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Adam Green – In 2016, how does one recommend to somebody where to begin? Didn’t have this problem in 2010. I think I first heard a full Adam Green album with his 2010 Minor Love LP. No, I didn’t “get it” at that time, six years ago. I reviewed it like it was Let It Bloom or something. But Minor Love can’t be thought of as a boozy garage album. There’s a lot more fuzz to go around on Minor than his cleaner sounding previous records, but this one is just as witty as it is raw. One could spend an entire article or small history on how Adam beats everyone at the fun game of random.

Almighty Defenders – Why 2009 was seven years ago. It’s officially a long time ago. Think about it. If you were even the hippest 12 year old listening to The Almighty Defenders, you are 19 years old now. There’s no way around it. Their album and their existence is forever special and will not be forgotten. It is laughable that there was any kind of seriousness associated with Almighty Defenders. I mean that in the best way. Black Lips & The King Khan & BBQ Show getting together, on a whim, given some bizarre circumstances. They did it.

Angry Angles – I was going to assume everybody knows this band, but I bet reality is not as convincing. This is Jay Reatard and Alix Brown’s band. They broke up, so did the band, and then Jay made Blood Visions. But from what I understand, a lot of those songs were already being performed by Angry Angles. Whatever – I am familiar with the three 7″s – Apparent-TransparentCrowds, and Things Are Moving. Of course they were from Memphis. I would say contemporary bands from there must think fondly of the Angles.

Animal Collective – Say what you will about these guys, but they meant a lot to me from about 2007 to 2009. Their weirdness and noisiness more often than not IS rock ‘n roll to me, at least in its primitiveness and expanding creativity. I can hear the Beach Boys and Pavement influence as much as any of the avant-garde. I would like to revisit all of it. It will be okay to be weird. Yeah, I’ll check out the new one. Why not?

Atlas Sound – There is only one Bradford Cox. I admire him for his insane stretches of bedroom recordings. He has released some official albums and as well as many self-released Databank Volumes. By himself, Bradford touts absolute freedom, but in a very nostalgic and chill way. He is a sucker for the old fashioned ’50s/’60s pop format maybe more than the sound collage, but he liberally incorporates whatever he wants, however, he wants it. And that is something I admire and really learn a lot from with each thoughtful listen.

Ausmuteants – As far as synth ‘n roll is concerned, at least for the past couple years, these guys are the top. Comfortably. The Aussie DEVO I never grew up with, but with more of the Goner spunk. There’s a live video on YouTube where they played for well over 30 minutes on a bill with The Gories and Thee Oh Sees. And I had the funnest time watching them. Tells ya how excited I am about AUSMUTEANTS. Hope for another US tour this year!



Bradford Cox Teaches The Kids

Watch this comical and informative video (from September 16, 2010)  of the one and only Bradford Cox  speaking in front of some music students in Athens, GA. Bradford playfully shares  his experiences in the music industry; coming from playing to two random friends in Atlanta to playing in front of thousands of fans in Barcelona.

Watch Part II here: (NOTE: it’s significantly longer).

ATP “Pardons” Black Lips

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Ahh, it felt like just yesterday when we were reporting that the lips were considered “assholes” from the ATP camp. Actually, it feels like centuries ago, uhh, I don’t even know anymore. Now, they are back on the All Tomorrow’s Parties (ATP) festival line up during the weekend of June 21- 23 (thanks to Deerhunter), good for them! This year is looking hot, what with Deerhunter co-curating (with TV On The Radio) the festival and playing their three magnum opuses: Cryptograms, Microcastle, and Halcyon Digest each in their entirety. Holy smokes, Batman! And a Black Lips set too,  damn I wish I could go :( Donate money, help sponsor the KLYAM ATP trip!

Read about the official Black Lips “Pardoning” here:

Here’s the line up (which is to include the Black Lips!)
All Tomorrow’s Parties: Weekend 2 
Curated By Deerhunter – June 21-23, 2013

Deerhunter (performing Cryptograms, Microcastle, Halcyon Digest)
Atlas Sound
Panda Bear
Avey Tare
Animal Collective DJs
Pere Ubu
Dan Deacon
Tim Gane
Laetitia Sadier
No Age
* Plus more to be announced
I want to make love to this line up. Get Nobunny, Hunx and His Punx, Ty Segall and Wavves on there and I go into cardiac arrest.

