I had heard the name Smith Westerns tossed around like a hot child in the city and they just seemed like another hype band, and for some reason (at least to me) they kind of have that look to them. Eventually, I sat down and gave them some eartime and realized I had been missing out on one of the finer pop bands around today. When you listen to SW you can tell these guys want their music to just consume you and rest deep in your psyche for as long as possible. Their songs are epic, perhaps even over the top, but in that nice way, you know where you fear they are coming too close to pretentious, but then all of that evaporates when you realize just how catchy, emotional, and ultimately memorable the music is. Definitely, one of my new favorite bands, all hype bullshit aside.

27) Atlas Sound: If you asked most music fans what they look for in artists I’m sure sincerity is pretty damn high on the list. Bradford “Atlas Sound” Cox is one of the most sincere artists in the whole world. Instead of making his music a premeditated script, Bradford lets the music flow as he is recording it; he does not write lyrics ahead of time and this really shines through in his songs. There is an uncany vulnerability in his music. For example, in “Holiday,” when he moans “I’m desperate, don’t try to get away” you really believe him. He offers the genuine emotion and conviction a “proper” musician would simply fuck up. Not to mention the vast amount of music he makes freely available for everyone!

26) Arctic Monkeys

25) Peach Kelli Pop: A notable trend on this list is the vintage, “garage,” if you will studio production sound in most or many of these artists, and I think PKP is no exception to that. I love the sound of their self-titled record and how simple it is (or at least appears to be); thee simplicity is key to these tunes. Also the exuberence and joy placed in every song is enough to make even the grouchiest killjoy start shakin’. PKP is like bubblegummy, teeny bopper music for Punkers. “Eeenie Meenie Minie Moe” is my top jam; I could blast that forever.

24) Gentlemen Jesse and His Men: I’m often shocked that some of the music I love is not as big as I would expect it to be. But, as Hunx says to the nay sayers of Rock and Roll: “What the fuck is wrong with you?!” Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with a world that doesn’t enjoy or worse has never came close to hearing the pleasant power pop of Gentlemen Jesse. These Atlanta rockers represent more of the sweet side of Rock and Roll, but they ain’t pussies! and whenever I see them live I’m thinking this is ALL I NEED TONIGHT!

23) Arcade Fire

22) Shannon and the Clams: I think Shannon and the Clams are the youngest (in terms of my excessive fandom for their music) band on this list. In the past month, the clams have been in heavy rotation on my ipod and it’s not hard to see why; if you love balls out, no fucking around, sometimes soft, sometimes crazy Rock and Roll, then this band demands your attention. Shannon Shaw has a gorgeous voice filled with variety- she can belt out loud, Punk inspired vocals or send your ears to musical heaven in the form of more sensitive singing. A lot of great ballads, straight up rock songs, and everything in between. One of the funnest bands I’ve come across as of late.

21) Cumstain: Wow, what a fucking band right here. Cumstain is the kinda band where your not sure if it’s just a joke or if you’re going to write your college thesis on their work and life philosophy. Well, it’s neither, but something has to be special if one were to make this contemplation. Seriously though, I can’t promote this band enough, it really dissapoints me that so few people know of their music. In terms of the songs, they are quite strong, stronger than most of their “garage” peers, but really that’s just the beginning. I have often described them as an unintentionally conceptual band. Their eponymous deubt record feels like an odd, off kilter concept album. A loose, dirty story of what it is like to be a young, sexually frusturated and confused male in this world. Overall, the music is fun and rocks, not to be taken too seriously, but honestly I rarely ever hear anything so visceral. Cumstain’s lyrics are often vulgar and licentious (who would have guessed?!) but beneath the unsavory language there’s a lot of truth. It’s a truth most pop songwriters would save for a private conversation with their buddies instead of documenting their thoughts and emotions via music. The classic ballad (it’s a ballad to me anyway) and final track “Cum Stain” really wraps things up and sums up the album as a whole. Countless bands have written about wanting to fuck girls and do naughty things to them, but few have ever taken the time to explain why, in an astonshingly direct manner, they feel this way. And as stated in the song, the relationship between men and women- the most discussed subject matter in just about all of art, is humorously and accurately reduced to being just another cum stain on a girl’s floor. I couldn’t think of a better way to put it myself, I can imagine Bill Shakespeare would be proud. With that being said, you could eschew all that philisophical analysis as utter nonsense and that would be perfectly fine because at the end of the day these songs are really great rockers to toss on while you get drunk and rowdy and dance/mosh around to or however you like to spend the time in your bachelor’s life.

