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This Day In KLYAM (June 29)

Let’s start with 2019. TONIGHT. This Day. June 29. We’re throwing what’s being billed as an “Allston All-Star Revue” haus party. Ted’s House. Ask someone, get there. Not all locals though. This rock ‘n roller also features short ‘n sweet Nova Scotian garage poppers Booji Boys who just put out an outstanding LP on Drunken Sailor records. Seriously check out that LP. Sticker Shock, Idiot Genes, and Johnnie and the Foodmasters round out the billing. ONE. NIGHT. ONLY.

Now, let’s take a wild adventure back to 2010. NOBUNNY, MAINE COONS, REPORTS, and RAT CITY THREE. We wrote a review of the show. But let’s play a game where Chris and I reminisce, nine strong years later, to that infamous night.

Chris: We were drinking Rolling Rocks that night. Probably not the first rolling rock in my life. I think that was the first time I ever drank at a bar. Actually, that’s not true. I wasn’t really at a bar but I ordered a drink from a weenie hut bar in Mexico. So it was the first time I was at an actual bar. Drinking. My brother Justin and Gritty’s sister Holly went with us. Neither knew who NOBUNNY was. I hadn’t really been to Somerville. Papagiorgio (Gritty’s dad) let us out and we walked to Union to PA’s. We got there and Jerry was there all surly. “How old are you guys?” You (Gritty) messaged NOBUNNY on TERMBO to get us in. Papagiorgio had a mutual friend with the place. Even though $8 was the cover, we got in for free. And since it was 21+ we weren’t supposed to get in. Almost immediately we broke our promise to not drink. There was a wall at the time dividing the bar and the space. We also had vodka before in the car. We were anticipating that drinking might be an issue. I remember seeing a dude from a lot of the shows. He had a Charles Mansion pin on his coat. Holly said, why don’t you hit on those emo girls. I said it’s not emo. Anyway, Jerry was probably working the bar, so he never really saw us drink the beers that were bought for us. Rat City Three felt a little stale at the time. Quick hardcore. Sometimes I like. I remember feeling eh.

Then we get to Maine Coons. Completely fucking blown away by them. To this day, I consider the Maine Coons to be one of my favorite bands and people are like, ‘what, really?’ It was a two piece. At least that night. I didn’t know who they were. He [Matt Spent] was playing guitar and working the drums with his feet. Reminded me a lot of garage, The King Khan & BBQ Show. All of the songs stood out immediately. “How Long Does It Take For You To Find God?” Damn. He said “here is a song about how you don’t deserve health care” and then played “Pulled The Plug On Grandma.” And then he did “I’m A Motherfucker.” and “Hey Dickhead.” So good. I didn’t realize at the time that it was Maine Coons’ flexi release show. Justin was like “what are they on mushrooms or something?” At one point, Matt said “I can’t handle this stadium setting.” It’s remarkable how much I remember. After their set I remember going up to Matt and told him it was fucking awesome and reminded me of The King Khan & BBQ Show. He said “uhh,  I guess.”

Reports, even at the time, I don’t remember too well. Liking it, but I was drunk. We may have smoked. It was a little hazy so I don’t have much to say. So apparently, the man behind the mask had said hi to Gritty, but Gritty didn’t recognize him. Hang on a sec, some shit just came back to me. We met The Roaches that night. Eric was wearing his classic Sun Records shirt. Joe was talking about how they had seen Oblivians in New York. I had only dipped a little into Oblivians at the time. We were talking about a lot of shit we enjoyed. Alright, so I remember everyone gathered and looking at the “stage,” but the band (NOBUNNY) wasn’t up there. My brother said he saw NOBUNNY put The Mask on. That was like seeing Santa for us. Wow. I look up and there is Nobunny and the other two guys pushing their way through the crowd. They start to play. Nobunny said “the last time we were here, we almost burned the place down.” In reference to the October 2009 Harper’s Ferry show (opening for Jay Reatard) where they set off a firecracker. Pretty sure they opened with “Boneyard.” And played a bunch of hits. Whatever’s in the review. This was a big deal. Crazy mosh pits. My brother was like “you guys are about to fly into the drum set.” He was overprotective, but it was fun and rowdy. This was our first small, comparable to a local show kind of thing. We had seen Black Lips and Jay at bigger venues. We do this all the time now. In retrospect, it was one of the best shows I’ve ever went to. I don’t know what I wrote at the time, but I was stacking it up to the other 5 greatest shows I had been to.

There is a picture of a Ryan Major look-a-like chugging a beer. We’d have to confirm with him.

Is this what seeing Black Flag in ’84 would have been like? At a small bar? I remember my brother Justin going up to Elvis. He liked Elvis’ drumming. I heard Elvis say we’re going to New Haven, you guys should come out tomorrow night. Then Justin asked him if he ever tossed salad before.

