Songs of the Week: Halloween Style!

Better late than never…

Bobby “Boris” Pickett– “Monster Mash” (1962)

The Misfits– “Halloween” (1981)

and of course

The Spooks– “California Boys” (2009)


My Old King Cole Younger Playlist

The following is a playlist I made of my favorite Cole Alexander moments from the various music outlets he has participated in over the years. Though I have to admit, the title is somewhat misleading because none of his solo, Old King Cole Younger releases appear here- I’m not really well-acquainted with them. Just to clarify, I’m not saying these are the best Black Lips songs nor am I even saying these are the best songs Cole provides his vocals on. Instead, this list focuses on what are in my opinion Punk Slime songs that are extremely unique to Cole’s singing and songwriting style, if you want to call it that. Numbers that would be completely different if it was someone else singing, at least to me. Okay, here it goes.

1) Sea of Blasphemy– Black Lips,  from Let It Bloom (2005)

2) Dog Years- Ghetto Cross, from Ghetto Cross 7″ (2007)

3) Ghetto Cross– Black Lips, from We Did Not Know  the Forest Spirit Made the Flowers Grow (2004)

4) Lock and Key– Black Lips, from Good Bad Not Evil (2007)

5) How Do You Tell a Child That Someone Has Died– Black Lips, from Good Bad Not Evil (2007)

6) Steal Your Soul– The Spooks, from Death From Beyond the Grave (2008)

7) California Boys– The Spooks, from Death From Beyond the Grave (2008)

8) The Drop I Hold– Black Lips, from 200 Million Thousand (2009)

9) Spidey’s Curse– Black Lips, from Arabia Mountain  (2011)

10) Dirty Hands– Black Lips, from Let It Bloom (2005)– This is one of my favorite live versions

11) Bow Down and Die– The Almighty Defenders,  from The AlmightyDefenders  (2009)

12) Don’t Mess Up My Baby- Black Lips, from Arabia Mountain (2011) 

13) Empassant– Black Lips, from Let It Bloom (2005)

I couldn’t find a youtube link for this, what a disgrace :(. But, no need to fear, here is a linke to last year’s Toronto Tocks  interview with Cole, where the epic, Bloom’ closer can be heard. 

Well, there you have it, some great pieces of flower punk to share with your infant children, they are the wave of the future, you know? Now, settle down and have dem children cause your brain is fried!

So, what are some of your favorite “Cole” anthems? You know where the comment section is.

Steal Your Soul!!!

Great Choice by Glen for a song of the day! The Spooks (not to be confused with the rap group that bears the same moniker) are a “ghost rock” band consisting of the Black Lips’ Cole on vocals, Joe on keyboards, and Jared on bass. They came to light way back in 2002 and typically play Halloween shows covered in white sheets. Their first album, Death From Beyond The Grave, was released by Die Slaughterhaus in 2008. Now here’s a SPOOKY video for y’all to shit your pants to. 3D Glasses sold separately.

Chris DeCarlo