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TOMORROW NIGHT: Cumstain, Gangbang Gordon (Tape Release), Free Pizza, White Pages @ JP Drive In

Cumstain Boston
Flyer by Christine Moore
Now, you know we love Cumstain. It’s been a dream of mine for four years now to see the band in the flesh in a packed basement filled with sweaty, drunken hellions. That’s what we have on our plate in front of us Boston. This Sunday at the chillest spot, you will find one Cumstain, Free Pizza, White Pages, and rampant tities sucker, Gangbang Gordon, who will be releasing his debut album via BUFU Records.

Bodies of Waters Shows, BUFU Records, and yours truly KLYAM are throwing down this fiesta tomorrow night on Sunday August 24th. Check it out or else! https://www.facebook.com/events/738454566218338/

Thirsty & Miserable Spring 2012 Party Program !!

Here is a string of upcoming Boston area shows being put on T&M. Check them out and have fun! Judging from prior shows and these ones, T&M is truly one of the best around in this department.

5/12 – Mark Sultan, Girlfriends, Banditas, New Highway Hymnal, & The BF’s @ PA’s [LINK]
5/18 – Sonny Vincent, White Pages, Foster Care, Guilty Party, & Courters @ PA’s [LINK]
6/15 – Royal Headache, Radio Control, White Pages, & Guilty Party @ PA’s [LINK]
6/19 – Mean Jeans, Hollywood, White Pages & Explanets @ Radio [LINK]
6/30 – Smart Cops, Ex Humans, White Pages, & Beach Cops @ Rosebud [LINK]