20) The Almigthy Defenders: Man oh man, if I attended the show on the above flyer it would be salvation for sure! There are a lot of side projects in Rock and Roll especially when it comes to my faves, but without a doubt The Almighty Defenders brought a whole new meaning to the words side project and supergroup. Honestly, I don’t know if I could have dreamed up a more heavenly super group. If anyone reading this is a fan of The Black Lips, The King Khan & BBQ Show or just good old fashioned, analog sounding, early roots, gospel inspired- pre-popular, mass machine based music and you haven’t listened to defenders, do yourself a massive favor check them out ASAP.

19) Harlem: The word “garage” gets tossed around way too much and admittedly we are part of that over usage; Harlem has often been categorized as a garage band and certainly they have elements of said genre, but as far as KLYAM tastebuds go, they have totally surpassed 95% or more of the bands that fall under that label. Despite their Matador Records deal and other widespread acclaim, alas it seems Harlem does not gain the recognition they deserve. Who knows maybe the “indie” music “scene” just wanted to build Harlem up and look for the next Black Lips or Jay Reatard and didn’t find them. Well, fuck that Harlem is Harlem! And you know what Harlem probably doesn’t care anyway. They have that Maine Coonsy-Beetsy “I don’t give a fuck” kinda attitude to them. Even live this persona was completely intact- though they were also on shrooms when I saw them… But there’s really sentiment and heart to this trio’s music- a character lacking in their fellow “garage” comrades. They remind me of that guy that acts all nonshalant about getting laid (“yeah, I fucked her..”) but deep down that’s all that’s on his mind.

18) Mark Sultan

17) Girls

16) The Pains of Being Pure at Heart: It seems pretty obvious just with a few quick glances of this list that there are virtually no original artists in the truest sense of the word. Most of them wear their influences on their sleeves and you know what that is more than fine by me. Most bands aren’t close to original to begin with, so I’d rather hear a band mimic an existing style and add their own flavor to it. Pains are a great modern example of this- they sound like they belong on an 80s teen flick soundtrack with a little bit of the distortion and harsh noise of The Jesus and Mary Chain spinrkled in the mix. Easily one of the strongest debut LPs I have had the pleasure of hearing.

15) Magic Kids

14) The Maine Coons: If you react to music the way I do, then when you hear a band described as “cum punk” then it is a MUST that you hear them. Definitely the most obscure band on this list- which just like another “cum punk,” band, if you will, Cumstain deepely saddens me. These guys need to be acknowledged because they have the creepy, but catchy, freaky, but funny song dynamic down to a tee. Seriously their music is in the same league as Nobunny and Mark Sultan. I will constantly promote these guys any chance I get. Perhaps some of the greatest song titles ever- “Pull the Plug On Grandma,” “Hey Dickhead,” “Ghetto Queen,” “I Am a Motherfucker,” and the uplifting, missonary anthem, “How Long Is It Going to Take For You to Find God.” Maine Coons for life! You won’t find pussy this good anywhere else, I assure you.

13) King Khan & the Shrines

12) Ty Segall: Yeah yeah, I know that’s not a pic of Ty, but rather Steven Segal. But, if Ty and Steven got into a brawl, the former would totally win because Ty Segall is thee definition of badass. He’s a badass in that cool, laid back kind of way- not the I’m a tough guy and I have to prove it to everyone including myself kinda way; real gangsta ass niggas don’t start fights. And to top it off, Ty’s music is the sexiest music created in decades. Think about it, next time you want to get it on with a lady friend, play some Ty Segall. You can thank me in the form of KLYAM promotion!

11) Nobunny: Nobunny is for the children. Nobunny is for the geezers. A great man once told me that Nobunny is everything and at the same time Nobunny is nothing.

10) Best Coast

9) Animal Collective: I mentioned earlier that the artists on this list lack orginality (not as a flaw, but as a basic observation), well Animal Collective is an exception to that. I have always argued that they are the greatest and most groundbreaking band of the past decade and even if you don’t agree with that high praise you can at least admire them for their vast experimentation which is juxtaposed with their ability to break into a more accessible sound without totally abandoning those chaotic tendencies. AC was the first modern band that really struck me and got me into listening to other modern artists. Before them, I listened to only older artists for the most part. In other words, they destroyed the musical time barrier for me.

