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Concert Review: Fat Creeps, 28 Degrees Taurus, Secret Lover, Electric Street Queens @ PA’s Lounge (11/17/12)

Bands: 28 Degrees Taurus, Fat Creeps, Secret Lover, The Electric Street Queens
Date: Saturday, November 17, 2012
Venue: PA’s Lounge (Somerville, MA)

Act I: The Electric Street Queens– I have seen countless two pieces in my day, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a two piece consisting of two ladies. I’ve seen two dudes, one dude and one dudette, but never two dudettes. Electric Street Queens, where have you been all of my life?! Electric Street Queens is Melanie Bernier ( also of Fagettes- I admired her drumming in the past) on drums and vocals and Coco Roy on bass and vocals, so basically the greatest duo of all time. Simon & Garfunkel ain’t got shit on you! This is some real good shit, don’t walk away…. if I could hold a live LP from these gals in the palm of my hand, I’d be a happy man. But, for now I have to cherish the moment. And indeed it was a great moment. Like The Coathangers, but better and sassier. Simple, stripped down songs- very catchy, fun, playful/nasty sense of humor. I can relate to that, being a sick bastard myself. They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously, which is always refreshing to see. Like I said, funny songs about beefcakes and bruises, puke and scum, you know the usual Thanksgiving family dinner convo. There is also plenty of in between song banter, such as cracking jokes about diapers and other sexualized comments that I love to hear.  The band’s closer “Doncha Want To Work At The Brewery” is an amusing, macho, testosterone drippin’ anthem that demands the universal question stated in the title. During the song, Coco makes her way out to the crowd, rockin’ right up against KLYAM’s very own Glen! I’m sure he’s now looking for employment in one of our local breweries.

Set List (written on a brown paper lunch bag, no lunch though):
“She’s Gotta Bruise”
“Brew ha-ha”
“Molly Brown”
“Divorce Court”
“Brewery” (“Doncha Want To Work At The Brewery”)

Some links: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Electric-Street-Queens/454252407931289?fref=ts

Act II
: Secret Lover–  The whole band sounds delightful, for lack of a better adjective, okay we’ll go with peachy keen, sure that works, I prefer that. Secret Lover sounds fairly dynamic, especially the lead vocalist. I enjoy watching her slither on and off stage, twirling the mike with ease. She has a loud, powerful voice that sounds familiar, but I can’t quite explain what or who it is. I recognize the last song they play, “Rubber.” It’s a catchy, little number and the backing vocals (“bahhh buppp bah bah bah”) are memorable.  Check out their music here: http://secretlover.bandcamp.com/

: Fat Creeps– This is my first time seeing the Fat Creeps at PA’s Lounge. YAYYY!!!!  Before this moment in time, I had to solely rely on You Tube videos (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkFImOf5kZI) Tonight, they switch things up by opening with what are in my opinion (and I can imagine others) their strongest songs “Nancy Drew” and “700 Parts”. These are tunes that typically fall towards the end of their sets, but I must say I like seeing them at the front of the set, starting the show on a solid note. In general, the sound is excellent, and much of this is a debt to PA’s sound system, but it’s not just that. I think this is simply one of the Creeps’ best shows, at least one of the best I’ve seen. I announce this 700 times on the ride home as Glen can testify. Okay Chris, settle down, have another Narragansett please. My favorite part of their performance is the transition from “Dad Weed” to “Daydreaming,”  it’s practically one big ass pop song, it’s continuous, one right into the next. Creeps stand outs, “Fooled” and “Secrets” and two new numbers “Go to the Party” and the cute, little instrumental closer “Back to School” round out the set. The latter can be seen below, shot by good old Bernie.

P.S. I can’t forget to mention that there is a brief “O-o-h Child” (Five Stairsteps) interlude at some point during their set. I’d love to hear a full fledged cover! Whenever I hear this song I think of the movie Over The Edge (1979), y’all know this flick? No? Know it.


Act III: 28 Degrees Taurus–  Our second two piece of the evening, 28 Degrees Taurus headlines tonight’s show. The band consists of  Karina Dacosta on drums and vocals and Jinsen Liu on guitar and vocals. They have a very atmospheric/pop song dynamic to them that I liken to that of No Age, and no not just because they are also a vocals/drums  and guitar duo. I mean there certainly is that element,  but the mellow, atmospheric  meets hard edge punk feel strikes me more. Glen hears this as well and makes a comparison to early Wavves, particularly the live show circa September 2009 when it was just Nathan Williams and Zach Hill in the band. I do not walk away with this impression as much, but I guess that’s because I wasn’t cool enough to catch that Wavves show way back when brah. Anyway, I dig the first few songs, but after a while they start to fade on me and I feel a little bored. Listening to their bandcamp page now, I feel less bored though and I enjoy some of their songs much more. Overall, the set just seems too long, but the band appears to be having a lot of fun and that’s all that matters. Not to mention, various attendees are intensely fascinated by their set. Lastly, I am just finding out now that this group has been active since 2005, which is pretty rad, what’s also rad is the fact that they list artists as diverse as The Carpenters to Lightning Bolt as influences on their facebook page. Right on!
Check out their bandcamp here, you can listen to a shit ton of releases from over the years: http://28degreestaurus.bandcamp.com/

Most of this review was written under the influence of Genesee, Busch Light, and The Cardigans’ “LoveFool” on repeat.