Gritty mentioned something about covering “I Am A Girlfriend,” messaging Nobunny, all that. Touchy Tony – Rest In Peace -said that the man behind the mask said hi to us earlier. But we didn’t realize it was him. One thing leads to another. We got another post-show beer. My brother Justin walks over with a beer to me. Jerry said, are you 21? I said uhm, he said get out of here and I ran off. Holly was laughing and Jerry was like “it’s not funny.” Then we’re all in the car about to pull away. A man comes up to the truck. He goes “I like your internet work, here’s a bunch of pins.” We said “ARE YOU NOBUNNY?!?!?!” and he said “Nobunny is everything. Nobunny is nothing.” We drove off into the summer. I remember coming home.

NOBUNNY Is Breakfast of Champions BOTW

Taken from NOBUNNY’s FB Page!

NOBUNNY – yes yes the mightiest rock ‘n roller, the liveliest of animen – is Breakfast of Champions (this is the classic WMBR 88.1 radio program) BAND OF THE WEEK for this week – starting today July 28th, 2014.

What does this mean? It means if you tune in from 8 AM to 10 AM EST or drum up the archives, you can hear 3 NOBUNNY songs in a row daily, yo. This is amazing, if you ask me. Selected by the DJs so there’s sure to be some variation. Though major props to Becca… she’s responsible for the overall selection of NOBUNNY so everyone be sure to thank her.

I’ll link ya right to the WMBR site: http://wmbr.org/www/sched-mul#boc

I love my Nobunny songs just about equally as a rabid devotee but if I was manning the boards I’d delicately place this one on for sure:

Check Out Nobunny’s Updated Store!!!

Mister King Song Productions has new treats and trinkets, including tapes that feature some recordings he made from 1995-2000. A rock ‘n roll, raw masterpiece, the way it’s supposed to be. I’m so happy this is available!

Rubber Vomit records, t-shirts, pins, a zine, this is all in the online store. Incredible.

Get on it and feel good supporting one of the coolest, righteous minded persons in the gamehttp://www.kingsongproductions.bigcartel.com/

It’s Never Too Late: Part 1 – SECRET SONGS [NOBUNNY]

So it’s the end of the year and I realize, damn I never got a chance to write about some things that are truly the shit – highly deserving of some KLYAMing. That’s where I am right now – screw professional journalism with its timeliness. It’s nice to sit or bop around with stuff for a bit and truly enjoy. It’s too easy to be all key pounding XXXXXXXXXXXXXX after a day of listening. So you’ll be seeing some posts like these – replacing year end lists, for me anyway.

NOBUNNY – “Secrets Songs” – LP

LABEL: Goner Records

If y’all haven’t noticed over the past four years, we’ve got that perpetual NOBUNNY fever. And we’re hoping it’s contagious! For far longer than our fervor, Nobunny’s graced the world of music with his gold glove of rock ‘n roll – performance and sound recording. Cassettes, CDRs, vinyl singles, full length’s, he’s done it all. Love Visions (2008) is the release that set the underground punk/garage world afire, a powerful enough LP that makes the squarest of triangles rip out a mic, karaoke, and create demented sounds all whilst making Double Bubble salesmen lose their hat. In other words, buy that LP if you haven’t. And then there’s Raw Romance (2009) a grab bag of largely tenderly menacing acoustic recordings from bunnyman who can, yes, do it all. And I fondly remember jotting stuff down about First Blood, almost analyzing it. To be a kid again. Shoulda just wrote ‘FUNNER THAN YOU CAN IMAGINE’ – ’cause a good 40 months later I’m motorheading and blowing dumb like it was new. All the wonderful records have this timeless quality, yup here I say it: Secret Songs is a sweet package deal like its predecessors.

I don’t know why deconstructing Nobunny is a joyous celebration for a guy like me – it is a mystery that I compare to a journey, destination unknown. Secret Songs was recorded by several individuals in various locations spread throughout the land (props to these familiar folks) – all tunes written and performed by the lone Bun man. That alone is more than impressive, but his references sweep in and out of early rock ‘n roll, speedy PUNK, bubblegum garage, you name it. Yet as I say time and time again, there’s nobody like NOBUNNY – that discernible figure screams, whistles, adds a lil Australian vocally, covers The Kids of Widney High. I could go on and on about lil parts here and there in each tune or that fine insert – lyrics, most in pen on ole white lined, these kinda personal touches that make Secret Songs what it is. If ya got a mind and soul congenial for sounds that are everyday, no day, warm, rotten. I’m not much a dude for same ole same ole musically, modern rock ‘n roll’s DIY master Nobunny ain’t about that either. Tell a friend, this is for REAL!

