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Pick Up Maine Coons 7″ On Stencil Trash Records!

Maine Coons, one of KLYAM’s beloved bands and one of the finest punk slimers in existence, is releasing a 7″ on Stencil Trash Records! Pick it up here with the new Gremlins UK 7″ EP: http://spentplanet.bigcartel.com/product/maine-coons-lathe-cut-gremlins-uk-7

1) Ghetto Queen
2) Uniform Choice
3) Tired and Inspired

Hot damn!

Chris’s Top Songs of Twenty Ten

The Top Song of 2010 for this cat is none other than the Box Elders’ classic “Tiny Sioux” released on Hozac records. Being a massive fan of the Box Elders, I naturally elected this ditty as Song of the Year, but with all that excessive fandom aside, I think this tune has attributes that can be genuinely appreciated by “non-garage” fans: the sincerity of the lyrics and the heartfelt delivery of the vocals. The lo-fi, home recording insanely complements the overall innocence of the number, making it feel like a sad, but beautiful children’s song, as if to be heard before falling asleep. I didn’t think the Omaha boys could top themselves after “Atlantis” from last year’s LP Alice and Friends or at least do it so soon, but indeed they did and this is without a doubt my favorite BE number. Y’all have to hear this!

Okay, so the rest of this list will be in alaphabetical order and I have set it to a three song per artist limit. Here we go…

Sadly no A’s :(


Best Coast:
“When I’m With You”
“Summer Mood”

Box Elders:
“Tiny Sioux” :)
“Plenty of Room At the Bottom”


Cum Stain:
“Cum Stain”
“Broke My Dick”
“Bachelor’s Life”


“Basement Scene”
“Don’t Cry”
“Desire Lines”


Happy Birthday:
“Girls FM”

“Friendly Ghost”
“Someday Soon”
“Gay Human Bones”

Hunx and His Punx:
“Gimmie Gimmie Back Your Love”
“Hey Rocky”
Note: these songs had been released previously, but this year marked their official release (Gay Singles) on True Panther Sounds. So, I’m breaking my rule here by sharing two more rockin’ Hunx tunes.
“Lovers’ Lane”
“Too Young to Be In Love”


Magic Kids:
“Hey Boy”

Maine Coons:
“Pull the Plug On Grandma”
“I Am a Motherfucker”
“My Kinda Luv”

Mark Sultan:
“Ten of Hearts”
“Misery’s Upon Us”
“I Am the End”


No Age:
“Life Prowler”
“Fever Dreaming”

“I Was On (the Bozo Show)”
“Live It Up”
“(Do the) Fuck Yourself”


Sex Beet:
“I’m In Love With You (So Shut the Fuck Up)”

Strange Boys:
“A Walk On the Beach”
“Be Brave”
“Laugh At Sex (Not At Her)”


Ty Segall: need to hear more of this guy!


Vomit Squad:
“Burning With Beelzebub”


“Post Acid”
“Linus Spacehead”
“Take On the World”

Chris’s Top Ten of Twenty Ten

10) Cum Stain– Cum Stain (Burger)
Cum Stain exemplifies what is fantastic about Punk: putting passion over musicianship and just fucking rocking out! These ditties are far from perfect but, such memorable tracks as “Bachelor’s Life,” “Broke My Dick,” and “Just a Kid” are the epitome of youthful exuberance. On a lyrical level I could totally relate to these guys; “Cum Stain,” the album closer is an unsavory anthem that is our generation’s “Touch Me I’m Sick.” It just speaks the truth about the relationship between men and women, at the end of the day “I’m just another cum stain on your floor!”
Grade: B

9) First Blood– Nobunny (Goner)
This is another fun rockin’ classic from one of the greatest showmen of modern times. With this record, Nobunny takes his Ramones esque bubblegummy sound to new levels. I wouldn’t go as far as calling the production “adventerous,” but it definitely sounds bigger, cleaner, and more mature. Even lyrically, there are some dark undertones slid underneath the jovial mayhem of the music. Tracks like “Breathe” showcase said transformation. Don’t get me wrong, this still is the same old fun loving, wacky, and entertaining Nobunny we have come to adore. “Live It Up” and “(Do the ) Fuck Yourself” are new classics amongst others. My favorite tune and arguably the bunnyman’s greatest offering is the final track “I was On (the Bozo Show): I really dig the simplicity of just acoustic guitar, drum, vocals. One of his most heartfelt songs (vocally and lyrically) and the inclusion of the circus noises perfectly parallels this. After all, Nobunny’s music/performance is akin to a wild, bizarre circus show.
Grade: B/B+