8) No Age: Whenever people ask me about noise music I typicall drop two names: Lightning Bolt and No Age. I don’t consider myself a noise aficionado by any means and I don’t consier NA a pure noise band, but one cannot help but notice the direct link between the cacophany, energy, and volume of LB and other noise bands and Dean and Randy’s ever growing project. The only difference is that this duo has an extreme devotion to pop music. From the beginning, NA has made it clear (not so much verbally) that they are pop songwriters and great ones at that! Their catchy tunes and overall light hearted, positive demanor offer a sense of inclusion, which is very much apparent in their recordings, but all the more alive during their awe inspiring live shows. No Age can be appreciated by old school punkers (or fans of old school Punk/Hardcore) but at the same time their music feels welcoming to all.

7) Box Elders: When one of your favorite bands break up it’s like when your parents divorce.* “It’s just going to end like that! Did you even consider how this would affect me?!” Even though it saddens you, you have to be a bigger person and realize its probably for the best and they need to work things out for themselves. A book on teaching music fans how to cope with their favorite bands’s splits will be available in bookstores shortly… Plain and simple, the Box Elders were one of the greatest- live, in the studio, and everywhere else. When I heard that they were through it was a dark day for KLYAM. At least, we have the music! Alice and Friends (2009) is one of the finest LPs from the past decade and probably my favorite Goner release. It’s funny with a lot of small bands you have to pay close attention to truly appreciate the pop song sunk beneath the sea of noise with the BE it was the exact opposite: you had to look for that home recording “lower” quality sound because (at least for me) their pop hooks and musical excellence dominated each and every song.

* This is just a joke, for I have never had to deal with a divorce in any way whatsoever.

6) Wavves: King of the Beach (2010) was KLYAM’s #1 album of the year brah, a title we don’t take lightly around here haha. Thanks (along with Best Coast) for bringing back good teenage angst music- at least for my tastes.

5) Hunx an His Punx

4) The King Khan & BBQ Show: I’d like to think of King Khan & BBQ as a little microcosm for my entire taste in music and more significantly my personality as a whole. Sexy, but sweet. In your face and crazy at times, but usually just ready to party and Rock and Roll. Complete soul, sentiment, and integrity, but don’t take shit too, too seriously or else it tastes bad. No bullshit, keep it as real as real can get and keep an eye on all the hunnies. Mark Sultan’s definitely my favorite singer right now- pumping up various vocalists of the 50s, 60s, and 70s with steroids and BBQ, a neat combo.

3) Deerhunter: Tru Gangsta. Tru Gangsta. If I ever saw any they would be the four gentlemen that comprise Deerhunter. Deerhunter in many ways are the group that links many of these bands together. The experimental pop aspect of their music can be associated with Animal Collective and No Age and their fun loving, Rock and Roll, “Garage” esque- simple music aesthetic and background connects them with the like of their hometown boys, The Black Lips, Jay Reatard, and The King Khan & BBQ Show, amongst others. I was discussing music with a friend and I pointed out what makes Deerhunter special and separates them from most artists is the fact that their music is extremely emotional and they deal with love in their songs, but they don’t write “love songs” or songs about sexual relationships between people. This allows the band to tap into an entirely different universe, often much greater, deeper emotions other artists never enter; they create a different kind of love song. I constantly use the word emotional to describe their music and obviously any good music has to be emotional in one way or another, but I feel like people give Deerhunter a bad name when they say they are “depressing.” Their music perhaps takes people to a place in themselves that they would rather not face, but that’s precisely what I love about them. I credit this band with helping me out a lot when I was depressed; in many ways they were the soundtrack to my evolution to happiness- that’s the only way I can describe it. My favorite song is the Microcastle (2008) closer “Twilight At Carbon Lake.” I love how it starts off sort of “sad,” and then just explodes into this wall of noise till the very end of the record. To me that song is like going through personal hell, going from totally hating yourself to totally loving yourself. As if that massive increase in volume is akin to a nervous breakdown and the end of the song is a sign that you made it out alive, stronger than ever, like the noise was just you destroying everything you hated about yourself and everything that brought you down in the first place. I’m not saying that’s what the song is about or what I think the song is about, but rather what it means to me. It’s not so much about thoughts, it’s about emotions.

