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How Does KK+BBQ Break-Up Affect Almighty Defenders?

“Black Lips + King Khan & BBQ” is now “Black Lips + King Khan + BBQ” or is it? Will the Almighty Defenders legacy continue or will die just like the King Khan & BBQ Show? Surely, Sultan and Khan are only 2/7 of the super-group, but if there is some bad blood between two of them at the moment, wouldn’t that make things kind of awkward? We’ll see next Wednesday when the Defenders play at Sled Island.

Almighty Defenders @ Primavera

Link To Listen: http://wfmu.org/flashplayer.php?version=2&show=35966&archive=61070&starttime=9:48:23


1. “All My Loving”
2. “Ghost With The Most”
3. “Over the Horizon”
4. “Cone of Light”
5. “Jihad Blues”
6. “He Touched Me” [Cover]
7. “I’m Coming Home” [Cover]
8. “She Came Before Me”
9. “The Great Defender”
10. “Bow Down and Die”

Mark Sultan – “Status”

First, there is a shit load of new information posted on Mark Sultan’s home page about all of his different projects. News, tour dates, a short video clip, and a bunch of other relevantly awesome text is located here: http://marksultan.com/news.html

Make sure to read that over because the man has so much going on for him this year.

Here is a track review of a song off Sultan’s new album $, which will be released on April 13th on Last Gang Records, a pretty large Canadian focused label that’s released stuff from the likes of Metric and Death From Above 1979.

When you listen to “Status” you might be apt to confuse it for a King Khan and BBQ Show song (Invisible Girl era to be more precise) just because it’s “bigger” sounding than most of what Mark has put out solo in the past. I don’t mean to sound like I know what’s up, but Mark said that it’s more “band-like” and that’s obvious. I do enjoy the guitar riff, but at some points the song is experimental overload (guns, horns, random pounding on drums, etc), which is humorous and fitting and a little rough on the headphones.

Grade: B

Sultan To Tour W/ Black Lips?!

Read this very fun and informative blurb from our boy Mark Sultan that tells us many things.

Oh the humanity! I’m back in Montreal from another tour! It was a lot of fun, aside from overstated shit. Great to play with Those Darlins and Dum Dum Girls. Sometimes prefab hype caught up with us and people who don’t care about music judged us for not being ‘crazy’ enough – glad you don’t like it. Sometimes we were just bummed and tired, though. I wanna thank everyone for supporting us and having fun. The shit that went down in KY really put us through the ringer financially, as friends and as a band and happened not as you think, no matter what you read from whomever’s lips or fingers. Really. I’m mostly sad not everyone saw us play with entertainer, ‘Leo Chips’. That was fun and just starting to work. The ‘show’ was finally starting to come together (hence the name, ‘The King Khan & BBQ SHOW’). Oh well. But there is good news – a lot of people enjoy the new KKBBQ album, ‘Invisible Girl’. Thanks so much! We’ll try to tour again or make up lost dates sometime in the future. My new album, entitled ‘$’ is coming out sometime soon. No idea when. Or how, at this point, but I do know that there was one song from it – Nobody But You – floating around… Maybe the In The Red myspace page? Speaking of In The Red, they put out a new single of mine a few weeks back: ‘I Am The End’ b/w ‘Catastrophe’. These are non-LP versions. The new Bloodshot Bill & Mark Sultan album is done! It took a while to iron out the last mixes or whatever,more than a year in the making, but it will be out soon on Norton Records. Tours: The King Khan & BBQ Show will be in Europe in February. Dates coming soon. The Almighty Defenders will be playing sporadically at festivals in both the US and Europe from now until the summer, and both bands will tour together with Black Lips in around May for one fun European jaunt. Keep your eyes peeled. I will also be on tour, hopefully, in the US opening for the Black Lips. With my new band. Standing and singing the whole time. More rockers and dancers. I think that’s it for now! MARK SULTAN

Yeeeee that probably means a March or April Black Lips/Mark Sultan US tour.