8) Everything In Between– No Age (Sub Pop)
Everybody’s favorite music duo, No Age is at it again, unleashing another Noise Pop induced adventure! Admittedly, this was a disapointment, at least compared to their previous efforts, but Nouns (2008) is hard to top, so I’ll lay off their case for now. With that being said, this LP has grown on me and I have come to realize there are several amazing numbers on this record. “Life Prowler” has become my favorite No Age opener and when I saw them live the experience was phenomenal. All in all, I would recommend this to NA fans and non fans alike, glad they continue to make relentless, noisy, Punk music for all of us. Definitely one of my favorite bands of all time and certainly one of the best of today.
Grade: B/B+

7) Memphis– Magic Kids (True Panther Sounds)
I have had the great pleasure of recently hearing this modern pop masterpiece. Memphis is sonicly within the Brian Wilson/Beach Boys/Pet Sounds realm and is just as uplifting if not more. These kiddies indeed create a magical experience from start to finish. It is seemingly impossible to not feel ecstatic after listening to Memphis. Top tracks for me include “Summer,” “Hey Boy,” (reminds me of a Summer Heights High song!) “Superball,”Cry With Me Baby,” “Phone,” “Candy,” and “Skateland.” Alas, this record/band will not get the recognition it deserves; it’s a gorgeous, ambitious and overall euphoric Pop album.
Grade: A-

6) $– Mark Sultan (Last Gang)
Mark Sultan follows up his In the Red classic The Sultanic Verses (2007) with $ his most adventerous album to date. The BBQ tosses various ingrediants into his Garage dish: intense/trippy as fuck psychedelia (“Icicles”), doo wop (“Ten of Hearts”), and Anthemic Punk (“Go Berserk” and “Misery’s Upon Us”), amongst other styles. Sultan’s vocals are better than ever, best exemplified on tracks such as “I Am the End” and the aforementioned “Ten of Hearts.” He maintains his careful recreation of early 60s Rock and Roll, but goes so far beyond that and has created his best solo work yet. $ reenforces Mark Sultan’s Status! as a unique and inventive figure in the musical landscape.
Grade: A-

5) Hippies– Harlem (Matador)
Someday soon you’ll be on fire and you’ll ask me for a glass of water, but I won’t hear you because I’ll be blasting this Garage classic! To be frank, this LP isn’t even a “great” album in the truest sense of the word, but rather a collection of great songs, sometimes marvelous songs. I really dig the immediate pop hooks, comparable to those of Jay Reatard and Hunx and His Punx, though not quite the same style of those acts. Harlem is all about fun and they certainly deliver here, via sloppy, but definitely listenable production. This thing is filled with “hits.” Highlights include, but are not limited to “Someday Soon,” “Friendly Ghost, “Be Your Baby,” “Gay Human Bones,” and “Poolside.” If you are a fan of catchy Garage/Punk Rock, check out Harlem; by far one of my current favorite bands.
Grade: A-

4) The Maine Coons– The Maine Coons (Spent Planet)
Who? Yeah, I bet most of y’all have no idea whom these cats are. Before last June, I was guilty of such ignorance as well, until I saw them open for Nobunny. Goodtimes. I loved them then, but I really appreciated this duo when I tossed on their licentious debut LP. MC have a knack for creating bizarre, savagely hilarious, and infinitely memorable tunes. The first five tracks on this ditty serve as one of the greatest line ups I have heard in a long time. All solid songs. Then after tha there’s some filler, but overall this record is a nice assault on the pollitcally correct, uptight squares of the world. This is slimy Punk Slime at its finest, not to be taken too seriously. What should be taken seriously is checking out their music to begin with. I am honestly surprised these fellas aren’t as big as they could be (big meaning on Goner or a similar label). Just listen to classics like “My Kinda Luv,” “I Am a Motherfucker,” “Hey Dickhead,” “Ghetto Queen,” and “Pull the Plug On Grandma.” You’ll get the picture… or be completely terrified. Either way, The Maine Coons have done their duty.
Grade: A-