2) Jay Reatard: First and foremost, with The Ramones as a possible exception, Jay wrote the catchiest songs ever. The man could sit down with a guitar and his voice alone and unleash a mini pop symphony that the most sophisticated musicians alive could never create. I can imagine one of his legacies will be the fact that he serves as a model for how much one can do with how little they have- giving hope to many a young guy and girl alone in their bedroom making music seemingly no one wants to hear. In both his music and lyrics, Jay eschewed the tough guy image a lot of people placed on him, instead cutting open his heart and sharing his blood visions for you and me, and for all to see. If you look at his songs, he really doesn’t shield himself from the rest of the world like most people do. For a guy with as much balls and strength in him, he wasn’t shy to reveal his feelings through his music in a non gay reatard way, i.e. “I look in to your eyes and try not to cry,” from his classic “Oh, It’s Such a Shame.” And indeed it is a shame, but it would be an even greater shame if we let his music fade all away into obscurity. RIP.

1) Black Lips!: Most of this site is why I love the Black Lips and why they are my favorite band, so this explanation, if you will, will be as brief as possible. In fact, the namesake for this site, for you newbies, descends from the lyrics to the lips’ anthem and their most popular song, “Bad Kids.” It’s funny, I don’t remember how this all came about, but from what I’m told a friend of ours, actually KLYAMer, Ben Tan, came up with the title knowing Glen and I were such massive fans of their music. Honestly, what a perfect title- it works on many different levels and makes sense, even if you can’t catch the reference. I think had it been Glen or me that came up with the title we probably would have called it something stupid like “Everybody Loves a Cocksucker” to prove we’re die hard Black Lips fans. Which we are- the hardest working fans in show business, but we are certainly not OG and never claimed to be. We stumbled upon the Lips in April of ’08 and slowly we became psychotic devotees, grabbing everything we could listen to, read, or watch on the band. I don’t know about Glen, but for me perhaps the greatest characteristic of the Black Lips is the fact that they satisfy the classic image and idea of what Rock and Roll band should be. That heroic, do whatever the fuck you want, Rock and Roll all night and party every day, image that I honestly thought was dead before the Lips came into my life. I thought it died with popular Rock and Roll music. But, it is alive and well and has been for a long time, just nestled in the underground. Will the Lips be the band that brings this music above ground again? Who knows? I hope the best for them, but I honestly don’t care, I will be satisfied as long as they keep it simple, stupid.

KLYAMER Shuffle: Chris

I put my ipod on shuffle and here’s what exploded on the screen:

The Replacements- Can’t Hardly Wait

Nobunny- It’s True

The Almighty Defenders- Death Cult Soup N’ Salad

Bill Hicks- My Parents

Incubus- New Skin

Bloodshot Bill- Ring the Bell

Tool- Forty Six & Two

Frank Zappa- Muffin Man

The Doors- Alabama Song

Black Lips- Let It Grow

Black Lips Juvenile! (studio version)

100 Bands to See Before I Die!

Now, I know I have made this list before and you know what I will probably make it again as I constantly discover more and more fantastic artists. As of now, these are the bands and solo stars I would really like to see before I can see Jay Reatard again haha. Here they are in no particular order except the first three. NOTE: I have never seen any of these bands, hence the purpose of this post, though I have seen some of the artists, but in different acts.