A1. Bye Bye Roxie – Yes!!!!!!
A2. True Vulture – Yes!!!!!
A3. Pretty Girls – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A4. Trouble In Mind – YES!!!!!
A5. It’s Pathetic – YES!!!!!!!!!!
A6. Lizard Liars – YES!!!!!!!!!!
A7. Rotten Sweet Tooth – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B1. Do The Stooge – YES!!!!!!!!!!
B2. My Blank Space – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!
B3. Little Bo Bitch – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B4. Red Light Love – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B5. The Birthday Girl – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B6. Buried In A Bong – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
B7. Lovin Lovin You – YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



NOBUNNYYYYY IS COMING BACK TO BOSTON!!! The sick folks over at Illegally Blind are throwing up this spectacular show and whaddya know Madison’s finest The Hussy (first Boston show!) are joining forces with the bunnyman too! An epic night to be had, HAVE IT!

Nobunny + The Hussy @ Middle East Upstairs on Tuesday, February 4, 2014.  More details cumming soon! Right now just revel in this early Christmas present

Almost Ready Releasing Ultimate Nobunny “Love Visions” On 4/20

Check it out! Almost Ready Records is putting out that baby above in time for Record Store Day, which is April 20th in case you didn’t know. Love Visions is the bubblegum/punk/pop classic (a.k.a one of the most fun albums) from our perennial hero NOBUNNY, first released in 2008 and re-issued a handful of times (at least) since.

Word around the street is the edition above includes 6 remastered singles, a poster, lyrics, stickers, etc, etc. Damn!

Check out Nobunny performing one of Love Visions’ finest – “Tina Goes To Work” – at GonerFest:

Things I’m Excited For In 2013

Atlantic Thrills LP?! – YA! Rhode Island’s premier punk slimers have already recorded an outstanding batch of songs and have showcased several new ones over the past year. An LP is on the horizon, no doubt; I can only imagine dropping the needle on such 12 inches of greatness. As everyone knows, this band is a monster live. But imagine rocking out to the Dutroncy “On My Mind,” the shouts of OOOHHH OOHHHH and stunning guitars in “Light Shines,” AND the best of all worlds, the one and only “Acid Rain”. All on one LP!

The Return of Black Lips to Boston – Nothing has been announced yet regarding this, but it seems inevitable. It has been over a year and a half since they played here (and several other cities in the US that they regularly swung by)…far too long for rabid fans like us. Pretty much all of their shows that I’ve been to rank really high up in the ‘best live experience’ category so yeah, I’m not nuts, they are incredible.

Seeing The Fagettes As The Fagettes – It’s kind of sad that a night like this has not come sooner. I’ve seen The Fagettes as Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood, but now its time for the real deal. And with a new lineup and sound that’s better than ever (the words of Ryan Fagette), I can’t wait for this!

Fat Creeps Split 12″ On Feeding Tube – Seeing as they released the best EP I heard in 2012 and were among the most entertaining live bands that I saw, there should be no surprises regarding my excitement about this. “Daydreaming,” released via music video earlier this month, is the Creeps hardest hitting tune to date. I wonder if the other tunes on this upcoming 12″ will be faster like that or more of a variety like the EP. Whatever way, I have a feeling this will be awesome.

The Growlers @ Middle East Upstairs/New Album – The Growlers stood out more than a lot of bands do when I got the chance to hear them for the first time, a little more than three years ago. At that time, they had released their mega Are You In Or Out?, which is loaded top to bottom with their reverby take on psychedelic rock and roll. I was like damn, I’ve got to see these guys live. And waddaya know – February 2010 @ TTs – they came through on their big ole school bus. I remember that show quite well, for there were more band members than people in attendance. It was a snowy Tuesday night. Nevertheless, it was really fun. I eagerly await their MidEast Upstairs show and their new album due out in a few weeks!

Better Than Something: Jay Reatard Package – It was unfortunately just announced that this was being delayed until February 2013. I’m pumped to watch the film again, but what I’m even more psyched on is the LP and the booklet.

The King Khan & BBQ Show – It is a great thing to see Mark Sultan and King Khan back together playing as The King Khan & BBQ Show. Whether 2013 brings new material, more touring, or what have you, it is simply nice to see them back together in one of my long-time favorite bands.

The Migs – This is another sort of general one, but The Migs are one of the funnest bands I’ve seen and heard. It goes without saying that they will be playing some amazing gigs this upcoming year and their ultra strong recorded output keeps growing and growing. I don’t know what to look specifically forward to, greatness itself, OK!

New Nobunny LP On Goner – ‘Course there’s not much info available regarding this, but the fact that this is a thing is beyond awesome.

The Orwells Touring – I imagine they’ll be coming here! As far as new bands doing the garage/punk thing nationally, The Orwells deserve the wave of attention they’ve been getting. They are real good.