3) Halcyon Digest– Deerhunter (4AD)
Let me just say there is a big fucking trench between how much I love 4-10 and 1-3. Don’t get me wrong the first seven records enumerated here are more than decent, but this top three is extremely special to me, if not already indicated by the augmentation of the photos. Okay, so Halcyon pushes forward Deerhunter’s incredible gift for experimental (and emotional) pop music further than anyone could imagine. Perhaps because I am a huge fan of said styel I believe this is their greatest effort, but I think it goes way beyond that. Not to sound trite, but on this record Deerhunter have captured a true “Rock” identity whilst still maintaining their peculiar, unique aesthetic. These songs feel like FM Radio staples, songs you would hear in the mainstream, yet in spite of this accessible sound they remain anything but. It still boggles my mind how this is not a much bigger release, not that it matters, I am content with Deerhunter being appreciated for the right reasons. In any case, this record has had an enormous emotional effect on me and I can imagine the same for most folks out there. When Bradford sings “Come on, little boy you don’t have to cry” in “Don’t Cry” it reminded me of Lennon’s line “It’s getting hard to be someone, but it all works out, it doesn’t matter much to me” from “Strawberry Fields Forever.” In both accounts the singers speak directly to their listeners and affirm us that we are all human. On a separate note, the flow here is spectacular, as I said before this album is filled with strong “hits,” but it never feels like a compilation or a greatest hits collection, instead we hear a complete idea/experience and that’s another key factor in what makes this record one of the best, if not the best of the year. Finally, let me point out, just so people do not misconstrue me, I am not insinuating that Deerhunter has found their sound or style or any sort of crap like that. This is similar to what Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop said about Animal Collective when reviewing Merriweather Post Pavillion (2009): Deerhunter is not the kind of band that just “finds” their sound and sticks to it. That seems like an insult to a band that constantly evolves and ventures into new territories and I see the future as no different. So, check out Halcyon Digest and Deerhunter today, classics include: “Don’t Cry,” “Revival,” “Sailing,” “Memory Boy,” “Desire Lines,” “Basement Scene,” “Helicoptor,” and “He Would Have Laughed,” Yeah, practically the whole damn thing. On a side note to fellow KLYAMer, Andrew Bedsole, right here is an album that should appear on Rolling Stone’s top ten list.
Grade: A

2) Gay Singles– Hunx and His Punx (True Panther Sounds)
This is simply astounding Rock and Roll (of the early 60s Girl Group variety)- extremely fun and catchy. Nothing more. Nothing less. Just the highest of its form. Keep Rocking!
Grade: A

1) King of the Beach– Wavves (Fat Possum)
No, not Kings of Leon, you fools. We Want Fun! King of the Beach! Haha, nothing against KOL, but this record like those of the Black Lips, Jay Reatard, The King Khan & BBQ Show, etc. seriously criticize their peers via music. This record brings out so much joy and euphoria in me I can’t help but pitty anyone that’s not listening to it. I know I sound like an elitist douche bag right now, but I don’t think you realize just how happy this shit makes me! I liked Wavves a lot before this record, but I was really thrilled when Nathan teamed up with Stephen Pope and Billy Hayes (formerly of Jay Reatard’s touring band), hopped into a studio and the rest is history. The cleaner production admittedly ameliorated the sound of the band, but without a doubt the brilliant pop songwrting already existed and vigorously unleashed on this album. For me, I will always cherish this masterpiece and associate it with Summer Twenty Ten. I would go as far as to label this as the greatest Summer record of all time, okay maybe the Beach Boys have the lead on that one, but Wavves are not too far off. What I specifically adore about Wavves is the fact that they don’t reject the music they grew up with (Blink 182, Green Day, and much lesser respected Commercial bullshit of the 90s), they pack it up with them and still wear it just like an old shirt you have grown into, but don’t want to show off anymore. With Wavves that 90s mersh shit is still intact and very much part of their sound, albeit sunk beneath the loud, surfy psychedellic, Animal Collective influenced Noise Pop of Wavves. They just threw a bunch of styles into a blender and hit go! It works. I have to put this at number one, I listened to it multiple times a day, nearly everyday this Summer and still listen to it a few times a week, more or less, and it is amongst my top five favorite albums of all time. With a couple of exceptions, every songs on this record is in the 9/10 range. Here are my favorites: “Post Acid,” “Linus Spacehead,” “Take On the World,” “King of the Beach,” and “Super Soaker.”
Grade: A

Honorable Mention: Best Coast’s Crazy For You, another great Summer album, one that serves as a terrifc companion with King of the Beach and more importantly showcases heartfelt love ballads and the exceptional songwriting/singing of Bethany Cosentino. Can’t wait to see BC and Wavves at Paradise in a few months!

Overall, my favorites of Twenty Ten are all Pop oriented in one way or another, in fact this is a great list of diverse Pop music.