Thirsty & Miserable Spring 2012 Party Program !!

Here is a string of upcoming Boston area shows being put on T&M. Check them out and have fun! Judging from prior shows and these ones, T&M is truly one of the best around in this department.

5/12 – Mark Sultan, Girlfriends, Banditas, New Highway Hymnal, & The BF’s @ PA’s [LINK]
5/18 – Sonny Vincent, White Pages, Foster Care, Guilty Party, & Courters @ PA’s [LINK]
6/15 – Royal Headache, Radio Control, White Pages, & Guilty Party @ PA’s [LINK]
6/19 – Mean Jeans, Hollywood, White Pages & Explanets @ Radio [LINK]
6/30 – Smart Cops, Ex Humans, White Pages, & Beach Cops @ Rosebud [LINK]


ONE WEEK FROM TODAY: Atlantic Thrills, The Roaches, Gangbang Gordon

Reminding all Boston area KLYAMers, come on down!

Sunday April 29th at 8:30 PM at PA’s Lounge in Somerville (directions here)

Kids Like You and Me Present………….Gangbang Gordon’s live debut! Local heroes The Roaches and Rhode Island’s finest garage rockers, Atlantic Thrills, cap off the bill. The Thrills have opened for Thee Oh Sees, The Black Lips, The Vivian Girls, Those Darlins, and many other bands. This is going to go down in history as a legendary show, so you don’t want to miss it!

SHOW: White Pages, Liquor Store, More @ PA’s Lounge (2/4/12)

Three local pounding rock ‘n roll groups — White Pages, Bill Goffrier, Guilty Party — and one outta town band of a similar nature, Liquor Store, will be playing PAs this upcoming Saturday Night, February 4. The show is being put on courtesy of Brendan from Thirsty & Miserable. He’s arranged some great PAs shows in the past. White Pages are just coming off a successful tour of the south and I’m sure all four bands are rearing to play. Sounds fun!

SHOW ALERT: Baby Shakes @ PA’s Lounge

Thirsty & Miserable brings us Baby Shakes of NYC/Atlanta. Featured in the WE FUN documentary, Baby Shakes (believe it or not) have never been to Boston. This will be their first time! Check out their girly garage/punk: http://www.myspace.com/babyshakes. Also playing will be Somerville surf-rockers Beware The Dangers Of A Ghost Scorpion (http://www.myspace.com/northtexascobrasquadron), The BFs of Gloucester (who sound especially awesome — http://thebfs.bandcamp.com/), and finally punk ROCK shizzles White Pages (http://whitepages.bandcamp.com/).

When is this thing happening? Well, March 25. In case, y’all don’t know, PA’s Lounge is in Somerville.

More info on the event: http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=203434119667193 !

7″ Review: Burn Too Quick/Undone [2010]

Band: Bedfellows
Release: 2010

1. “Burn Too Quick” – B+
2. “Undone” – B+

Comments: I recently rekindled my interest in a band called New Order. Coincidentally and whether they know it or not, Somerville’s own Bedfellows sound like a modern New Order with strong pop hooks, electronic drums and other effects, etc. These songs are immaculate sounding, which is pretty essential for music of this variety.

Grade: B+ (87)

Bedfellows play at P.A’s Lounge on Saturday Night [December 11] with Busy Arms, The Juvenals, and The Sounds That Machines Make.

Concert Review: Nobunny, Reports, Maine Coons, Rat City Three @ PA’s Lounge (6/29/10)

Artists: Nobunny, Reports, Maine Coons, and Rat City
Location: PA’s Lounge, Somerville, MA
Date: Tuesday,  June 29, 2010

Act I: Rat City Three
Chris: These guys rocked out pretty hard and had some good grooves flowin’, but ultimately didn’t do much for me because they sounded exactly like the Hardcore Punk we’ve been served for just about thirty years now. Even though I wasn’t alive when the greats like Minor Threat and Black Flag came into existence, I can still safely say those artists were cutting edge, cultivating a new style of music, drenched with anger and frustration that was unheard of. Since then, countless (seriously) groups have formed and emulated that sound to no end. For me, I need more. Some kind of expansion. Perhaps I’m missing something? Either way, I think musically RC3 sounded decent and if you’re a hardcore fanatic, check em’ out.

Glen:These guys hurt my ears. Their style of hardcore punk doesn’t do anything for me. It’s fast and aggressive and the dudes probably deserved a mosh pit, but the idle crowd didn’t seem to really care.