1) Adam Green
2) Cumstain
3) Natural Child
4) Shannon and The Clams
5) Atlas Sound
6) Fugazi (if that damn hiatus ended)
7) Beat Happening (see Fugazi)
8) The Replacements (if they moved on without Bob Stinson and reformed)
9) The Smiths (doubt it, but if Morrissey and the gang kissed and made up)
10) Bad Brains
11) Bright Eyes
12) Arcade Fire
13) Leonard Cohen
14) Page France (if they reform)
15) Rage Against the Machine
16) Pogues
17) Almighty Defenders
18) Big Black (if they reunited for more than just a one off thang)
19) Black Flag (if Rollins is behind the Mic, well just about anything Rollins for that matter, bu esp. BF)
20) Jello Biafra (with any band I suppose)
21) Nick Cave (particularly the Bad Seeds)
22) Simon & Garfunkel
23) David Bowie
24) Led Zeppelin
25) Les Sexareenos
26) System Of A Down
27) Misfits (If Danzig is on vocals)
28) Descendents
29) N.W.A.
30) Wu-Tang Clan (or perhaps one of the solo acts)
31) Ween
32) The Oblivians
33) The Nightwatchman Tom Morello
34) Shellac
35) Lou Reed/Velvet Undergound
36) The Stooges
37) Daniel Johnston
38) The Shaggs
39) Weezer
40) Moldy Peaches (yeah yeah if they reform)
41) Kimya Dawson
42) Alice In Chains
43) Faith No More
44) Jesus and Mary Chain
45) Lotus Plaza
46) Jane’s Addiction
47) Vaselines
48) Anti-Flag
49) Mika Miko (if they join forces again)
50) Andrew W.K.
51) Black Sabbath
52) Pavement
53) Sebadoh (that would be sick)
54) Lightning Bolt
55) Immortal Technique
56) Incubus
57) Primus
58) Stone Roses (same deal)
59) New York Dolls
60) X
61) Mabuses
62) Husker Du (I think the Huskers are long overdue for a reunion tour!)
63) Ghetto Cross
64) Old King Cole Younger
65) The Spooks (If I’m randomly in Atlanta on Halloween lol)
66) KRS-One
67) The Jam (Weller solo is cool, but not good enough)
68) The Buzzcocks
69) Smashing Pumpkins
70) R.E.M.
71) Talking Heads (please guys reunite and let’s start making sense!)
72) Devo
73) KISS
74) Cheap Trick
75) MC5
76) George Jones
77) Willie Nelson
78) Neil Young
79) Creedence Clearwater Revivial
80) Slayer
81) Mudhoney
82) Paul McCartney
83) Cypress Hill
84) Pharcyde
85) Alice Cooper
86) Galaxie 500
87) At the Drive-In
88) Vomit Squad (or just about any random Khan side project)
89) Gaye Blades
90) Bjork
91) Beastie Boys
92) The Growlers
93) Butthole Surfers
94) Necro
95) Sly and the Family Stone
96) George Clinton/Parliament Funkadelic
97) Fear
98) Melvins
99) Jesus Lizard
100) The Barbaras

Yeah, I know most of these are not exactly realistic, but what the hey. I seriously plan on crossing out each band after I see them (In less than ten days Those Darlins should be crossed off!) and in this case probably just filling them in with another artist.

Concert Review: Nobunny, Reports, Maine Coons, Rat City Three @ PA’s Lounge (6/29/10)

Artists: Nobunny, Reports, Maine Coons, and Rat City
Location: PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA
Date: Tuesday,  June 29, 2010

Act I: Rat City Three
Chris: These guys rocked out pretty hard and had some good grooves flowin’, but ultimately didn’t do much for me because they sounded exactly like the Hardcore Punk we’ve been served for just about thirty years now. Even though I wasn’t alive when the greats like Minor Threat and Black Flag came into existence, I can still safely say those artists were cutting edge, cultivating a new style of music, drenched with anger and frustration that was unheard of. Since then, countless (seriously) groups have formed and emulated that sound to no end. For me, I need more. Some kind of expansion. Perhaps I’m missing something? Either way, I think musically RC3 sounded decent and if you’re a hardcore fanatic, check em’ out.

Glen:These guys hurt my ears. Their style of hardcore punk doesn’t do anything for me. It’s fast and aggressive and the dudes probably deserved a mosh pit, but the idle crowd didn’t seem to really care.

Act II: Maine Coons
Chris: Ahh, now this was a real treat. Ok, so maybe those who aren’t as enthusiastic about Garage music as much I am (though, I don’t consider myself a Garage Enthusiast; I don’t own the Nuggets compilations!)would share my sentiment for Rat City Three with the Maine Coons. Perhaps. But, for this guy, the Coons spiced up the evening with some noisy, crude (musically and lyrically- “I Am A Motherfucker”), and even strangely spiritual (“H.L.I.I.G.T.F.Y.T.F.G” or “How Is It Going to Take For You To Find God”) The latter stood out the most to me and I can imagine everyone else in the room. MC conists of two dudes: one on keyboards and vocals and the other on vocals, guitar, and percussion a la Mark Sultan. The duo had a bit of jittery, “where are we?” kinda vibe to them, which perfectly complemented the music and their set. One of the members hilariously stated that they didn’t expect anyone to show up and that they could not deal with the pressure of this stadium setting (I’m paraphrasing). I really dug this aesthetic and I can certainly say the Maine Coons are a band I will be keeping my eye on. If you are especially into groups like the Black Lips-King Khan & BBQ Show-Almighty Defenders, then the Maine Coons are FOR YOU, FOR YOU, FOR YOU…

Glen:Like Chris said and like I expressed in my little band spotlight, these guys were memorable as ever! Definitely struck me as KK+BBQ off the bat with a tidbit of more psychobilly flavor. I’m surprised the best of their songs on Myspace have only gotten a couple of hundred views. They’ve got to get recognized by the In The Red or a similar label!