Album Review: Maine Coons-Maine Coons

Artist: The Maine Coons
Full Title
: Maine Coons
Year: 2010
: Spent Planet

1) My Kinda Luv- 9
2) I Am a Motherfucker- 9/10
3) Hey Dickhead- 9
4) Ghetto Queen- 9
5) Pull the Plug On Grandma- 9
6) Hologram (Urinals)- 7
7) Uniform Choice- 8
8) Tired and Unispired- 8/9
9) Fast and Easy Livin’- 7/8
10) Can’t Follow Thru- 7/8

Comments: This is good jerkin off music. Yeah, I said it. I figured the nature of this band fit such a description. This is truly slimy Punk Slime right here, guerrila pop art at its finest. The first five tracks serve as instantaneous catchy classics. With very little effort they seap into yer psyche and crawl around for a while. Just fast, punk ditties with that gorgeous garage rockin’/ early Black Lips/King Khan & BBQ underbelly. This album has an incredible beginning, like nothing else I have seen in a while. Rarely, does an artist hit me with a ton of bricks like these guys- from “My Kinda Luv” to “Pull the Plug On Grandma,” I’m totally hooked. I love the direct vulgarity of tracks like “I Am a Motherfucker” and “Hey Dickhead,” where fans of Garage Punk, so to speak, will find themselves chanting the lyrics everytime it blasts thru their speakers. Alas, after “Pull the Plug” I am somewhat severed from the initial appeal.”Hologram” is okay, but feels more like a filler track. “Uniform Choice” and “Tired and Uninspired” are really good songs and definitely save the second half of the album from spoiling the whole LP. The last two tracks are not terrible, but simply do not cut it, at least for my money. Overall, this is a fun, invigorating, and at times fantastic record that needs to gain more recognition. Musically, I am always fascinated by the sparse production, which is relatively easy on the ears and that is not a bad thing; the simplicity of just vocals, keyboards, guitars, percussion. Two guys run this show- one on vocals/keyboards while the other bro plinks his gee tar, commands the drums a la Mark Sultan (with his feet) and shares vocals duties with his comrade. Lastly, I missed some of my favorite MC songs in “How Long Is It Going to Take For You to Find God” and “Inside You,” both of which do not appear here and I think should have replaced some of the weaker numbers. Ohh well, if you like immediate pop hooks in the vain of Black Lips, Jay Reatard, King Khan BBQ, Box Elders, Harlem, and others usually featured on this site, then I am positive you will enjoy this motherfucker. Without a doubt, the Maine Coons are amongst my new favorite bands and I hope to see them live again soon. Peace out, I gotta go kill some dickheads and then piss on their graves.

Grade: A-

Maine Coons at O’Brien’s Pub!

On Sunday, August 29, The Maine Coons will be opening for Unatural Helpers (never heard of them) at O’Brien’s Pub. I will not be in attendence because it will be my first night back to colllege, but I really dug the Coons’ performance at the PA’s Lounge a little while back, so I highly recommend you check it out. Help a strugglin’ band!

Concert Review: Nobunny, Reports, Maine Coons, Rat City Three @ PA’s Lounge (6/29/10)

Artists: Nobunny, Reports, Maine Coons, and Rat City
Location: PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA
Date: Tuesday,  June 29, 2010

Act I: Rat City Three
Chris: These guys rocked out pretty hard and had some good grooves flowin’, but ultimately didn’t do much for me because they sounded exactly like the Hardcore Punk we’ve been served for just about thirty years now. Even though I wasn’t alive when the greats like Minor Threat and Black Flag came into existence, I can still safely say those artists were cutting edge, cultivating a new style of music, drenched with anger and frustration that was unheard of. Since then, countless (seriously) groups have formed and emulated that sound to no end. For me, I need more. Some kind of expansion. Perhaps I’m missing something? Either way, I think musically RC3 sounded decent and if you’re a hardcore fanatic, check em’ out.

Glen:These guys hurt my ears. Their style of hardcore punk doesn’t do anything for me. It’s fast and aggressive and the dudes probably deserved a mosh pit, but the idle crowd didn’t seem to really care.