Ghetto Cross- “Shadows” + More @ 529 (8/21/12)

Gotta love these fucking guys. Two dudes in two excellent bands I don’t need to mention, you ought to know em by now. Two dudes playing at the 529 in Atlanta, sharing their music with the world. Ghetto Cross is Bradford Cox and Cole Alexander, enjoy!


SOTD: Black Lips- “You’re Dumb” (2003)

I was watching TV and I thought of this song. Sometimes, I just like to point out to people that they are dumb. More importantly, this is one of the finest moments in the Lips’s discography. It certainly makes me hard, for sure. BUT what KEEPS me hard is this next track, “Say Hello To Postman” aka “Untitled,” both songs back to back conclude the band’s chaotic, eponymous debut album. Recently the Black Lips posted on their facebook page that they were performing “You’re Dumb” with none other than fellow, Atlanta Brave, Bradford Cox! Speaking of Mr. Atlas Sound, what a fine job he did with the artwork for this record. I think I would die a happy man if I saw the Lips do both of these tunes as an encore with Cox and their cocks. Everybody’s cocks!

SOTD: The Duprees- “You Belong To Me” (1958)

This is a classic that has unforntuntely slipped through the cracks over the years. This song was brought to my attention by none other than Atlas Sound aka Bradford Cox, through his own cover version. If radio stations really played classic rock, then songs like this would be on it, at least through my perspective. Instead Classic (Corporate!) Rock stations play the likes of Guns N Roses and Foreigner or whatever the fuck they are calling classic rock these days. Then again they play some solid stuff too, but it’s not the same, it’s not the same rock and roll as this. Oh well, at least we have each other. Enjoy.

P.S. below is the Atlas Sound cover from the Altitude Sickness EP.

“Atlas Sound’s Bradford Cox Encounters His Younger Self at Bimbo’s”

Above is a link to one of the best live reviews I have read in a while and I am extremely grateful I stumbled upon it. The blog is called SF Weekly and with his review of Atlas Sound @ Bimbo’s 365 Club in San Francisco on February 25, writer Nathan Mattise has documented a great rock and roll moment between Bradford Cox and a thirteen year old fan in the audience (CLICK TO WATCH):
“There’s an extended break after “My Angel Is Broken” as Cox waits for his acoustic to be restrung. Someone shouts, “We want to live, Bradford!” He responds, telling us playfully he’s not here to hurt us while strumming softly. “I won’t hurt you. I won’t hurt you…

“Anyone know that one?”

I sure as hell didn’t; assumed it was a made-up riff with some jokey lyrics. But someone in front of the stage quietly responded with exactly what Cox was looking for. Not only the correct band — The West Coast Experimental Pop Art Band, by the way — but from the absolute right place: a thin 13-year-old boy with shaggy brown hair and a nondescript hoodie. Cox initially offered his mystery responder the beer from his lips before pausing when he finally saw him.

“How old are you?”

He later called what happened next “a transcendental fucking journey.” Cox invited the boy on stage to play maracas as a more parental-guardian-friendly prize, but stopped in his tracks immediately when the kid hit the stage. Fuck. The boy stood there awkwardly, Cox paced around frantically covering his mouth. “Can’t you see it? I saw that face everyday when I brushed my teeth.”

Bradford Cox had just met Bradford Cox, the spitting image of his 13-year-old self at least, in front of a live audience. No matter that when his guitar was properly restrung, we weren’t getting another song quickly.

This moment lasted 20 minutes. During this exchange, the boy forever became Matt Doppelgänger to those in attendance. Cox spent several seconds simply searching for words to describe what he was experiencing. Ultimately, he sat Matt down and offered life advice both genuine (“Spend more time with your parents”) and slightly less than (“Avoid heterosexuals”). There was a hug; there were awkward jokes about masturbating. When Matt Doppelgänger said he knew the song because he saw Thee Oh Sees cover it, Cox flipped. Naturally, he too knew it because Cox saw Stereolab cover it when he was 13. Eventually, the two regrouped to finish the night with a duet of “Terra Incognita,” with Doppelgänger instructed to guest on percussion “whenever it feels right.” It was genuinely moving.”

Wow, if you’re 13 and you listen to Atlas Sound and Thee Oh Sees, you are the coolest kid on the planet! Way to go Matt, way to go Bradford.

Atlas Sound will be hitting up the Paradise Rock Club on Thursday, March 8. Can’t wait!