Act III: Reports
Chris: Ok, I am going to be square with y’all. I don’t remember anything about this band’s set, except for headbanging to it. So, I must have enjoyed the music at the time. I apologize for not having anything more to say. I would much rather be honest than make some shit up.

Glen:I remember these guys being fun. Not really memorable memorable (as Maine Coons), but fun. Listening to them now on their Myspace, it seems like something that should’ve stood out much more than it did.

Act IV: Nobunny!!!!!
Chris: YESSSSS! So, I’m standing right up front, right in front of the obnoxiously small stage (it was actually pretty cool), then allasudden, three giant bunnies push right thru me and the other anticipating attendees. Nobunny! and crew hit the stage, decked out in their undies and bunny masks and ears and what have ya. Nobunny, himself, even has a pair of handcuffs attached to his underwear. He proclaims (at least I remember him saying this, unless it was my imagination running wild) that last time we were here, we tried to burn the place down. This time we are. This song is called “Burn the Place Down!” And they burst right into the Rock and Roll fun and of course scorching, beautiful mayhem ensued: Moshing, Pogoing, dancing, beers flyin’, duckwalking, singing along to all yer faves! The trio (well this time there was only there, as I stated before) then launched into classics like “Boneyard,” “It’s True,” “Somewhere New, “I Am a Girlfriend,” “Not That Good,” amongst others. Since, Nobunny jammed on the guitar while singing this time, he didn’t interact as much with the crowd (though he still did more than most frontmen) as he did the last time I saw him (just singing). But, to make up for that the audience was far more into it than the crowd I was with before when I saw him open for Jay Reatard on the Shattered Tour, and even at that show I would say the kids were into it then. But, this time I was flying around, bashing back and forth into folks, and nearly smashing my skull into the cymbals. I noticed the microphone stand was knocked down at one point. The evening culminated with the great sing along and rocker, “Chuck Berry Holiday,” the perfect closer for this performance.

Glen: Brilliance from the bunny man. I expected no less. Though I can’t remember every song played, I can mentally revisit the Burn The Place Down remark, Nononononobunny loves you, and BONEYARD! In my crazy state of mind, I thought BONEYARD was a MIKA MIKO cover. What the fuck was I thinking?! Also after 3 songs nononononobunnee said they were being kicked out and had only one more song. Papa KLYAM recalled after that this was particularly troubling and once the band jammed out five more, he was even more bewildered and remarked to sister KLYAM that nonononobunnee insisted only one more. Well, thankfully the bunny man and Elvis Christ and Tony the Tiger or whatever his name is stuck around. I fell a bunch of times. Banged my right hand on Elvis’ cymbals and picked up the downed microphone stand. I AM A GIRLFRIEND was wonderful. CHUCK BERRY was a hell of a finisher. After the show Chris and I scrambled to find the man behind the mask. And whatever happened after that will never be known. TOP SECRET.

Chris: I had tons of fun and enjoyed the willd and crazy allure of the mysterious Nobunny. I am pleased to have discovered a new essential band in Maine Coons. And lastly, I appreciated my first experience at the PA’s Lounge.

Glen:A-, This was a quality ass show. Among the funnest concert experiences was during the Nobunny set. Musically, I couldn’t absorb much, but it was just a hell of a time.

Not from the show the other night, but still a sick vid!

How Does KK+BBQ Break-Up Affect Almighty Defenders?

“Black Lips + King Khan & BBQ” is now “Black Lips + King Khan + BBQ” or is it? Will the Almighty Defenders legacy continue or will die just like the King Khan & BBQ Show? Surely, Sultan and Khan are only 2/7 of the super-group, but if there is some bad blood between two of them at the moment, wouldn’t that make things kind of awkward? We’ll see next Wednesday when the Defenders play at Sled Island.