Act II: Maine Coons
Chris: Ahh, now this was a real treat. Ok, so maybe those who aren’t as enthusiastic about Garage music as much I am (though, I don’t consider myself a Garage Enthusiast; I don’t own the Nuggets compilations!)would share my sentiment for Rat City Three with the Maine Coons. Perhaps. But, for this guy, the Coons spiced up the evening with some noisy, crude (musically and lyrically- “I Am A Motherfucker”), and even strangely spiritual (“H.L.I.I.G.T.F.Y.T.F.G” or “How Is It Going to Take For You To Find God”) The latter stood out the most to me and I can imagine everyone else in the room. MC conists of two dudes: one on keyboards and vocals and the other on vocals, guitar, and percussion a la Mark Sultan. The duo had a bit of jittery, “where are we?” kinda vibe to them, which perfectly complemented the music and their set. One of the members hilariously stated that they didn’t expect anyone to show up and that they could not deal with the pressure of this stadium setting (I’m paraphrasing). I really dug this aesthetic and I can certainly say the Maine Coons are a band I will be keeping my eye on. If you are especially into groups like the Black Lips-King Khan & BBQ Show-Almighty Defenders, then the Maine Coons are FOR YOU, FOR YOU, FOR YOU…

Glen:Like Chris said and like I expressed in my little band spotlight, these guys were memorable as ever! Definitely struck me as KK+BBQ off the bat with a tidbit of more psychobilly flavor. I’m surprised the best of their songs on Myspace have only gotten a couple of hundred views. They’ve got to get recognized by the In The Red or a similar label!

Act III: Reports
Chris: Ok, I am going to be square with y’all. I don’t remember anything about this band’s set, except for headbanging to it. So, I must have enjoyed the music at the time. I apologize for not having anything more to say. I would much rather be honest than make some shit up.

Glen:I remember these guys being fun. Not really memorable memorable (as Maine Coons), but fun. Listening to them now on their Myspace, it seems like something that should’ve stood out much more than it did.

Act IV: Nobunny!!!!!
Chris: YESSSSS! So, I’m standing right up front, right in front of the obnoxiously small stage (it was actually pretty cool), then allasudden, three giant bunnies push right thru me and the other anticipating attendees. Nobunny! and crew hit the stage, decked out in their undies and bunny masks and ears and what have ya. Nobunny, himself, even has a pair of handcuffs attached to his underwear. He proclaims (at least I remember him saying this, unless it was my imagination running wild) that last time we were here, we tried to burn the place down. This time we are. This song is called “Burn the Place Down!” And they burst right into the Rock and Roll fun and of course scorching, beautiful mayhem ensued: Moshing, Pogoing, dancing, beers flyin’, duckwalking, singing along to all yer faves! The trio (well this time there was only there, as I stated before) then launched into classics like “Boneyard,” “It’s True,” “Somewhere New, “I Am a Girlfriend,” “Not That Good,” amongst others. Since, Nobunny jammed on the guitar while singing this time, he didn’t interact as much with the crowd (though he still did more than most frontmen) as he did the last time I saw him (just singing). But, to make up for that the audience was far more into it than the crowd I was with before when I saw him open for Jay Reatard on the Shattered Tour, and even at that show I would say the kids were into it then. But, this time I was flying around, bashing back and forth into folks, and nearly smashing my skull into the cymbals. I noticed the microphone stand was knocked down at one point. The evening culminated with the great sing along and rocker, “Chuck Berry Holiday,” the perfect closer for this performance.

Glen: Brilliance from the bunny man. I expected no less. Though I can’t remember every song played, I can mentally revisit the Burn The Place Down remark, Nononononobunny loves you, and BONEYARD! In my crazy state of mind, I thought BONEYARD was a MIKA MIKO cover. What the fuck was I thinking?! Also after 3 songs nononononobunnee said they were being kicked out and had only one more song. Papa KLYAM recalled after that this was particularly troubling and once the band jammed out five more, he was even more bewildered and remarked to sister KLYAM that nonononobunnee insisted only one more. Well, thankfully the bunny man and Elvis Christ and Tony the Tiger or whatever his name is stuck around. I fell a bunch of times. Banged my right hand on Elvis’ cymbals and picked up the downed microphone stand. I AM A GIRLFRIEND was wonderful. CHUCK BERRY was a hell of a finisher. After the show Chris and I scrambled to find the man behind the mask. And whatever happened after that will never be known. TOP SECRET.

Chris: I had tons of fun and enjoyed the willd and crazy allure of the mysterious Nobunny. I am pleased to have discovered a new essential band in Maine Coons. And lastly, I appreciated my first experience at the PA’s Lounge.

Glen:A-, This was a quality ass show. Among the funnest concert experiences was during the Nobunny set. Musically, I couldn’t absorb much, but it was just a hell of a time.

Not from the show the other night, but still a sick vid!