Q&A With Eric Baylies leading up to 4752 Festival

Baylies Band plays the 4752 Festival in New Bedford around 7:45 PM at Solstice Skateboarding. In a brief exchange, I shot off some question to Eric Baylies:

GGG: You’ve been a New Bedford staple for years – any particular noteworthy venues or memorable show/festivals that you’ve taken a liking to in your hometown?

EB: There is no steady venue in New Beige

GGG: What two bands (in existence or dead) would you bring along on a package tour with Baylies Band? 

EB: I’ve been lucky enough to tour with Pere Ubu so that leaves Captain Beefheart and The Fall

GGG: What two songs would you recommend the uninitiated start with in your vast discography that capture your musical essence? 

EB: Let’s Get Stabbed parts 1 to 5 on Risibility and Discourse and I Want To Marry The Prime Minister of Iceland from the new Kafkaesque

GGG: Is there any chance you could bring a copy of your book Heroin’s Rainbow to the festival?


Q&A With New Bedford 4752 Festival Organizer Devin Byrnes

As the whole South Coast community is already well aware: a big rolling music festival –the 4752 Festival – is taking place this Saturday, October 19 in New Bedford. Devin Brynes, bassist in Picniclunch, organized the festival and I asked him a few questions in anticipation. See below. Dan Shea also had a discussion with Devin and you can read that awesomeness here.

GGG: The fest is taking place across 6 venues – can you explain a bit of the logistics involved and the selection of the venues? 

DB: Yeah so the event kicks off at 3:30 at Circa and continues into the late night hours eventually finishing at No Problemo Taqueria. Myself, band mates and friends will be leap frogging 2 different P.A’s from venue to venue. The set ups are all pretty punk rock style, so should go well. I called on venues in my community to be hosts, and across the board, they were very supportive and receptive. Finding host venues was actually one of the easiest things. All the host venues are run by people with vision and passion for New Bedford.

GGG: What is the artistic climate like in New Bedford? We haven’t been down there since Traphaus in 2015 and are curious how things may have changed since that time.

DB: So, musically speaking there isn’t a lot going on. Craig (who runs No Problemo) has been one of the biggest supports of local music and this event itself. He opens up his space to bands a couple of times a month. There is a pretty vibrant visual art scene here and a fairly new co creative center in the heart of downtown. For some reason, underground, cool shows don’t happen too much. The Traphaus leaving has left a bit of a void for weirder acts to have a place to play in town.

GGG: Have you run a festival like this before, if so/if not, were there any inspirations for putting one on? 

DB: I have curated a bunch of smaller shows over the years and back when I lived in Brooklyn, I put on a 2 day festival that was great fun, but a financial disaster. I have been talking about doing something like this in New Bedford for a few years now and, to add something interesting to the scene and to drive a lot of out of town talent to the city too. The only way it was going to happen was if I started booking it a long ways out, so that’s what I did. I think I started contacting people about this in June? This is all a bit of an experiment, but with so many talented people coming in and so many great people opening their doors, I can’t see it not being a successful day.

This Day In KLYAM (October 17)

2014: Halloween 3: Free Pizza (as Minor Threat) Zebu! (as Rock Horror Picture Show), Secret Lover (as Donna Summer), Littlefoot (as Twin Peaks OST)- Lilypad; JEFF The Brotherhood, Diarrhea Planet, The Monsieurs – The Sinclair [REVIEW]

2013: Atlantic Thrills, Sonic Avenues, Thee Legendary Rockin’ Prophets, The Little Richards – O’Brien’s Pub [REVIEW]

**Note: members of Sonic Avenues are in Priors (Montreal) who are an absolutely outstanding band that we saw recently at Gonerfest and at The Midway Cafe!

NICE GUYS S/T Out Now; Release Show Tonight at O’Briens

NICE GUYS, proud KLYAM alumni (their first 7″ came out on KLYAM Records in 2014), have graduated to releasing their eagerly anticipated first full-length album called Nice Guys. LISTEN TO IT HERE. We could re-hash what the one and only Mr. Michel B wrote in his stately preview of the album. But the bottom line is we couldn’t be more excited for these dudes to get this album out to the world. I remember years ago sitting on the porch of Black Lodge and NG talking about one day recording an album. It took a while, but it’s here and it sounds big-time. If you’ve seen them at all in the past three years, you’ll recognize a bunch of these numbers. We’ve seen NG a hundred times (literally – look it up) and a bunch of those have been KLYAM shows. We’re grateful for their contributions to Boston underground music.

They celebrate the release of the album tonight at O’Briens Pub in Allston with support from The Swettes and Landowner. 8 PM Doors. 18+. Presented by Illegally Blind.


Early heads up everyone. We’ve got THE HUSSY from Madison, Wisconsin. New album out on Dirtnap Records. 4 Piece Line-Up. Just played Gonerfest. On Tour. Checking all of the boxes. One of the most exciting live bands? Check check. Blew minds opening for Thee Oh Sees? Yes.

But this post and our next KLYAM show that we are Pumped for: THE HUSSY live at The Greek (Greek American Social Construction Club) in Union Square, Somerville (9 Bow St, Somerville, MA 02143) on OCTOBER 21, 2019. One week from today. All Ages. 8 PM Doors. $10.

Opening bands: Funeral ConeG. Gordon GrittyKind Budz 

This Day In KLYAM (October 13)

2018: Bong Wish, Mountain Movers, Ash & Herb – Deep Thoughts

2016: NOTS, The World, Funeral Cone, Birthing Hips – ZuZu

2015: The Channels, Protomartyr, Growning Pains – Middle East Upstairs

2012: Fat Creeps, The Fagettes, Fedavees, Earthquake Party – The Rosebud [REVIEW]

2010: King Khan & The Shrines/Gentlemen Jesse and His Men/Red Mass – Royale (REVIEW)