Act II: Maine Coons
Chris: Ahh, now this was a real treat. Ok, so maybe those who aren’t as enthusiastic about Garage music as much I am (though, I don’t consider myself a Garage Enthusiast; I don’t own the Nuggets compilations!)would share my sentiment for Rat City Three with the Maine Coons. Perhaps. But, for this guy, the Coons spiced up the evening with some noisy, crude (musically and lyrically- “I Am A Motherfucker”), and even strangely spiritual (“H.L.I.I.G.T.F.Y.T.F.G” or “How Is It Going to Take For You To Find God”) The latter stood out the most to me and I can imagine everyone else in the room. MC conists of two dudes: one on keyboards and vocals and the other on vocals, guitar, and percussion a la Mark Sultan. The duo had a bit of jittery, “where are we?” kinda vibe to them, which perfectly complemented the music and their set. One of the members hilariously stated that they didn’t expect anyone to show up and that they could not deal with the pressure of this stadium setting (I’m paraphrasing). I really dug this aesthetic and I can certainly say the Maine Coons are a band I will be keeping my eye on. If you are especially into groups like the Black Lips-King Khan & BBQ Show-Almighty Defenders, then the Maine Coons are FOR YOU, FOR YOU, FOR YOU…

Glen:Like Chris said and like I expressed in my little band spotlight, these guys were memorable as ever! Definitely struck me as KK+BBQ off the bat with a tidbit of more psychobilly flavor. I’m surprised the best of their songs on Myspace have only gotten a couple of hundred views. They’ve got to get recognized by the In The Red or a similar label!

Act III: Reports
Chris: Ok, I am going to be square with y’all. I don’t remember anything about this band’s set, except for headbanging to it. So, I must have enjoyed the music at the time. I apologize for not having anything more to say. I would much rather be honest than make some shit up.

Glen:I remember these guys being fun. Not really memorable memorable (as Maine Coons), but fun. Listening to them now on their Myspace, it seems like something that should’ve stood out much more than it did.

Act IV: Nobunny!!!!!
Chris: YESSSSS! So, I’m standing right up front, right in front of the obnoxiously small stage (it was actually pretty cool), then allasudden, three giant bunnies push right thru me and the other anticipating attendees. Nobunny! and crew hit the stage, decked out in their undies and bunny masks and ears and what have ya. Nobunny, himself, even has a pair of handcuffs attached to his underwear. He proclaims (at least I remember him saying this, unless it was my imagination running wild) that last time we were here, we tried to burn the place down. This time we are. This song is called “Burn the Place Down!” And they burst right into the Rock and Roll fun and of course scorching, beautiful mayhem ensued: Moshing, Pogoing, dancing, beers flyin’, duckwalking, singing along to all yer faves! The trio (well this time there was only there, as I stated before) then launched into classics like “Boneyard,” “It’s True,” “Somewhere New, “I Am a Girlfriend,” “Not That Good,” amongst others. Since, Nobunny jammed on the guitar while singing this time, he didn’t interact as much with the crowd (though he still did more than most frontmen) as he did the last time I saw him (just singing). But, to make up for that the audience was far more into it than the crowd I was with before when I saw him open for Jay Reatard on the Shattered Tour, and even at that show I would say the kids were into it then. But, this time I was flying around, bashing back and forth into folks, and nearly smashing my skull into the cymbals. I noticed the microphone stand was knocked down at one point. The evening culminated with the great sing along and rocker, “Chuck Berry Holiday,” the perfect closer for this performance.

Glen: Brilliance from the bunny man. I expected no less. Though I can’t remember every song played, I can mentally revisit the Burn The Place Down remark, Nononononobunny loves you, and BONEYARD! In my crazy state of mind, I thought BONEYARD was a MIKA MIKO cover. What the fuck was I thinking?! Also after 3 songs nononononobunnee said they were being kicked out and had only one more song. Papa KLYAM recalled after that this was particularly troubling and once the band jammed out five more, he was even more bewildered and remarked to sister KLYAM that nonononobunnee insisted only one more. Well, thankfully the bunny man and Elvis Christ and Tony the Tiger or whatever his name is stuck around. I fell a bunch of times. Banged my right hand on Elvis’ cymbals and picked up the downed microphone stand. I AM A GIRLFRIEND was wonderful. CHUCK BERRY was a hell of a finisher. After the show Chris and I scrambled to find the man behind the mask. And whatever happened after that will never be known. TOP SECRET.

Chris: I had tons of fun and enjoyed the willd and crazy allure of the mysterious Nobunny. I am pleased to have discovered a new essential band in Maine Coons. And lastly, I appreciated my first experience at the PA’s Lounge.

Glen:A-, This was a quality ass show. Among the funnest concert experiences was during the Nobunny set. Musically, I couldn’t absorb much, but it was just a hell of a time.

Not from the show the other night, but still a sick vid!